Revisiting Marshawn Lynch’s Playoff Run

2011 NFL Wildcard Game – Saints vs. Seahawks | Beastquake!

I don’t believe it’s superlative to say that Marshawn Lynch’s Beat Quake Run, the epic 67-yard dash against the New Orleans Saints in last year’s NFC Wildcard playoff, was:

(a) The greatest playoff scoring play in Seattle Seahawks history.
(b) The greatest run in Seattle Seahawks history.
(c) One of the greatest runs in NFL history.

In the purely elemental sense, the run was simply awesome.

For that reason, the Beast Quake Run is totally worth revisiting as the 2011 season approaches. It’s fun to discuss on two levels.

In the purely elemental sense, the run was simply awesome. It looked like someone was playing a modern version of Tecmo Super Bowl, controlling Lynch with a Super Nintendo.

He broke seven tackles during the 67-yard scamper, humiliating Saints corner Tracy Porter with a powerhouse stiff arm that sending him flying to the turf.

Better yet, the crowd eruption the run caused at CenturyLink Field was so strong that it literally caused seismic activity beneath the stadium, mimicking an earthquake.

Digging deeper, the run represents what could be if the Seahawks maximize their potential this season.

Look at the line help Lynch got; offensive tackle Tyler Polumbus hustled all the way downfield to make the final block and get him into the endzone.

If the Seahawks’ shaky O-line can step up and provide those types of efforts this season, the sky’s the limit for Lynch.

He showed on the Best Quake run that he has plenty of life left in his legs.

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