Marshawn Lynch – The next Seattle movie star?

Beastmode has got range

Marshawn Lynch is a Pro Bowl running back for the Seattle Seahawks that signed a big contract to stay in the Great Northwest and now he is branching out set to play in a move that will be filmed in Seattle.

According to King-TV Lynch has signed on to play a role in the film “Matt’s Chance”, which is about a cowboy in his 20’s that is betrayed by his girlfriend and then how his life falls apart.

Seattle filmmaker Nicholas Gyeney wrote the film and is set to direct.

There is no timetable for the completion of the flick or when it will be released. Also, what has not been released is the role Lynch will play.

Yeah, last season showed that Lynch is a star RB and he can make Skittles rain from the Seattle sky, but can he act?

I guess we shall see.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks

And the Oscar goes to...

While it remains to be seen if Lynch can be a thespian I am pretty sure the film will not be up for many Oscars. It is interesting that the less than stellar cast is filled with B, if that, list stars a couple of which became famous for roles that were out before Lynch was even born.

Some of the cast includes Edward Furlong from Terminator 2 fame, Lee Majors, who was the 6-Million Dollar Man, Superman’s Margo Kidder, and Gary Busey.

While none of these actors have been in any big movies for the last several years Busy was actually nominated for an Oscar for the 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story.

I have to give him props though, as he was fantastic in Point Break, which, in my opinion, is a vastly underrated movie.

“Matt’s Chance” will give Lynch a chance to see if he has any acting chops and you never know maybe when his NFL career is over he has a future in the celluloid industry.

Hollywood is littered with ex-athletes and why not Lynch?

Hey, if his movie career never takes off maybe he can be a Skittles spokesman.


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