Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Tough road win

The Seahawks faced adversity once again on the road this week, but unlike in St. Louis, came away with the win.

As the Carolina defense shut down the potent run offense of the Seahawks, Russell Wilson was forced to lead this team with his arm.

It wasn’t pretty at times, as the interception shows, but with a little luck, and some trickery, the Hawks pulled off the win.

Maybe it was just a tune up to show the Hoodie what we have in store for him, but regardless, a win in the NFL is always something to write home about.

With that, I give you my top 10!

10: Safety dance

With the game coming to a close on Sunday, the Seahawks faced a 4th down situation that was unlike any of their others this season.

While holding the lead, the Hawks decided to go for a play straight out of the New England Patriots play book to hold off the Panthers.

The snap was a bad one, and when Jon Ryan got to it, he danced around his own endzone for a few seconds before finally stepping out the back of it.

It was a safety yes, but it also ate up valuable clock time, and given the power of Ryan’s foot, was the right call at that time.

9: Wilson to Tate back again

Golden Tate was once again the man to go to for the score for Russell Wilson.

This seems to be the only option for the Hawks when trying to reach the endzone.

I’m sure all these TD’s are helping the third year wide out’s bonus stipulations though.

Keep it up boys!

Jon Ryan

The safety by Jon Ryan could be the play that won the game for the Seahawks on Sunday. (photo

8: Defense wins games

The Seahawks defense has given the team a chance to win in every game this year, and with the exception of the week 1 unluckiness, and last weeks offensive meltdown, the Hawks should be 5-0 right now.

On Sunday, the defense was once again the key to this win. Especially on the late stop of the Panthers, that essentially won the game for us.

7: Sea-fence shuts down Panther

For the first time this year, the Hawks won a game on the road.

Not only that, but they did so on the east coast, which has proven to be a very tough place for the Seahawks to play over their lifetime.

6: Lynch-pin

To say that Marshawn Lynch had a bad day on Sunday would be a complete lie.

I guess an output of less than 100 yards is an off week now as we have grown accustomed to watching him lead this offense the first quarter of the season.

He didn’t reach the endzone, but what this guy does on the field for the Seahawks is simply not replaceable.

He is the heart and soul of this offense, and has now reached 85 yards rushing in 13 of his last 14 games with the Hawks.

5: Looking ahead

The Patriots come into town along with their #1 ranked offense to face the Hawks and their #1 ranked defense.

This could be the deal breaker for the rest of the season.

Seahawks defense got it done once again this week in Carolina

4:  3rd down still a factor

Seattle is still having a difficult time converting third downs on the year. Although it is getting a little better.

The only positive this week is that it didn’t cost us the game.

The Hawks will have to convert on 3rd downs for sure if they want to compete with the elite’s in this league, starting with New England this Sunday.

3: Carroll goes to Federal Way

Standing in a packed gymnasium, Pete Carroll was the key note speaker at the Federal Way High School to promote the We Day Seattle, which will take place on March 27th, at the Key Arena.

2: These birds can fly

The Seahawks can go just as far as their defense will take them this year, and so far that has been last place in the NFC West.

But, with improvements to the offense, this team will be a nuisance to the rest of the league.

We very well could be undefeated this year, and as Wilson get’s more acclimated to the pro game, more wins will follow.

1: Wings un-clipped

With the game on the line after a pick 6 thrown by Russell Wilson, the Seahawks decided to put the ball back into the hands of their rookie QB and see what he could do.

The whipping boy of this column last week, Wilson did what nobody expected him to do; stand up strong, and deliver the game winning TD.

How quickly the tides turn when it comes to your favorite football team, as I am once again a believer in this kid, and have now seen that it is more the play calling, and not the rookie, that has been the problem.

When the Seahawks win I am a happy camper.

Living in a place where Cardinals fans have popped up quicker than Indian Casino’s in Washington, I take losing very hard, as the fair-weather “Bird Gang” lets me hear it loud and clear. 

Next weeks game against the Patriots will be the test of the century for the Hawks.

Stay loud and proud 12th man, let’s show this team what real fans sound like!


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