Seahawks MMQB: A new beginning in Seattle, Seahawks win 27-7

My Take

What a difference a week makes!

I must admit, after the Cardinals game last week, I was feeling pretty down about the Seattle Seahawks chances for the early part of the season.

This week the Cardinals traveled to New England and beat the Patriots.  After I saw the score to that game was 20-12 Cardinals leading with about 5 minutes left, I thought to myself, “If the Cardinals can go to New England and beat them, and the Seahawks crush the Cowboys, then maybe, I shouldn’t have been worried about the loss last week.

Maybe, the Cardinals are a better football team than I thought.”  I mentioned that to a guy sitting near me at the game and he said, “Or maybe they are just the most lucky team.”

Thank you “Debby Downer”!


I always like to enter the stadium early to watch the players warming up, especially those who are on the injury report.  Today, Russell Okung was at the center of my attention.  Russell didn’t come out onto the field until almost 11:00, I was surprised it took him so long to come out.

Once he was there warming up, I couldn’t believe he even tried to play.  He was in obvious pain, and quite frankly looked horrible out there.

He warmed up for a few minutes, talked to a trainer, and then limped off the field.

Jeron Johnson

Nice start. Malcolm Smith blocked a punt. Jeron Johnson returned it 3-yards for a touchdown.

One of my favorite games of the year is Alumni Day.  It is always cool to see former Seahawks players take the field one more time.  It gives the 12th man another chance to show how much we appreciate everything they did for us over the years.

Special Teams

For the second straight week, special teams were a huge part of the Seahawks success.  Last week, that success didn’t translate to a victory, nevertheless, it was a spark when the team needed it the most.

Sunday, at CenturyLink Field, the Seahawks special teams unit set the tone for the game early.  The opening kickoff was fumbled by the cowboys.  Earl Thomas came up with the ball, setting up a Steven Hauschka field goal.

After the Cowboys first drive, 3 plays for 5 yards, Malcolm Smith blocked a punt.   Jeron Johnson returned it 3-yards for a touchdown.  Little did we know at the time, the Seahawks had scored enough points on special teams (10), in the first 4:37 of the game, to win the game.


Outstanding barely seems enough to describe the defensive performance Sunday.  The Cowboys’ second drive ended with a Brandon Browner interception, when Bobby Wagner hit Tony Romo as he threw.

One-third of all the yards the defense gave up during the game Sunday came on a drive that started late in the 1st quarter and ended with a second quarter touchdown.  The defense was clearly gassed when they gave up the 15-play 95-yard drive.

The next 5 drives resulted with a punt.

Along the way, the Seahawks defense had a little help from the Cowboys.  That said, when the Cowboys didn’t execute, the Seahawks took full advantage.

Before the game, on twitter, Dallas fans were giving Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman a lot of lip.  They were telling him that Dez Bryant was going to “embarrass” him.

As good as Richard Sherman is, I don’t think he’s “embarrassed” by a 3 reception 17-yard outing by the over-hyped receiver.  By the end of the game it was the Cowboy fans, especially those wearing the Dez Bryant jerseys, that were embarrassed.

Rushing defense? Gave up 49-yards.


Unfortunately the struggles moving the ball early continued on Sunday.

Russell Wilson looked like a rookie, which is fine, because he is one.  What worries me is the way he leaves his receivers defenseless.  Today Sidney Rice took one heck of a shot over the middle when Russell lead him right into the defender.

Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks offense will go as far as Marshawn Lynch’s legs will carry it.

Sidney was stretched out trying to play on a pass that was wide and high, which gave him little chance to defend himself.  Sidney did not return to th e game, yet Pete Carroll said that Sidney wan’t on the injury report during his post game press conference.

Last week Wilson overthrew Doug Baldwin, as Doug laid out for the ball he smashed the ground and knocked out his front teeth.  It will not take long before these receivers stop giving up their bodies to make plays for the kid, if he doesn’t stop putting them in dangerous positions.

With all that said, I am pretty high on Russell Wilson.  He was doing some good things on the field Sunday.  He went 15 for 20, 75% completion percentage, and he had a 112.7 ESPN QB Rating.

More impressive than all that to me, the fact that he didn’t turn the ball over.  Last week he threw one interception.  It was on a throw it up and pray type of play, those types of turnovers don’t bother me one bit.

The way I see it, Wilson has played 8 quarters against good NFL defense and he has protected the ball.

Exactly the type of quarterback this Seahawks team needs.  He is young, he has a lot to learn, but I saw growth this week.

The Seahawks offense will go as far as Marshawn Lynch‘s legs will carry it.  Sunday, his legs carried for 122-yards, to a big victory in-front of the 12th man.

The Seahawks running attack helped win them the time of possession battle, 34:39 to 25:21, and gashed the Cowboys for nearly 200-yards (182).

No place like home

The Seahawks are a different team at CenturyLink Field then they are on the road.  The reason? The 12th man.

The Seahawks fans came to play on Sunday.  We reminded Tony Romo and Jason Witten how much fun it is to play in Seattle. How bout that hit by Golden Tate? (Gif of the week)

The Cowboys hadn’t played in Seattle since January 6, 2007. Sunday was a different day, and a different situation.

With the same outcome,  and same long plane ride back home for the Cowboys. MNF is next.

Bring on the Packers.


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  • GatorHawk

    Great observation about RW leading his receivers into danger. Something he definitely has to work on. Besides, it won’t hurt for him to get better vision of the field. But altogether a good performance and a very solid outing against a well-rested Cowboys team.

  • Thank you GatorHawk, I am sure he is hearing about it in the quarterback room. I just hope he can correct it before his receivers develop alligator arms. Luckily, it looks like Rice is okay.

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