Jaguars vs Seahawks – Some things to love and hate from Sunday

Keeping with the standard

The Seattle Seahawks did what everyone thought they were going to do Sunday: they soundly defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-17. While that may have been everyone’s prediction, we all know what was going through the back of all of our collective minds, “This is a trap game.”

Well, they exposed the trap and took care of it and can move on to their next opponent, the Houston Texans.

With all that out of the way, let’s gush about how this game went down.

Love ’em

Russell Wilson

Yet again, Russell Wilson silently dominates another team. Throwing for under 250 (he threw for 202 today after playing just the first half) is scoffed at in today’s NFL, but his 4 touchdown passes were definitely nothing to scoff at. We’ll ignore that interception, too, off the tipped pass from Golden Tate found a Jacksonville defender.

Sidney Rice

After all the low-key criticism of Sidney Rice, he is starting to prove doubters wrong. With all the questions about injuries and heart, Rice is showing that he can stay healthy and still perform. He did that this week, making 5 catches for 79 yards and 2 touchdowns.

With Percy Harvin making his way back slowly, Rice is enjoying holding down the #1 spot. With Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin behind him vying for more looks, Rice is doing his best to make sure he’s the clear #1. He’s looking like it so far.

The TE’s

Russell Wilson, Zach Miller, Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson and his TE’s had a day against the Jaguars

It’s hard to compliment just one of the tight ends. Usually productive in pass protection and semi-productive in the pass game, this new batch of tight ends on the Seahawks are hybrid guys. Zach Miller, Luke Willson and Kellen Davis all contributed offensively and it helped this Seahawks team in a big way today.

Miller only had 2 catches for 5 yards on the day, but they resulted in 2 of the team’s 6 touchdowns. Willson had 5 catches for 76 yards and saved the Seahawks on more than one third down conversion attempt. And Davis had 2 catches for an impactful 31 yards, helping to extend the final drives of the game to solidify the win.

I realize that this was against the Jaguars and all, but THIS is how these tight ends are designed to match up against opponents like San Francisco and Green Bay and Atlanta.

Tarvaris Jackson

Just a quick atta boy to Tarvaris Jackson, with whom I stood behind during his entire tenure as a Seahawks starting QB. He got to play just about all of the second half and made the best of it.

He even made one of the sweetest passes of the season, the touchdown to Doug Baldwin. T-Jack was 7 of 8 for 129 yards and a touchdown.

He also had a 1 yard touchdown run.


The Seahawks had FOUR penalties for 24 yards. While you obviously want to strive for no penalties in any game, four seems like a much a lower number than 10 or more, doesn’t it?

Hate ’em

Offensive Line

My only issue in this game was the play of the offensive line. They allowed 2 sacks and 6 hits on the quarterback. And that’s because Wilson was able to save himself and the play on multiple occasions with his ability to escape trouble and get out into the open to make plays.

Marshawn Lynch couldn’t get going. Robert Turbin couldn’t get going. Christine Michael couldn’t get going. Yes, they had good individual plays. But the line could not consistently block or open holes for their running backs.

This was against a much inferior team…Beast Mode should’ve had 100 yards in the first quarter alone.

This was against arguably the worst team in the NFL. There should have been no sacks and no QB hits in this game.

Our offensive line, as scrappy and under the radar as they are, should have handily held off a line who is currently already protecting their second quarterback of the season.

I’m just sayin…


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