Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Not pretty, but we got it done

Perhaps it was the star power on the Seahawks sidelines that distracted the players, or maybe even the fact that the Tennessee Titans were using a backup QB.

Whatever the reason ended up being, the Seahawks sure didn’t look like they did the last time we saw them at CenturyLink Field.

Is it just me or does this team seem to be going backwards?

Yes we are 5-1, tops in the NFC record wise, but the past three weeks the Hawks sure haven’t been playing their best ball. We got lucky in Houston, unlucky in Indy, and I don’t even know what to call Sunday.

One thing is for sure, this sloppiness has to be fixed soon, as we have back to back prime time games in front of a national crowd. And to make matters more interesting, both are divisional matchups.

But let’s get to the top 10!

10: Hauschka MIA

Nearing the end of the 1st half, the Hawks had a 4th down opportunity inside the red zone in which Pete Carroll had to make his hardest decision on the year, go for the TD, or kick the easy FG.

But what made this so tricky for coach Carroll is that moments earlier, kicker Steven Hauschka had been walked off the field with a hanky in his nose with concussion like symptoms.

This left punter Jon Ryan as the only kicker left who could attempt the chip shot. Not only had Ryan never attempted a FG before in his career, but the Hawks had to rely on Chris Maragos to be the holder.

9: WTF was that?

Picking up where we left off, the snap came in just fine. Maragos gets the ball and proceeds to put it down awaiting the kick from Ryan.

What happens next will probably baffle us for the rest of our lives. Maragos doesn’t get the hold down, then decides to try to first run, and then throw the ball, instead of laying on it. All this resulted in another blown special teams play for the Seahawks.

8: Sloppy play


Russell Wilson continues to run on teams. (Photo:

Besides the aforementioned play, there was another play that was just plain stupid from a veteran player.

Sidney Rice caught a nice pass from Russell Wilson, and then decided to put the ball out away from his body while he was being tackled.

I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish with this move besides giving the ball back to the Titans. This is exactly the type of play that will kill any sort of momentum this team has right now.

7:  He’s DangerRuss

I’ve said this the past three weeks, but seriously, is there anything this kid can’t do?

His elusiveness in the pocket when there is danger is something straight out of a Houdini manifest. His speed seems to go from trot to top-speed in the blink of an eye, and his ability to get the extra yard, or five, before terminating the play is better than any QB in the league.

This kid will lead this team to a Super Bowl victory before his days are through.

6: Fitzpatrick gets Sherminated

Saving his best (worst) pass for last, after not throwing anywhere near Richard Sherman all day, Fitz finally decided to go that way in the 4th.

Sherman had excellent coverage, and Fitz should never have even thrown this ball, but he did, and he paid the ultimate price; another pick for Sherman.

5: Just another victim

As I said at the head of this piece, the Seahawks looked mighty sloppy this week for most of the game. But when it comes down to it, wins are ultimately the only thing that matters.

The Hawks added another team to the list of teams that tried, but just couldn’t hang in there to win it, and as the trend continued this week, every team the Seahawks have played this year has gone on to lose its next game.

We don’t just beat ’em, we wear ’em down!

4: Brace for Marshawn


The WTF moment of last week. (Photo:

Beast Mode continues to outdo his defensive opponents this year, as he tallied two more TDs for the Seahawks on Sunday.

But the best play of the day may have been his catch in the flat that went for far more yards than he should have gotten. But that’s what he does in the open field, he makes people miss tackles.

3: Defense back to its old ways

Although this game was closer than any of us would have like it to be, the defense seemed to be dominant once again.

Giving up the third lowest points against total on the year, it was a lot better performance than the last two weeks on the road.

This unit will have to be on its toes again this week, as they will be going on three fewer days rest plus they will be playing on the road.

2: Familiar face

Former Washington Husky great Jake Locker made his triumphant return to the city that made him a star in college. But it was on the sidelines.

This was a game that a lot of Huskies fans circled on their calendar when the schedule came out. Too bad that we didn’t get the chance to see Locker play. But that’s the way this game works sometimes.

1: Short week ahead

As mentioned above, the Hawks have a short week as they prepare to play the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on Thursday night.

I, for one, will be in attendance at this game, and I can’t wait to be able to cheer on the boys in real life.

The Cardinals are no push over, and the Seahawks will need to be in top form to walk away with a victory, thank God that this team likes to show off on prime time TV.

Let’s get another one boys!

Go Seahawks!


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