Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Hawks in the Valley of the Sun

The 12th man was out in full force for the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Seahawks and Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.

From my count, there had to be nearly 20,000 Seahawks fans in attendance.

In my section alone, the blue shirts out numbered the red shirts about 2-1, and we were a lot louder too. It was like being at home while being on the road.

And in the third quarter when all of the faithful Bird Gang left, it was like having the whole stadium to ourselves.

With that note, let’s get to the top 10!

10: He-could-go-all-the…

Brandon Browner did everything right when he intercepted Carson Palmer, except put one foot in front of the other.

With a clear path to the end zone for a pick-6, Browner tripped on his own feet about five yards from the goal line.

9: Under pressure

Known for being able to get out of pressure in the pocket, Russell Wilson found himself in a strange place Thursday night, under a pile of defenders.

The Cardinals not only supplied pressure to Wilson for pretty much the entire game, but they were able to knock the ball out of his hands too.

But on two of his scrambles out of the pocket he made his best two passing plays of the year, one of which may be the play of the season this year.

8: Welcome back Zach


Despite being under constant pressure, Wilson was masterful. (Photo:

After seeing that Zach Miller was going to be active for the game Thursday, I immediately texted my friend and told him how huge this was for the Hawks on the road.

Miller is a player that needs to be on the field for this offense to work, and boy he made his presence known early and often, catching a TD pass and also being the recipient of the above mentioned amazing pass by Russell Wilson.

7: 12th Man unite

As I mentioned above, the 12th Man was loud and proud on Thursday night. There wasn’t a section in the stadium that wasn’t overfilled with blue shirts or 12th Man flags.

And boy did we bring our voices too. It was loud in the stadium, and I was told if was apparent who the fans favorite team was on the TV as well.

Way to be fans, this is why we are the best fans in the entire league.

6: Non calls

As per usual, the Seahawks were on the wrong end of some questionable calls, and were left shaking their heads on other plays that should have been flagged.

I’ve been known to believe in a conspiracy theory or two in my day, and don’t really want to go there again with this team, but it sure seems funny how we, like clockwork, will get screwed at least three times a game by the Zebras.

5: Palmer must’ve been having flashbacks

With his old college coach on the sidelines for the Seahawks, the Cardinals QB must’ve thought he was back in sunny LA, because he sure threw a lot of balls in the direction of the Seahawks defenders.

Palmer had, for the 7th straight week, two interceptions. I guess the good news is he isn’t regularly having them go for six, and he got a bit lucky with Browner’s happy feet incident.

4: A Golden leap


This was by far the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in my life. (Photo:

Something that we all had been waiting for all season happened on Thursday night; a punt return for a TD.

I think that Golden Tate had been working on what he would do when the moment finally came, and he didn’t disappoint. He dove with the style and grace of an Orca Whale out in Puget Sound.

The only bad thing was that the play was negated on a penalty. But at least now we know what will happen when Tate gets another shot at it.

3: Sack attack

The Seahawks D looked as ferocious as I’ve seen them in a while Thursday night, regularly getting in the Cardinals backfield disrupting Palmer’s timing, and the rushing game.

But more importantly, they recorded seven sacks on the day. This is what will get this team deep into the playoffs this year.

The secondary is one thing, everybody already fears the Legion of Boom, but if we can get the D-line back to being the beast that they are, teams will try to start pulling a Grambling State when they see us on their schedule.

2: Fitz lays out Sherman

Only because he is such a class act will I give props to an opposing player for laying out one of our own. Larry Fitzgerald did his best Golden Tate impersonation in completely laying out Richard Sherman.

I mean this hit was felt all the way up in section 404!

But the best thing about both of these guys is they’re competitors until the end, and they both enjoy a good play. Sherm immediately got up and gave Fitz a big hug, congratulating him on the tenacity of the hit.

1: TD Seahawks

For the first time all season long, the Hawks scored a TD on their first offensive possession of the game. And this wasn’t just another TD.

With Wilson scrambling for his life I think everybody in the building thought he was going to take off running. But at the very last-minute he spotted Sidney Rice heading to the corner of the end zone and hit him perfectly for the TD.

All those scrambling plays for 20+ yards the past few weeks made the difference on this play. You can play contain the QB all you want, but Wilson is way too smart to tuck and run when he sees the corners and the safety creep up to try to make the tackle.

Up next for the Hawks is yet another prime time game. The Hawks will try to up their NFL best winning percentage on Monday Night Football against the Rams.

Side note, Rams QB Sam Bradford is out for the season after getting injured Sunday afternoon. Let’s kick ’em when they’re down.

Go Seahawks!


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