Seahawks MMQB: Road woes continue as Seahawks drop a heartbreaker in Miami

Mental mistakes, misfortune, and sprinklers

I have got to mention the big elephant in the room to get it over with.

After Sunday’s game, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that staring Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner had tested positive for PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs).

That report was confirmed, and both players are appealing their 4-game suspensions.

As Sunday evening progressed we learned that the substance was Adderall.

Adderall is a drug that is used to treat ADHD as well as narcolepsy, but football players have been known to use it to increase their awareness and fight mental fatigue.

Note: We’ve since found out as of 7pm Monday night sources say both cornerbacks will appeal, and therefore be able to play at Chicago

This led to an NFL ban on the substance.

Players are allowed to take the medication if they go through the steps the NFL required for them to receive an exemption, including but not limited to a Doctor’s prescription.  Buccaneers’ cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Eric Wright have both served 4-games suspensions this season for using the same substance. Winston Guy was suspended four games last week.

Sunday night Richard Sherman denied any wrong doing and stated on twitter that the “truth” would come out and that he would be exonerated of the positive drug test.

Road games are never easy in the NFL, however this is a game where the Seahawks should have won.  Well, let me re-phrase that, this is a game that a Seahawks team who was ready to be a serious playoff contender would have won.

The truth is that, whether we like it or not, this is a very young and inexperienced team.


Apparently the Seattle Seahawks had too much time off during the bye week.  When they took the field on Sunday they played with the rust of a college football team who had a month and a half between their last game and their bowl game.

Sunday the Seahawks had 1o penalties, including one on Earl Thomas that negated Bobby Wagner‘s second crucial interception of the game.

That interception was in the end zone, but instead the Dolphins scored on the next play, tying the game at 14!

The Seahawks offensive line struggled to get any push in the running game, which led to a season low 2.4 yards per carry for Marshawn Lynch.  They weren’t much better protecting Russell Wilson.

Luckily Wilson was able to run for his life and avoid being sacked most of the time, though the Dolphins managed to sack him twice.

The Seahawks weren’t the only ones who were as dull as a rusty weathered spoon.

The officiating was pathetically inconsistent.

Players can adjust to an even-keeled officiating crew no matter how tightly they call the game. When there is an officiating crew who’s level of stringency varies from play to play, it is difficult for either team to adjust.

Wilson Shines

Once again rookie quarterback Russell Wilson had a very good game.  Despite starting out shaky, Wilson would have, at least, tied the Seahawks record for consecutive completions in a game (Warren Moon: 17).

Unfortunately, once again, Doug Baldwin was unable to hang onto a ball that hit him in his hands.

Earl Thomas

The officiating was pathetically inconsistent.

Wilson had 5 rushing attempts for 38-yards, including a 20-yard scramble late in the game in addition to the 224-yard 2 touchdown performance against the Dolphins.

Play Calling

During the game the Seahawks were faced with a 4th and 1 at the 38-yard line of Miami.  Though the popular choice would have been to go for the first down, the right choice was to punt the ball and pin Miami back.

When facing a situation similar to the one the Seahawks did, everyone gets tight in the box and a coach must have reason to think that his offensive line can get push up the middle in order to pick up the first down.

The Dolphins defensive tackles were playing in the Seahawks’ backfield all game.  Regardless of whether the Seahawks were run-blocking or pass-blocking, they could not stop the interior pressure.

The probability of being able to pick up the first down, when you add in all the factors, was extremely low.  In fact they would have been better off attempting 55-yard field goal at that point . . . which happens to be a yard longer than Steven Hauschka‘s career long.

Either way the chances of converting are pretty slim, and if they hadn’t gotten it Miami would have been in great field position.

There were several moments where I disagreed with the play calling, but the 3rd and 17 play call that ended up being the final offensive play for the Seahawks was horrible.

I understand the desire to pick up a first down, yet you cannot place all of your eggs in one basket.  The play was designed for all the wide receivers to run deep routes that would take them beyond the first down marker.

The only underneath route was a delayed swing pass to Robert Turbin, which was sniffed out by the defense because the Seahawks went to that well too many times in the game.

What they should done was have had one of those routes break off between the 32 and 34 yard line to give Hauschka a chance to take the lead.


Leon Washington tied the record for career kick returns for a touchdown when he returned a fourth quarter kick back 98-yards for the 8th time in his career.

That return tied him with Josh Cribbs.  

It had been so long since Leon returned a kick for a touchdown that he ran out of gas and barely made the final ten yards without being caught from behind.

At 6-5 the Seahawks are still in the NFC’s 6th seed and control their own destiny.

Go Seahawks!

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