Jared Allen Snubs the Seattle Seahawks, Signs With Bears

Snub? Allen Takes Cash Over Chance At Ring

Early Wednesday morning, the Chicago Bears announced the signing of former Minnesota Viking defensive end Jared Allen.  Allen had been previously negotiating with Pete Carroll and John Schneider to join the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks already lethal defense.

From a 12th man perspective, initially, this might seem like a total snub by Allen.  After all, Jared Allen had visited the Seahawks twice in the past week or so.  His wife even accompanied him on the second trip, which seems like a pretty good indicator that he was seriously considering joining Seattle.

Ultimately, Allen opted for the Windy City over the Emerald City.  His wife was said to have been unimpressed by Seattle as a city.  Another snub by an Allen family member?

No, it’s not a snub, in either case.  Don’t take it personally, Seahawks fans.

Jared Allen has chosen the Bears over the Seahawks.

Jared Allen has chosen the Bears over the Seahawks.

So Mrs. Allen didn’t like the Great Northwest.  Wearing socks with sandals while simultaneously wearing shorts is not everyone’s cup of tea.  She’s from the Midwest.  She likes minus-40-degree winters, which is what she had in Minnesota and will have once again in Chicago — not what she would have had in Seattle.

Then, of course, there’s Jared’s decision to not like Seattle, in terms of the contract offer.  Reportedly, the Seahawks were offering Allen two years for around $15 million.  From Chicago, Allen signed for four year and $32 million with $15.5 million guaranteed.

That means Allen got more guaranteed money from Chicago than the entirety of the Seahawks’ offer would have given him.

Allen also likely signed with Chicago because he believes, even at 32 years old, that he’s still an every-down kind of a player.  With Seattle, Allen would have been in the defensive line rotation that Pete Carroll likes to deploy.

And I don’t blame Allen one bit for taking this Chicago deal.

The NFL has been, and will continue to be, a business.  And it’s big business with literally billions of dollars circulating around.  Players have to operate under that same principle.  They are employees of a company, just like you and me, and they make decisions about their employment just like you and me.

Honestly, if your employer’s chief competitor called you up and offered you double what you currently make to do the same job you are telling me you wouldn’t take it?

Are there exceptions?  Sure there are.  They are rare, though.  Michael Bennett likely took less money to stay in Seattle despite his, “This ain’t Costco.  There are no discounts” talk.  But that’s all it is: talk.

Golden Tate said he’d give a discount to stay in Seattle and now he’s on every radio show he can find talking about how the Seahawks’ offer to him was “laughable.”   It’s just talk, folks.

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