Seahawks FMQB: Seattle kicks Oakland out of Elliott Bay

Seahawks beat Raiders 22-6

The Seattle Seahawks finished their second consecutive undefeated preseason with a decisive win against the once rival Oakland Raiders.

Even-though the Seahawks won the game easily I have to tip my hat to the Raiders and their coaching staff for the job they did in the running game on both sides of the ball.

It is widely known that Seattle is a team that wants to run the ball down their opponent’s throats controlling the ball while using their physicality to wear their opponent down.

The Raiders took the running game away from the Seahawks.

I can’t remember a time when Seattle’s running backs averaged less than 1.3 yards per carry like they did Thursday.  Some of that can be attributed to poor blocking up front but a lot of it had to do with Oakland’s commitment to taking the running game out of the equation using run blitz’s and flat out winning the line of scrimmage.

No matter how bad the running game gets this team will never fully abandon it.  What stopping the run did was give offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell a chance to adjust on the fly.  Not only was he able to move the ball through the air, he was able to control the clock.

The Seahawks managed to win the time of possession battle by 11:14, a feat that any West Coast Offense would be proud of.

Maybe I have been drinking too many beers lately but I have actually been really impressed with Bevell’s play calling this preseason.

Of course the offense wasn’t the only reason Seattle was able to control the ball.  Seattle’s defense allowed a stingy 27% conversion rate on third down while stuffing the Raiders on both of their 4th down attempts.

The Seahawks defense did struggle to stop the run allowing an uncharacteristic 7 yards per carry which I have to place a lot of the credit on poor tackling.

Several times John Lotulelei had himself in position but was unable to finish the play.

Player of the game

I don’t know how I could write this and not mention Steven Hauschka who has been one of the most accurate kickers in the league up to 49 yards over the past few seasons.

With Snoop Lion in attendance it was a decisive win against the once rival Raiders.

With Snoop Lion in attendance it was a decisive win against the once rival Raiders. (Photo:

His only pitfall has been that from 50 plus he’s crap shoot, a lot of the time Pete Carroll chooses to punt the ball rather than risk a missed kick.

On Thursday Hauschka went 3/3 on kicks over 50 hitting from 51, 53 and 56 yards.

Play of the game

There was one play that I have to mention because it is probably my favorite of the preseason.

A Raiders running back was running up the middle of the field when Allen Bradford laid the wood on him.  That wasn’t the end of it though.  After Bradford hit the back he grabbed the ball carriers legs and pulled them out from under him WWE style.

Talk about adding insult to injury.


On the first drive Russell Wilson hit Stephen Williams for a 50 yard gain.

Unfortunately Williams suffered a possible concussion on the play when his head hit the CenturyLink Field turf.  Williams went into the locker room and never returned to the playing field despite coming back out with his uniform on.

I have to wonder if Stephen just wanted to wear his jersey as long as he could in the event he doesn’t make the final cut.

I thought for sure he was going to make the roster coming into the game.

Depending on what the news is about the head injury it could affect his status with the team.

Michael Bowie injured his shoulder during the game.  Like Williams, he did not return to the game and like Williams it could affect his status with the team depending on severity.

I know it is just preseason but it always feels good to win a game.  It feels even better to win them all!

Go Seahawks!


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