Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Debutantes ball

Can someone say coming out party?

That is what happened on Sunday, as the Seahawks rallied from behind to beat the New England Patriots.

A two touchdown lead is normally a secure win for the Pats, but on Sunday Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks thought otherwise, and with just over a minute to go in the fourth, added the extra point on the games tying TD to win the game.

Two weeks in a row Wilson has led the charge with a late TD pass to win the game for us.

I will gladly slap myself in the face for being so hard on the rookie a few weeks back.

He now has had wins against the likes of Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, and Tom Brady.

Some QB’s wait a whole career to amass that sort of resume, yet its taken Russell Wilson only 6 weeks to do so.

Hopefully he can add Alex Smith to that list on Thursday night on yet another prime time nationally televised game.

Marshawn Lynch

For the second week in a row the Hawks were unable to rely on Marshawn Lynch

With that I give you my top 10!

10: No running game, no problem

For the second week in a row the Hawks were unable to rely on Marshawn Lynch to carry the offense to a victory.

This couldn’t happen at a better time either, as the come from behind wins are surely bolstering the confidence of young Russell Wilson.

9: Three TD passes

A first for Wilson in his brief career thus far, was hitting receivers for three TD’s against the Pats.

Not only that, but finally a WR besides Golden Tate found himself with the ball in the endzone.

If they can keep this up, the division is ours no sweat.

8: A little smack with that talk

By now you have all seen the pic of Richard Sherman having a few words with Patriots QB Tom Brady after the game.

The interesting thing is, the tweets that Sherman posted were very well spoken for a man who’s captioned as saying “U mad bro?”

I like this sort of smack talk, it’s not instigating anything really, as Sherman was just trying to challenge Brady to throw it his way.

7: Best home field advantage

This is something all of us 12’s have known for ever, but now there is scientific proof of it as well.

On Yahoo! yesterday, they did a study of the top home field advantages in the NFL, and yep, the Clink gets top billing.

Sea Gals

The best NFL home field advantage belongs to Seattle. Without a doubt!

And yes, the caption on the article says “surprise at the top.” That’s fine, let the likes of the Patriots and Packers come in here thinking it isn’t anything to overcome!

Here’s the link to the article.

6: Short week coming up

Short weeks in the NFL are often feared by teams when they look at their schedules at the beginning of the season.

And, had the Hawks lost on Sunday, this upcoming match-up would be a lot scarier I think.

But what better time to face the division winning team that after a come from behind win over the most feared team of the century.

Momentum is on our side SF, watch out.

5: Worst to first

With a single drop back, and a pass into the endzone, the Seahawks went from last place in the division, to tied for first with Arizona, and San Francisco.

They can soley take over control of the top spot with a win on Thursday night.

4: The Tez has landed

Sunday also marked the day when Seahawks great, and Pro Football Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy was enshrined into the Seahawks ring of honor.

No one will ever wear the number #96 again in Seattle.

Not even when a future hall of famer wants so badly to wear that number at the end of his career, like Jerry Rice did with the original Seahawk HOFer Steve Largent’s number 80.

That was a disgrace to Seahawks fans and Mr. Largent, but that is a story for another time I guess.

3: A different kind of win

With all the hype surrounding the game going to the #1 defense vs. the #1 offense, it was Seattle’s offense that made the plays when they needed to, bailing out the defense to win the game.

So far this year, the defense has kept us in each game, giving the offense a chance to win it.

Doug Baldwin comes down with a TD reception as David slayed Goliath on Sunday (photo Yahoo! Sports)

On Sunday that wasn’t the case.

Sure we weren’t blown out by any means, but the 23 points given up more than our defense is used to giving up.

2: Irvin goes to school

Seahawks rookie Bruce Irvin was at the Green Hill School in Chehalis on Tuesday to talk about none other than being a pro football player.

The Seahawks, and every other pro team in Seattle, have always been very good about charities, and public appearances.

In my home town, they have done an annual pro-am celebrity golf tournament and silent auction for as long as I can remember.

Giving back to the community is what it’s all about with the Seattle pro sports teams, and I am truly proud to call myself a fan of them.

1: Time to open it up

We have now seen the 4th different way our Seattle Seahawks can win a ball game this year.

First was special teams, second was defense, third was the running game, and now, we have seen that Russell Wilson actually can use the passing game to his advantage and win us a game!

Time to let this young bird soar, and give him more control of the ball on offense.

Yes, Marshawn Lynch will still be the go to guy, and once the running game is on, this will open up the secondary for Wilson to pounce on.

I’m really looking forward to Thursday nights game, as this will be yet another must win game for the Hawks.


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