Seattle Seahawks General Manager John Schneider: Love ’em & Hate ’em

My Love/Hate Relationship With The GM!

When the Seattle Seahawks hired Pete Carroll to be the head coach of the Seahawks the search for a General Manager began. Pete had final say in the team’s roster decisions so the team was not as attractive to some of the more established GM’s around the league.

Seattle interviewed several candidates but in the end chose Green Bay assistant GM John Schneider to fill the position.

Here are 3 things I love and hate about Schneider.

Love ’em

I love the fact that John Schneider has learned how to build an NFL roster the right way under Green Bay GM Ted Thompson

He has learned how to truly build a team through the draft and avoid overvaluing his team’s veteran players. This is in complete contrast to the type of GM Mike Holmgren would have been had the team decided to go that route.

Mike proved that during his tenure as Seahawks head coach giving players like Koren Robinson many chances after proving he could not keep his act together.

I love the fact the John got to where he is now because he worked at it

He is not one of these guys who had a family member who worked for a team so he was able to get a foot in the door. Instead John pestered Green Bay GM Thompson until he was finally hired.

After being hired in Green Bay he continued to work his way to the top until he was hired by Seattle.

I love how he works with Pete

Although I am sure they don’t see eye to eye on every player they are able to work together to come up with a plan that fits what Pete is trying to build on the field while sticking to constraints that face the team such as salary cap.

It takes one clip from the Seahawks war room to see that even though it’s all business they are like kids in a candy store and are loving every minute of it.

I had hoped the team was going to hire an older more established candidate but seeing how these two get so excited it is clear that they are two peas in a pod despite the age gap.

Hate ’em

Seahawks John Schneider and Pete Carroll

I LOVE that John Schneider works well with Pete Carroll

I hate the lack of experience

It seems to be working so far but in an ideal situation I would like to have a guy in the position that has so previous experience in the GM role. Although he learned from one of the best in the business it would be nice to have a guy who is used to calling the shots.

I hate his current track record with quarterbacks during his term as a Seahawks GM

Charlie Whitehurst was an overpaid bust; Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the answer either.

I hated the trade for Whitehurst but since he was able to avoid making a big mistake so Seattle could beat the Rams for a Playoffs birth that led to my favorite moment I ever had at Qwest I now say the trade was worth it.

As for Tarvaris it was the perfect choice. Matt would have been out before the Season because the offensive line though pass blocking should be avoided at all costs for the first half of the season.

I hate the fact that he doesn’t seem approachable

It could just be me but he seems like the kind of guy you avoid. Perhaps the fact that Tim Ruskell was so approachable has skewed my view a bit in this area.

At this point I am splitting hairs about a guy who I think has done a great job in his short time as a GM of your Seattle Seahawks.

So the question is, is John the right guy to be the GM of the Seattle Seahawks first ever Super Bowl Championship team?

I would have to say that by himself I do not think he has the experience necessary but combine his knowledge about building a team the “right” way and the vision of Pete Carroll I see this team becoming an honest contender in the near future.

I know that’s a big statement for a team without a viable starting caliber quarterback but they will fill that position when the time presents itself.

Until then they will not let the need force them into making a stupid, overly costly mistake.


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