Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

San Fran-who?

So that was supposed to be our stiffest competition all year?

Not to get all over-confident or nothing, but bring it on rest of the league.

The Seahawks came out and battled like I have never seen them battle before. This game had a whole lot more riding on it than a simulated eyebrow shaving, this was about marking our territory – the NFC West.

10: A rainout?

Yes this is Seattle, and yes it does rain here, but we were supposed to be done with these weather delays ever since they built the Kingdome.

Even at Safeco Field the Mariners are safe from the rain and whatever other weather related strangeness Mother Nature decides to throw our way.

But at a football game? Come on now, these are supposed to be men out there, what’s a little lightning going to do anyways, the Niners offense was already dead!

9: A tale of two halves

Before the weather decided to pull a fast one on us and give the 49ers flashbacks to the Super Bowl, this game was a defensive dream on both sides of the ball.

Neither the Seahawks nor the Niners could get anything going. Well San Francisco was definitely driving, but that ended on the pick in the endzone.

Once play resumed it was the same old thing. 3 and out after 3 and out. But then late in the 3rd quarter Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch really started to heat up, and it was so long SF.

8: Safety dance


It’s all fun and games until someone loses and eyebrow. (Photo:

Is there anything more exciting than a safety in football?

It wasn’t a true safety by any means, but this will teach them not to hold when their QB is in trouble in the endzone.

7: Beast Mode back again

Even though he was pulled late in the 4th, two yards shy of 100 on the day, Marshawn Lynch was most certainly Beastly once again against the Niners.

With two rushing TDs and a TD reception to boot, Lynch single handily beat down the Niners d line, en route to yet another stellar performance against his hated NFC West foes.

6: Happy B-day Pete

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was celebrating his 62nd birthday on Sunday night, and boy did his team deliver him a nice present.

Division wins are always sweet but one against the 49ers, especially with all of the back stories that are involved, is huge.

And we’re not even at full strength yet!

5: Excuse me sir may I have another?

Colin Kaepernick had the most gifts to give Pete on his birthday.

As per usual the Seahawks d was huge at home, even though Kaepernick was able to elude our defenders on more than one occasion with his feet, he was not so lucky with his arm.

Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor each picked the fleet-footed QB off.

4: View from the top


Another Prime Time game, another Beast Mode performance

With the win Sunday night, coupled with the Rams loss to the Falcons, the Hawks sit atop the NFC West standings all by their lonesome heading into week three.

And with Jacksonville up ahead next, the Seahawks should be able to retain the top spot after next weekend as well.

3: The back remains the same

Once again the Seahawks defense stymied Frank Gore. San Francisco’s top back was able to only gain a measly 16 yards, tops for running backs on the team.

This now marks four straight games in which Gore has failed to net 80+ yards on the ground against the Hawks.

2: Record crowd

68,388. That is the number of people who came out to witness the beat down. They suffered through a 60 minute rain delay, but I don’t think they would’ve wanted it any other way.

Thank you 12th man.

1: Welcome home Cliff

It had been a long time coming, but we were finally introduced to Cliff Avril on Sunday night. And what an introduction it was too.

Cliff forced a fumble, menaced Kaepercick and was just about as quick as all the scouting reports had promised he would be.

Now I can’t wait to see what this front line will look like once we get Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin back.


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