Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Too little, too late

A heart-wrenching defeat in the closing seconds of the divisional round playoff matchup against the Atlanta Falcons doesn’t quite make me want to do any reflecting this week.

But, as it is my job to do so, I will bring you my final Seattle Seahawks week that was piece for the 2012 NFL football season.

This year had its share of wonderful memories, and also brought the promise even more wonderful things to come with this franchise.

The biggest question now will be if we get to retain our offensive and defensive coordinators, as they both are being coveted by other teams in the league.

So, without further adieu, I bring you my top 10!

10: Another slow start

In my pregame piece, the biggest point I made for a Seahawks victory was not falling behind early.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Falcons

The team of destiny will have to wait until 2013.

Well, we did, and even in the impossible comeback, still fell short.

Had we not given up even one score to the Falcons early, it would be us traveling to SF next week for the NFC Championship game.

9: Should we have attempted the FG?

With the clock stopped, and barely any time left, the Seahawks flirted with going for the field goal with the ball at the 50.

Instead, they went with the old bread and butter, the Hail Mary. Maybe trying to recreate a little magic a la the Green Bay Monday Night Football game from earlier this year.

Statistics show that game ending Hail Mary passes do not go in the favor of the offense, so why not, when there is nothing else to lose, go for the long field goal?

That is a question that will never be answered.

8: Falcons proved to be too much

As it was the Seahawks turn to be outplayed for three quarters this week, the high powered offense, and tougher than usual Falcons defense was just too much to overcome.

Yes, we did pull off the comeback and overcome a 20 point deficit in the 4th quarter to take the lead, but once again, the slow start just killed us.

I was proud of our boys for not giving up, and keeping in the game until the very end, but it makes you wonder how different it could have been with at least one more stop defensively.

7: Birds of prey

There still hasn’t been a team in the NFC that has caused as much uproar as the Seahawks did this season.

From the above mentioned MNF game, to the three game point total, to Russell Wilson‘s record breaking first half performance, to the 20 point deficit this week, to the outspoken DB’s, or even the 24 unanswered points against ROY RGIII’s Washington Redskins last week.

If the nation’s press wasn’t ready for it this year, watch out, because this team is one that is going be around for a while, and in the face of all the media from coast to coast.

6: Marhsawn a no-show

Okay, that may be a little harsh, but, we don’t win ball games when Marshawn Lynch isn’t on his A game.

Lynch finished behind Wilson with only 46 yards on 16 carries. Sure, his carries were a little shy of what he is used to getting, but since we fell behind early, Wilson was having to throw the ball more.

Lynch did break the plane for a score though, which helped cap the comeback.

5: Gus bolting for Philly?

On Monday, Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley had his second interview with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles recently let go of their long time coach Andy Reid.

4: Bevell to AZ?

God, I hope not.

The Arizona Cardinals have set up an interview with Darrell Bevell for Wednesday. The Cardinals too just let go of their head coach.

There is nothing worse than losing personnel to a divisional opponent, so hopefully Darrell has his heart in Seattle, no matter the money and glory Arizona tries to throw his way.

3: Words to live by

The best thing I took away from the loss on Wednesday, was the post game interview with Russell Wilson, where he said that he was happy to look forward to next season.

Unfinished business is the best kind of business. This kid even speaks beyond his years.

2: Wilson gets snubbed

As expected, RGIII was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Darrell Bevell, Seattle Seahawks

Bevell the next coach of the Cards?

Wilson, in my eyes deserved this more than Griffin. Not only because I am a biased fan, but because the numbers clearly point to Wilson as the winner.

More games started, more games won, more TD passes, more points scored, a record breaking half, and not to mention a better looking significant other.

That would be the deciding factor if Brent Musbuger were the judge.

1: No play of the week this week, just a refection on the future instead

The end is here. What did we learn this year?

Well for one, our trust in Pete Carroll needs to be 100% even in the low times.

I was right there calling for Matt Flynn to be named starter at around the week 4 mark, because basically, I lost my faith in Pete.

Pete didn’t steer us wrong, in fact, I think we outplayed even his expectations for this year.

So what is next?

Well that all depends on if we are able to keep our two coordinators I think. Too much of a shakeup could be a bad thing.

The draft will be here soon enough, and who knows what kind of surprises management has in store for us, all I know is, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch will be bringing home the Super Bowl to Seattle next season!


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