Seahawks Marshawn Lynch has been a bust in Seattle

Run Game Woes

The Seattle Seahawks offense has been a total disaster this season averaging just 14.5 points per game. The main reason behind the Seahawks struggles is the lack of a running game.


This franchise hasn’t seen a thousand yard rusher since Shaun Alexander won the MVP during the 2005 season.

That offseason the Seahawks let go of Steve Hutchinson which was the end of the Seahawks rushing game.

That was all supposed to change last year when the Seahawks traded two draft picks to acquire Marshawn Lynch aka “Beast Mode” from the Buffalo Bills. Lynch with his tough running style was supposed to provide the Seahawks with a much needed rushing attack.

What most fans remember about Lynch last season was his incredible run against the New Orleans Saints last season. In that game Lynch ran for 131 yards and lived up to his “Beast Mode” nickname breaking eight tackles on that franchise best record.

What most fans don’t remember is how unproductive Lynch was last season and has been this year.

The offensive line isn’t great but I think they are taking way too much blame as Lynch is slow. Lynch also spends way too much time dancing in the backfield.

Last season in 12 games for the Seahawks Lynch carried the ball 165 times for 573 yards(3.5 YPC) with six touchdowns while averaging only 47.8 yards per game. Meanwhile his counterpart Justin Forsett carried the ball 118 times for 523 yards(4.4 YPC) with two touchdowns showing he was a full yard better than Lynch with the same offensive line.

The year prior Forsett carried the ball 114 times for 619 yards(5.4 YPC). So is the line only blocking for Forsett and not Lynch? I highly doubt it.

This season Lynch has carried the ball 46 times for 141 yards(3.1 YPC) with just one touchdown and averaging only 35.3 yards per game. In 16 regular season games for the Seahawks has has carried the ball 211 times for 714 yards(3.4 YPC) with just seven touchdowns while averaging just 44.6 yards per game.

Marshawn Lynch has been a bust in Seattle

When you include the playoffs in 18 career games with the Seahawks Lynch has rushed for under 4.0 YPC 13 times, under 3.0 YPC eight times and under 2.0 YPC three times. He has only rushed for over 4.0 YPC five times which 4.0 YPC should be the lowest a running back averages for the season.

Since joining the Seahawks Lynch has also rushed for under 50 yards 11 games, under 40 yards in nine games, under 30 yards in seven games and under 20 yards in four games. While rushing for over 80 yards in just three games and over 100 just once. Lynch has scored a touchdown in just six games with the Seahawks.

In conclusion, the Seahawks need to go draft a running back in this draft. I’m not suggesting the Seahawks spend a first round pick on a running back(that should be on the quarterback position) but running back is a need.

The Seahawks neglected that position drafting more fullbacks(3) than running backs(1) in the Ruskell era. You want a guy with fresh legs so I suggest drafting one in the second or third round(Chris Polk?).

The Seahawks need to realize the Marshawn Lynch experiment needs to end. Lynch is basically a better version of Lendale White at this stage of his career. He isn’t an everyday back anymore and the numbers spell it out.

Thanks for the playoff run Marshawn I’ll always appreciate it but Seahawks you need to go draft a real running back who can possibly break a few long runs.  

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