Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Ugliness at its best

The cliché is, “good teams find team finds ways to win close games,” but unfortunately I think the Rams lost this game more than the Seahawks won it.

Who in their right mind would want to challenge the best secondary in the NFL on the game winning play?

It’s a good thing we have the winless Buccaneers next week, we can use this game as a starting point to correct whatever is happening with the offensive line, because it really was down right offensive to watch.

A winless team coming in to CenturyLink field is exactly what we need after being outplayed and embarrassed on national TV.

With that, I bring you my top 10!

10: Tauntingly stupid

On what was definitely the brightest spot offensively for the Seahawks on Monday night, Golden Tate went up and grabbed a ball he had no business catching, and took it all the way to the house.

Sounds pretty nice right? The problem is the hand gestures that Tate felt the need to use en route to the promised land.

He got drilled for it on the field, and we’re lucky he didn’t get injured crashing into the wall, and he got a mouthful from Pete Carroll too. A great play by a great athlete, but it was a dumb mistake by a player who was fired up.

9: Too close for comfort

We got the win and are now 7-1 on the year, but that game was a little too close for the likes of me.

For some reason these Rams seem to have our number, us and the 49ers too for that matter. Divisional games are normally heated with emotions, and the Rams D sure showed up for the national crowd.

We were very lucky to escape from the Lou with minimal losses (Sidney Rice) and a QB that can still stand upright.

8: Under pressure


Golden Tate had the play of the game. (Photo:

If you thought the Cardinals got to Wilson a lot last week, take a look at last nights game footage. Russell Wilson was under constant pressure with every drop back.

Not only was the passing game under attack, the Rams were in the backfield to stop just about every running chance by Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin and Michael Robinson too.

It was a very long day for the O, and punter Jon Ryan probably has a sore leg today.

7: D line busted

If it wasn’t bad enough that our O line couldn’t protect our stars, the D line seemed to be just as bad. The Rams did whatever they wanted on the ground to the Hawks all game long, except when it counted.

This is what I eluded to above; why, if you have dominated a defensive line for 59:56, would you not commit to the run to win a ball game. I’m glad they didn’t, but somebody in the Rams front office has got to be questioning that play call today.

6: Bruuuuuuce

Add another talent to the ever-impressive second year man Bruce Irvin. Last week he played some great D in coverage against the Cardinals, this week, an interception.

Look out, there may be another member added to the Legion of Boom!

5: Rice out for year

Sidney Rice left the game with an unknown injury, at the time. Today it was confirmed that Rice tore his ACL and will be out for the remainder of the season.

Hopefully this will open up some opportunities for Doug Baldwin to get back on the right side of things with this offense.

Don’t get me wrong, this will hurt this offense, a bit. Rice really never developed into what he was in Minnesota with the Hawks, and the addition of Percy Harvin will help us get over this loss pretty quick I think.

4: Traveling 12’s


Wilson had difficulty getting anything going. (Photo:

For the second time in as many weeks the Seahawks played on national television, and for the second straight week the 12th Man made their presence known.

Even if we didn’t show how dangerous we are on the field, we did get to show the nation just why we are the most feared fans to play in front of.

3: Huge last stand

Bad play calling or not, the Seahawks defense stood their ground and got the win.

This was the most grueling position this unit has had to face this year, and with that last goal line stand they will be pumped up heading into next weeks game.

2: Will Harvin play?

Speaking of next week, will we finally get our first chance to see this seasons prized acquisition?

With two full weeks of practices under his belt, this will be as good of a chance as any, and with the Hawks down a man in the WR department, the timing couldn’t be better for Percy Harvin to make his Hawks debut.

1: Did we show our mettle, or our weakness?

Now with the question that everybody has been asking since last night, is our weakness completely out in the open now?

For the past few weeks opposing teams have shown that to contain Russell Wilson you need to pack the box and bring the pressure.

The Rams did this the best so far, and hopefully it is an issue that will be addressed and fixed before next Sunday. A loss against the Buccaneers would be rather embarrassing in front of our home crowd.

Let’s get things fixed, welcome Harvin and make it 8-1.

Go Seahawks!


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