Kaepernick-less 49ers No Match For Pedestrian Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks Even Record But Playoffs Still In Doubt

Imagine if I told you a year ago that Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks offense would be the worst in the NFL in touchdown efficiency, the Seahawks defense would be mediocre, and Colin Kaepernick had just played his last snap for the San Francisco 49ers.

 You would have told me I was smoking something, I’m quite sure.

That is the reality now however, but somehow, despite all their struggles in 2015, the Seahawks were able to put together a decisive 29-13 win over the hapless 49ers.

Rawls finished with 209 yards rushing, the 2nd most in Seahawks history.

Rawls finished with 209 yards rushing, the 2nd most in Seahawks history.

What I Liked

The first possession of the game for the Seahawks might have been the best looking drive we have seen from them all year.  Thomas Rawls, subbing for Marshawn Lynch, ripped off a couple of nice runs and had a vicious run after a catch.

Rawls dominated the 49ers all day and looked the best we’ve seen from him so far.  He finished with 209 yards on 30 carries.  Lynch has never had a 200+ yard game for the Seahawks.

Rawls’s work setup a beautiful touch pass from a struggling Wilson to Tyler Lockett for the easy touchdown.  The drive was a solid reminder of what the Seahawks have the potential to be when they are properly utilizing the vast amount of talent they have on their roster.

The defense too, looked good in the beginning.  The Seahawks first drive was set up by a three and out that included a sack of Gabbert by Cliff Avril.  The defense followed up that good showing with second three and out on the 49ers next possession.   The offense turned it into a touchdown as well.

The entire first half was dominated by the Seahawks on offense and on defense.  Offensively, the Seahawks only punted one time.  The 49ers punted on every possession except for the one that essentially ended the first half.

Williams got burned routinely and benched in the 3rd quarter.

Williams got burned routinely and benched in the 3rd quarter.

What I Didn’t Like

Speaking of that final 49ers drive of the first half, what the heck was Kris Richard thinking?  The Seahawks played that entire drive, which started inside the 10 yard line, so soft that the Niners just ate it up a chunk at a time.

Richard must of thought the Niners were going to be content to go into the locker room for halftime.  In reality, they gave up an easy seven points to San Francisco because of the decision to play such soft, prevent style defense.

The Seahawks did the right thing letting Chris Matthews go last week.  He wasn’t getting it. They need to start thinking about doing the same thing with Jermaine Kearse.

Kearse dropped a pass in the first half.  He cut a route a yard and a half short of a first down on third down than resulted in a three and out in the second half.  Just like Matthews, Kearse’s play in 2015 says that he just doesn’t get it.  It’s time to move on.

Another guy who I have to single out for poor play is Cary Williams.  He’s been so-so at his best in 2015 taking over for Byron Maxwell.  Williams had another poor showing in coverage against the 49ers and got beaten routinely by tight ends.

A starting NFL corner should be able to handle a tight end.  Williams was not up to the task in this one.  He was replaced during the third quarter for precisely this reason.

Williams might be guilty of not being able to cover anyone, but nobody on the Seahawks defense was capable of covering a tight end again this week.  Kevin Pierre-Louis, KJ Wright, you name the Seahawks defender, they got beat by a 49ers tight end.  Why this continues to be a problem is a very odd mystery, especially when the tight end is Vance McDonald, a guy with all of nine catches on the year.

Looking Ahead

It’s a repeat of Super Bowl 40 next week as the Seahawks take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It will be interesting to see if the Seahawks can match their performance against the 49ers when playing a much tougher opponent in the Steelers.

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