Seattle Seahawks who have impressed since the Miami loss

Seattle Stand-outs!

Let me preface this by saying that this is not a list of the Seahawks players who have been the most valuable to the team during the three game winning streak. It is however, a list of the 5 top players who have played above the level that I expected from them.

Russell Wilson #3

Sunday’s win against the Buffalo Bills marked the 15th game this young man has impressed me. I know that I should expect big things from him, and I do, yet he always manages to exceed my expectations.

During the past three weeks, Wilson has shown the league that he is a true duel threat quarterback. All of a sudden it looks like the Seahawks offense has more weapons than a defense can handle.

This week will truly test how much the Seahawks, and Wilson, have improved.

Jeremy Lane #20

I just went back and read my reaction piece to the Seahawks drafting Lane. Even-though I had him pegged pretty well, he has still managed to impress me.

His coverage skills have improved a lot faster than I expected them too, and to be honest he’s even better on special teams than I had anticipated. The Seahawks have been thinned out at corner late in the season.

Brandon Browner is suspended, Marcus Trufant has been hampered by a hamstring injury, Walter Thurmond just can’t stay healthy, and Richard Sherman will likely be suspended after the 49ers game for the next four weeks.

Lane will be instrumental for the Seahawks to continue to be successful the rest of the season, and into the playoffs.

Malcolm Smith #53

Malcolm Smith has contributed on special teams all season. What has impressed me is his ability to play the weak-side linebacker in place of LeRoy Hill. He is far from perfect, but he has given me a renewed hope for the future of the position.

Bobby Wagner #54

Malcolm Smith & Bobby Wagner

These two have made SOLID contributions all season long for the Seahawks.

Bobby Wagner is now third among rookies in tackles with 121, trailing only Lavonte David (124) and Luke Kuechly (138). Wagner has twice the sacks, and three times the interceptions than either player.

Bobby’s 31 tackles and 2 interceptions in the past three weeks have definitely contributed to the Seahawks success. He stays a bit shallow in zone coverage, but that just shows he can become an even better player than he is now.

Russell Okung #76

Russell Okung is a guy that I have been defending since his rookie season. I have always seen a lot of potential out of the young player. His rookie season was marred by injury, and he just hadn’t gotten enough playing time to really hit his stride until late this season.

Now things seem to be clicking for him.

Suddenly over the last few games we have stopped hearing his number called.

Okung is playing solid football and we are lucky to have him. Is he the second coming of Walter Jones? Nope, but no one could be.

He’s Russell Okung, and that is fine with me.

That is my list, feel free to share yours.

It was just announced that Richard Sherman will not get his appeal results until next week, which means he can play in the game on Sunday. This is great news for the 2012 Seahawks, but could hamper them early in the season next year, depending on how long the Seahawks remain in the playoffs, if they get in.

Sherman would be available to play in the Super Bowl if the team makes it that far.

It’s a big week, Go Seahawks!


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