MMQB: Seattle Seahawks make the ferocious Bears look like cubs

Which defense gets all the love again?

The Seattle Seahawks marched into Solider Field in Chicago and imposed every bit of will they could on the Bears on Sunday, taking home a 38-14 trophy win. Both facets played well, although the offense was very slow to get started.


The defense played one of their best games all season and the Seahawks are still alive in the playoff chase for that very last wild card spot.

The Seahawks came in as underdogs as usual, but they certainly played like champs. Seattle’s defense scored more points than the Bears offense while the Bears defense ended up collapsing in a big way.

Seattle is a run first team and when a defense gears itself wholly toward stopping the run, it leaves big gaps in pass coverage as we saw in the second half.

Tarvaris Jackson couldn’t find his rhythm early, but got on track after half time adjustments. In the second half, he dialed it in and started spraying the ball around the field, hitting almost all of his receivers out there, including Zach Miller!

Jackson took advantage of those gaps in the Bears defense and basically handed the Seahawks and their fan base an application to remain starting QB of this franchise.

Marshawn Lynch may not have rushed for 100 this game, but he accomplished some big things. 2 rushing touchdowns is always a feat, but he broke the record for consecutive games with a touchdown scored in Seahawks history (Shaun Alexander held the record at 9 games in a row, Beast Mode scored in his 10th straight yesterday) and he eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark.

It is his third time breaking 1,000 and first time with the Seahawks.

And he has earned every yard of it…the hard way.

Onto the defense!

The Seahawks sacked the Bears in a big way

As a whole, the Seattle defense sacked the Bears QBs 4 times and picked the ball off 4 times, returning 2 for touchdowns. They kept constant pressure on Caleb Hanie and forced him into a lot of errors.

They played man coverage most of the game and played it well, not allowing hardly any big yardage plays.

Brandon Browner is now the Seahawks franchise leader for interception yards in a season after his 42 yard pick 6.

Earl Thomas had an interception and a fumble recovery to help his cause.

Kam Chancellor just flat our hurt people. He isn’t “launching” as he has been fined so many times for this season, but he seems to have dialed it down to where he smacks someone hard enough to make a statement without going all out.

Red Bryant continued to amaze in new ways as he was literally thrown the ball and he snatched it up and took it to the house, too. As he approached the end zone, he did his best Deion Sanders high step impersonation. Hilarity ensued.

KJ Wright demolished Caleb Hanie as he threw the ball, causing Hanie to literally throw it into Big Red’s arms.

Chris Clemons beasted his way to 2 vicious sacks and kept knocking the QB down all game long. When he sacks a guy and pulls up and crosses his arms and smiles, he looks maniacal and mean, just the way he plays. Raheem Brock registered the other 2 sacks.

Brock and Clemons looked like McRary and Sinclair back in the day.

The young guys stepped up again as Richard Sherman picked off a pass in the effort and KJ Wright played out of his mind, making himself felt on just about every play.

You can’t complain about much in this game. A slow starting offense that was adjusted at half time, but other than that, it was a pretty solid game all-around.

The Seahawks are still in the wild card hunt.

They have to win their remaining 2 games this season (vs SF and @AZ) and another team or two has to fizzle or step up.

There is so much speculation and equations for them to get in, but one thing remains the same…they need to win.

Each week should be a playoff game for them in order to have a shot at this. With the team at .500 on the season, they have already shocked many.

If they play like they did against the Bears the next 2 weeks, I see a real chance that the Seahawks sneak into the playoffs. (With a little help from the Lions of course)

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