5 reasons Josh Portis Should NOT be the Seahawks franchise QB

Backup QB’s: Always Popular

The Seattle Seahawks are in a transition period at quarterback right now. No longer do they have the stable Matt Hasselbeck who has been the quarterback from 2001-2010.


The franchise is at a point now that is similar to where they were from 1992-2000 after they let go of Dave Krieg and were searching for their next franchise quarterback.

The search for the next franchise quarterback has had some fans make the crazy assumption that Josh Portis should be given a chance to be our franchise quarterback.

Look I’m all for giving a guy a chance and I’m all for letting him develop as well.

I just don’t want the Seahawks to pass on QB’s because they think Portis is the answer.

In this following piece I’ll give five reasons why Portis isn’t the next franchise quarterback so hopefully this notion can finally die (along with every other Halloween, Saw, Paranormal Activity and Friday the 13th movies).

1. Portis went undrafted:

Yes judging a guy based on where he is drafted is unfair I mean Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round and has won three super Bowls. The Seahawks best quarterbacks weren’t high draft picks either.

Look at the opening week quarterbacks this year. There were 18 first rounders (56.2%),  five in the second round (15.6%), two in the third (6.3%), two in the fourth (6.3%), two in the sixth (6.3%) , two in the seventh (6.3%) and one was undrafted (3.1%).

By going with Portis you are banking on a 3.1% chance which quite frankly the Seahawks can’t afford.

2. Undrafted quarterback ceiling is Tony Romo:

Tony Romo is the lone undrafted quarterback who is starting in the NFL. The same Romo who always chokes in big games and the same Romo Cowboys fans want to get rid of.

The next undrafted quarterback with some success?

Jon Kitna.

The same Kitna who Seattle ran out of town because he was so very limited. Portis was undrafted for a reason, he obviously has limitations.

3. NFL scouts are good at their jobs:

There is so much technology out there today and so many college games that are on TV it is hard for a player to slip through the cracks. Sometimes a player might and be a system guy (think Doug Baldwin) but usually if he is any good he’ll be drafted.

Josh Portis

Portis Is Not The Franchise QB

This past draft saw 12 quarterbacks taken in the draft.

Teams know how important the quarterback position is. This is why you see so many quarterbacks taken in the draft every year, yet our man Portis wasn’t even selected.

4. Portis didn’t even play very well in preseason:

I can understand the lovefest for Portis if he lit up the preseason (which doesn’t mean much) but he didn’t. In the preseason he was 10-24 (41.7%) for 124 yards (5.2 YPA) with a touchdown and no interceptions for a QB rating of 72.2 while playing against guys who aren’t in the NFL.

5. The unknown isn’t always better:

Last year whenever Hasselbeck struggled you heard the “put in Whitehurst” crowd. Same with when Tarvaris Jackson struggled this year.

Same with whenever the starting quarterback struggles, the fans want the backup hoping he is the next Kurt Warner or Tom Brady.

In reality there is a reason why he is the backup and that is because the starter is better. Portis is a project who someday at best can be a spot starter (which Whitehurst is proving he can’t even do).

In conclusion, can we please stop this silly notion that Portis is the answer to all our quarterback problems?

He isn’t the answer and shouldn’t be counted on to be.

The next franchise quarterback is in next years draft as Pete Carroll can’t afford another “project” to waste his time on like he wasted my Sunday watching Charlie Whitehurst stink.

The odds are stacked against Portis and I don’t feel like trying to be part of the 3%.

I’d rather take a QB in the first round and take my chances.

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  • DeezySteezy

    Doug Baldwin (and 23 players on last year’s Pro Bowl roster) went undrafted too, which nullifies points 1 and 3.  I’d take point 2 in a heartbeat, seeing as how Romo has been one of the leagues elite QBs for the last 5 years, and 4 and 5 make no sense.  Does this website have an editor who decides what gets posted, and what doesn’t? Do we really have to read this garbage?

    • Anonymous

      The editor does not have to agree or disagree with what a blogger writes to publish an article. Does he? If so than I guess I didn’t read the own a blog handbook properly.  To your point about Doug Baldwin, and the 23 players on last years Pro Bowl rosters. How many of them were QB’s? Arguably the toughest position to play in all PRO SPORTS. This is a special position, that requires special talent. Kris’ article suggests he’s not a FRANCHISE QB, he’s not saying he can’t play in the league as a backup, to take over at times due to injury.  As for your Tony Romo “elite” QB statement. I’d call him a good QB, not great, and certainly not ELITE.  Elite QB’s in the NFL are Manning, Brady, Brees, and unfortunately Big Ben (2 SB rings will give you that status). How many does Romo have? Or even McNabb? Or Hasselbeck? or Rivers? or Cutler, or Sanchez? All decent QB’s in my eye, but NOT ELITE.  The jury is still out on Portis, personally I’d like to see him elevated above Whitehurst on the depth chart because I don’t think it will hurt after what we saw CW do last week in Cleveland, but its far to early to give this kid anything more than that.  Lastly, no….no pressure at all, you don’t have to read anything on the website, but I hope you come back to read some more to be honest. We aim to please, we also aim to create discussions.  Have a good day.

    • Insider Steve

      To Kris’ point on number 4, he is absolutely correct. Josh Portis’ number should not be taken with any grain of salt. He played in pre-season mop-up duty against 4’s and 5’s. If that personnel is still in the league, I would almost bet the majority of those guys are on the practice squad. Not to take anything away from Portis, but there are still reasons why Carroll refuses to even address the notion that Portis will see the field. I’m not saying Portis can’t be the future, I’m just saying it’s highly unlikely. This isn’t Tim Tebow. There is no reason to get pumped up for a guy who at best, won’t see the field unless in an emergency situation, or at the end of the year is the Seahawks out of contention. Remember now Tony Romo is the exception, not the rule..

      • DeezySteezy

        Not defending Portis, people.  Just saying the criteria listed are moronic for evaluating the prospects of a QB, 3 weeks into his NFL career.  Mop up or not, an NFL offense takes some guys years to learn (depending on it’s complexity), and I could just as easily point to the one game in which he led the team on a game winning TD drive and say he has that capability….but it’s preseason and It’d be utter lunacy to do so.  

        I don’t think Portis is a Franchise QB either.  But the reasons I don’t think that have to do with viable, valid evaluation criteria like how he throws the football, his accuracy, his ability to progress through his options and scan the field, and a ton of college tape.  Not useless minutia like this article contains.  

        • Insider Steve

          Nothing personal taken. You point is a valid one. Those are indeed a baseline criteria all teams use to evaluate any player at any position. I will disagree with you on point though. It is still mop-up duty in the pre-season. Normally you would be correct. There would be some validity to the fact that you could use his game winning drive as a sign of capability, but this wasn’t your typical off-season. Teams came into training camp cold, and unprepared.This lockout was worst thing in terms of overall team depth. All teams scrambled for a week prior to the start of camps to put together rosters, and it was even evident in the first week of the season that still wasn’t enough time. IMO I’m not taking anything for face value from this last pre-season as far as rookie evaluation goes. That especially goes for non-starting QB’s

          • DeezySteezy

            Thanks Steve.  You did mis-read my response though. I was making your point…that for me to refer to any of his Pre-Season play (successes or failures) would be baseless in evaluating him as a player at this point in his career.  Thus, even his failures (as the author points to, statistically, in point number 4), do have to be taken with a grain of salt.  Why magnify his failures if you’re saying that you can’t use his successes to prove the opposite?

            There’s a reason why the East-West Game and the Senior Bowl aren’t games that scouts look at to evaluate players.  They watch the PRACTICES instead.  Why?  Because the actual gameplay is not indicative of how those players will play at the next level.  Why?  Because they’ve had limited time to prepare and play together, ala NFL preseason.  Watching a guy’s technique and mechanics is a different thing and those games can be useful for that.

          • Insider Steve

            Then apparently we are in agreement about player evaluation. I absolutely love watching QB’s and have evaluated the top 20 QB’s for the last 10 drafts. I know a thing or two about QB’s. The two things I look for first are accuracy and footwork. the second thing i’m looking for is pocket presence, and then arm strength and mobility are secondary factors.

      • DeezySteezy

        Mr. Insider,

        It’s highly unlikely that any QB picked after the 3rd round ends up being the “future”, so join the rest of the football world on that point.  Exactly, Romo is the exception, so why use him as an example of what a team doesn’t want in their QB.  Bad article…that’s all I’m saying.  But blogs are written by fans, so I could be holding this author to too high a standard being that I’m used to reading journalists and real sports writers.  Fan-written stuff does tend to be different.  Apologies for the harsh tone…

        • Anonymous

          To your point “journalists and real sports writers”….

          If I had a $1 for every bad article I’ve read from “Journalists and real sports writers”…. I wouldn’t be replying to this comment, I wouldn’t even have a blog. I’d be sipping rum/coke’s from some beach in the south pacific enjoying my retirement.

          To all of you though today…good points by all. Love the discussion

    • Kshell

      We should have a write off I bet more people would read my work than yours. Don’t like my work? That’s fine just don’t read it. To go out of your way to trash my hard work though is completely inappropriate.

      If you want to bank on the 3% that is also fine I’ll bank on the 97% that says an UDFA won’t make it. Remember I also say Tony Romo was the BEST case scenario then mentioned Kitna was the SECOND best case scenario. Most likely Portis will be waved and fans such as yourself will be begging for the new third stringer.

      Maybe I do suck as a writer? Maybe I don’t? As long as Q thinks I’m good and my readers on my blog(over 5,500 views a month) think I’m good then I’m happy.

  • DeezySteezy

    I’m not saying the opinion is the reason the article is bad.  I wouldn’t want an editor to trash my article because they don’t agree with it. 

    I’m saying that there isn’t a single valid point in this article.  For example “he didn’t even play that good in preseason” (paraphrasing) is so far from a valid reason to critique any player, that the credibility of the writer is pretty much dumped right there.  And to make Tony Romo the reason that a UDFA QB won’t succeed is just stupid.  

    I’m glad you have your own definition of an elite QB, but I tend to lean more toward the John Claytons, Peter Kings, Tony Dungys and LaCanfora’s of the world who believe that a QB who consistently takes you to the playoffs is an elite QB.  Furthermore to your point about a FRANCHISE QB, are you really going to argue that Romo hasn’t been that?  So if a guy doesn’t go to a Super Bowl, he’s not a franchise QB?  Rivers isn’t a franchise QB?  

    The premise of the article is dumb.  That’s all I’m saying.  There’s absolutely no reference to any scouting aspect of the way Portis plays the game (i.e. instincts, arm strength, footwork, mechanics, check-downs, etc.) and when a guy is less than a year into his first season with minimal time to prepare due to lockout, etc., it’s ignorant to write that guy off with no reference to anything that actually matters in the way a guy plays.

    Trying to help the writer understand that credibility is important.  An article like this doesn’t establish any.

  • Brian

    Portis isn’t the answer but considering CW and TJ, who cares which of the three play. Might as well give the kid a shot at some point. I do agree that a shortened off season is not a good way to accurately judge a QB however, as mentioned, he was not drafted for a reason. Can he be any worse than CW, hell no. Can he be any worse than TJ, close call. Can any QB be any good with our right side O line?? I don’t care for QB’s that are more scramblers than Pocket passers but with our O line, TJ and Portis are the only options we have. CW has absolutely zero ability to sense pressure or read defenses. When he is in trouble, which is a lot, he cannot slip through like a scrambling QB such as TJ . I never was on the CW bandwagon and hated the fact we picked him up in the first place. I despise picking TJ up as well but he’s hell of a lot better than CW and that is sad. There is a reason TJ was a let go by the Viqueens. 
    As for the article, it was fine. It is an opinion. There is not much in the way of tape or statistics to go off of since he has not played in the regular season and the regular season is all that counts. Thus, the author really cannot give anything other than an opinion on Portis based on what is available, which is nothing.

    • Kshell

      Being better than Whitehurst or Jackson isn’t the reason to be a franchise quarterback. There are some fans out there that think the Seahawks don’t need to draft a QB because we have Portis.

  • Djtweedy

    I dont mind the article.  However, their really cant be any argument.  I dont think anyone is ready to annoint Josh Portis the future of the Seahawks in his first season.  He wasnt drafted, that alone tells you chances are slim he is the future.  That isnt what people are asking for.  People are asking if maybe we should give the kid a look while TJ is out or as our season goes into the tank to find out if there is anything to build off of.

    If you look at what Carroll likes in quarterbacks, and apparently Bevell as well since he was there when they drafted Tavaris…they want highly mobile guys with strong arms and the ability to make plays.  Portis fits that mold.  He was the second fastest quarterback at this years combine, has a great arm and made plays in college and in his limited time in preason.  Albeit, it was at Cal Penn and preseason against 4th stringers that are not likely in the league. 

    I want to see him play, can promise you I was done with Whitehurst before we even traded for him.  I watched him at Clemson, saw the same guy I saw last week against the Browns. 

    That being said, I still want us to draft a qb early in next years draft and begin to rebuild.  Not having the right quarterback can set a franchise back for decades…just ask the Broncos and Dolphins.  Having a few options to look at to make sure you have a quarterback worth moving forward with cant be a bad idea.

    • Kshell

      I’m for starting Portis the final game or two if the season has gone south. I just get frustrated that fans out there think he is the future. I mean I had one fan compare him to Aaron Rodgers and how we should develope him accordingly.

  • CaptainGroovy

    Since you like to refer to percentages so much, how about these. 100% of the Quarterbacks that the Seahawks have EVER drafted have turned out to be complete garbage. 66% of the best QB’s this team has ever had were undrafted free agents. Let the kid play, and lets see if he’s got anything before we waste another pick on maybe.

    • Kshell

      Seahawks have won 0% of super bowls so maybe we are doing something wrong perhaps?

  • SuperFlyTNT

    I guess we’ll have to settle for him being the next Kurt Warner or Warren Moon then – both undrafted free agents.  Can you say HOF?!?!?  Not that I think that will be the case for this but, personally, I don’t see ANY valid comparisons or even valid statistical categories here in this article…

    From top to bottom rebuttal: 

    1. Portis didn’t even get drafted – So what – he made the team.  The team scouts saw something in him to warrant signing him (somewhat cancelling out comment #3 above.  Also scouts gave him very high grades (including profile) but mention bagage/school changes – doesn’t mean he can’t play…

    2. Undrafted QB ceiling is ROMO??  Give me a break – how about you at least go back to starters playing in the last 5 years – that WILL include Kurt Warner?  If you do that then you have a ceiling of a SuperBowl Losing QB (within 5 years) or if you go back 11 then a superBowl WINNING QB?  But since we’re playing by your rules then we’re limiting it to just ROMO because it suits you.  What’s the % of a chance that you get an upset stomach when you eat at the Wing Dome?  How about we look at Starting SuperBowl QB’s since 1999 who were undrafted free agents?  it’s about 10%…  NFC championship game winning QB’s who were undrafted free agents since then?  Almost 20% (same stat basically)…  That undrafted free agent QB has the following stats:  2 time NFL MVP, SuperBowl MVP, the 2nd highest career completion percentage in NFL history (65.5%) and the 3 highest single game passing yardages in SuperBowl history…  But then again, we are just setting the ceiling as current starter Romo…

    3. Scouts are good at their jobs…  Agreed.  Scouting Report:  Impressive athlete; a threat to take off running. Showed a steady improvement in final two years. Very productive at the D-III level; 69 TD-16 int over past two seasons. Strong arm; can make every throw on the field. Team captain in junior and senior year. NFL bloodlines; cousin of Clinton Portis.  Some character concerns that teams will need to look into.  Portis is a talented athlete who was highly recruited out of high school. He clearly has the raw talent to play at the next level, but he’s a developmental prospect and teams will need to look into some concerns before investing in him. For one, playing at three schools raises a red flag.  Of course, I left a bit of the ‘decision making questionable’ stuff off to also make a point on passing partial info along…  i’ve also read ‘Diamond in the rough’ and ‘potential steal’ in terms of his drafting.

    4. Portis “Didn’t even” play well during the preseason…  Rookie in garbage time…  If you watched the games he looked very good in the one game and disappointing in the others but hey, as you put it it was during the preseason and playing against garbage players…  More time learning the playbook may (or may not) help him out and makes this argument — well, mostly irrelevant…

    5. I was going to go off on this — it’s not even worthy of a rebuttal – but I will say this:  The KNOWN isn’t always better…  You promote the UNKNOWN so they can BECOME known…  Hasselbeck was basically an unknown backup out of GB but sure became known when he got there – known vs unknown is just a matter of definition.  Unknown person (name recognition) or unknown as far as skillset…  I think that by now we KNOW what Charlie is – a career backup who can pull a game out of his behind but a QB that can’t handle a defense with a week of being prepared for…  Tavaris AND Portis are still (opinion here) in UNKNOWN territory…

    Now, after all of that >> I’m not saying that I think Portis is the answer and I also agree with you that I want to see AT LEAST 2 games with him going from start to finish this year just so we know what we have!  I want to see the unknown become AT LEAST partially known so we KNOW if we have to address the QB dillema in the draft…

    From all of the scouting reports I have read (of course, none of us have TEAM scouting report access) is that if Portis didn’t have all of these transfers (1 because he didn’t want to sit behind TEBOW) and theft conspiracy he had the skill to be drafted.  I have no doubt he has all world skills, a rocket arm and ‘sometimes’ shows decent touch on the ball his ‘thought process’ at game speed is what I want to see – and  need to see THIS YEAR…

    One last stats question…  What is the % that backup quarterbacks eventually become starting quarterbacks? 

    • Kshell

      I had no stats because quite frankly he has no stats. The stats I had I posted. I could have posted his D-2 stats I suppose.

      Warren Moon went undrafted based purely on race not because he wasn’t good enough why I didn’t bring him up.

      Warner is a good one but also kind of a one in a million shot who was rather fortunate. He landed on a team with great receivers and Faulk so he looked great. Then they got old he looked bad, looked bad in NYG and bad in Arizona. Fitzgerald and Boldin matured and he looked amazing again.

      I’m all for giving a guy a chance especially this year. Just tired of fans telling me off when I suggest drafting a QB in the first round. Tired of hearing “Are you dumb? why would you draft a QB when we have Portis who is the future!”.

      • SuperFlyTNT

        This WHOLE QB situation is what’s killing me – more than anything about this team.  For a decade we didn’t have to worry about this but do now.  Before going on about ‘the present’ – I’ll just do my (hopefully I will be able to let it go after this post) final rant on the QB8 era.  Anyone who knew anything about foosball (intended) knows that Matt was an EXCELLENT QB with amazing leadership skills, ability to rally, throw the ball, check down and make good to great decisions…  The downfall – the line.  I wish I could find the stat that I read about a year ago.  Someone charted an entire season of offensive snaps resulting in a pass play in 2005 and the time Matt had to throw the ball was something like 3 or 3.5 seconds.  Last year he was “averaging” 2 seconds of time before the pressure got to him – it’s got to take a second to do the 3 step drop!  Imagine if the line gave him another full second to a second and a half last season…  Different ballgame.  I will say that he would have probably been out for the season under this line though and is probably in a better place because of it — I still wish he played for us though.

        Now, back to living in the present…  All I want to see is what we have.  I think we’ve got an idea on Whitehurst is, unsure about Jackson and clueless about Portis.  Too many unknowns – Jackson was (wasn’t he?) a ProBowler – of course with an all world Offensive line, ProBowl RB & WR to boot.  What is he with a good but not great RB and an VERY junior line?  Is he playing at his potential or are there way too many other areas that are impairing him?  He looked AWESOME in the Giants game but did the Giants bring it that day?  Instead of a whooping I saw a mistake prone, unenthusiastic team who looked at the Hawks as a ‘W’ who hadn’t won in New York (Jersey) since Madonna close to actually being a Virgin — well, at least a LOT closer to then than now…

        We know,  or at least assume – unless Pete Schneider (also intended) does anything crazy, that Whitehurst will be gone, Jackson will remain the starter and Portis will move to QB2 to comPETE with whoever they draft – in whatever round – and heck, they may even bring in a free agent QB for depth.  Now — who do YOU want at QB2 to eventually supplant Jackson?  Barkley or Portis? Jones or Portis? G3 (Griffith the Third)? maybe some of you (I guarantee there’s at least a decent percentage) that would like to see Price come out early and be in Seahawk Neon Green — I mean blue.  I hear about this upcoming QB class being so awesome but this year’s class isn’t really doing as much for me even as last season.  Newton is playing out of his mind, Dalton looks very good, Ponder even looked good often at times but not frequently enough.  I think Locker will be fine and then there’s Gabbert’s potential and I think I’m even missing someone aren’t I?  Excluding Luck, will the next draft produce as many 1st round QB’s that are seeing success early on?  Do you think this success will change teams draft strategies?  Will we see 5-6 QB’s taken in the 1st and this time higher in the round?  Maybe 1,3,5,9,16 – something like that??

        Anyway, on to Portis — IMO (and several scouting agencies) he has ALL of the physical tools — the size, speed and arm strength that’s out of this world > which contributed to many of his preseason incomplete passes.  Do you remember the ZIP?  Players needed to adjust from TJ & CW’s softer passes – I couldn’t believe how quick he got passes to the receiver.  Made Brett Favre look like the tortise from those old Bugs Bunny cartoons – ok, slight exaggeration but it is fast..  Like I mentioned in my previous reply, if it weren’t (indirectly) for Tebow, the law and changing schools, he would have been drafted.  Bad decisions cost him and now, hopefully, he’s figured that all out and the world is not his on a silver platter and that he’ll work for this and we’ll be able to see what he can do before the season is out — assuming the Niners run away with the division and the Wild Card will be far off in the distance.  If he stinks it up then so be it, let’s figure it out before investing in a QB early next year.  If he ‘happens’ to light it up then great – we can pick up an ass kicking RB or DE to free up a pick for LB depth in the 2nd or 3rd round, if not then at minimum we’ll have a QB that should be a much better option than Whitehurst as a backup and most likely more ready than anyone we’ll pick up in the 4th round or later next year. 

        • Kshell

          T-Jack has never been a probowler or even considered for a probowl. He is a spot starter that is what he is. He isn’t a starting quarterback on a team who is hoping to do anything in the playoffs.

  • SuperFlyTNT

    I think my math is screwy about the Kurt Warner thing but can’t remember what the error was because it’s not posted yet!  Apologies in advance… 

  • CaptainGroovy

    Actually can’t think of one reason why he “should not be” franchise quarterback of the Seahawks. Possibly some reasons why he might not end up being the franchise QB, but no reason why he shouldn’t be….dumb article, stupid title.

    • Kshell

      Instead of saying why it’s “dumb” how about enlighting me and others why it’s “dumb”?

      Give me some reasons why Portis should not be ruled out as the franchise QB?

      I bet in Denver last year I would be called an “idiot” too for saying Tebow isn’t a franchise QB. Sometimes just best to avoid an inevitable disaster.

      • CaptainGroovy

        I think it’s dumb to say that he should not be a franchise qb. Why shouldn’t he?? Your number one reason that he “should not be” is because he went undrafted. Well, that doesn’t mean that he “should not be” the franchise QB. With that attitude we would have 2 less ring of honor players. Just think your wording is funny. Now if you called the article  5 reasons why Portis “won’t” be the franchise QB I could see your point, and agree that the chances are slim that he will be a pro bowl caliber QB, but just because he went undrafted doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a shot to develop, or shouldn’t be the franchise QB. I know that I have no clue as to how his career will turn out, but I’d like to see what he’s got. We know he has the size, and the arm, but I’m more curious about his heart, how he responds to adversity, and whether he can learn from his mistakes, at the NFL level, things that we won’t be able to gage  in a draft pick, simply because they haven’t had a chance to play in the NFL. Obviously our FO saw something in this kid or they wouldn’t of signed him, unless you believe that our FO just picked him up to fill out the roster with a cheap option. As soon as we are eliminated officially from the division race, we should start this kid. If he shows improvement, and looks like he could develop into a full time starter, GREAT, we can use next years 1st round draft pick on a DE or a CB to shore up a D that is looking like it can develop into a top 5 D for years to come. If he shows no promise, fine, then role the dice, and hope that the QB we draft turns into something. We lose absolutely nothing by giving this kid a chance, and have everything to gain.

        • Kshell

          I don’t always choose the titles of an article. Don’t let one word take away the point of over 500 words.

  • Matt-79

       I don’t think the guy who wrote this article did any research on who Josh Portis is, where he’s played, why he left and why he was not drafted or the fact that he finnished in the top 5 in EVERY drill at the combine or the fact he was even invited to the combine. The kid has a huge upside and we got him for peanuts. If he didn’t have issues early in his college career he would have stayed a div 1 QB and had the opertunity to develope in 1 system and we wouldn’t be having this conversation because he probably woud have been off the board before the conclusion of the second round. It must be fun to squash peoples hopes based on little to no knolege of a player. I hope you don’t get paid for your articles cuz you really mail it in.

  • Matt-79

    By the way Jake Delhome, Bernie Kosar, Jeff Garcia, Curt Warner, Joe Namath, Steve Young and Warren Moon were all undrafted QBs.

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