MMQB: Seattle Seahawks play doormat, let Redskins win

Redskins 16 unanswered points

It was a sad sight. The Seahawks were up by 10 points, but started slipping, and watched that lead diminish then disappear. There are many reasons you could say they lost this game.


Lack of offense, multiple penalties, defensive collapse, poor coaching, etc.

The list could probably go on longer, but you get the point. It was ugly.

One thing is for sure. If Red Bryant doesn’t win some award for his play this week, the NFL truly is blind and biased as all hell. Four blocked kicks in 1 season is a hell of a feat, but doing it in 2 games is even more insane.

In the words of Lawyer Milloy on Twitter (@LawyerMilloy): “Pay Red Bryant #immediately.”

Tarvaris Jackson looked like his pectoral injury was getting the best of him as he was extremely limited in his depth of passes. It also didn’t help that Sidney Rice knocked himself out of the game with yet another head injury and Mike Williams was mysteriously sitting on the bench.

The lack of those two tall receivers stunted the Seahawks ability to even take shots down field.

The run game seems to be officially back on track as Marshawn Lynch Beast Moded another 100 yard game, his third in four games now, while scoring another touchdown in the process.

His ability to shed tackles but also hit a whole different speed in traffic and the open field allows him to be a more versatile running back than most people give him credit for.

Red Bryant

Red Bryant got tall against the Redskins

The defense played well for 3 quarter, but Lebron James’d it in the fourth quarter. Up 10 points, the Seahawks allowed Washington to score 16 unanswered points to come back and win it.

A large reason for this is the penalties they kept racking up, with a few 15 yard penalties included.

Two things remain the same: the NFL officiating is terrible and the Seahawks need to quit getting so many penalties.

An average of 9 penalties per game is atrocious and is really stunting the play of the team, who constantly allow drives to get stalled or pushed back because of these penalties.

Pete Carroll finally addressed them head on after the game, saying he may bench players who keep committing them.

Brandon Browner, that is a clear message to you.

The Seahawks seem to keep playing to their opponents level which is really killing them. They can take down teams we are clear favorites to lose to, but they lose to the easier teams on the schedule.

This has got to stop and consistency needs to be found.

If this is their way of thinning the bandwagon before they go on a championship run, this isn’t funny.

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