Five Seahawks who impressed against the Chiefs Friday night

Nice Game Boys! Impressive!

Seattle 44, Kansas City 14
When: 5:00 PST, Friday, August 24, 2012
Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri
Temperature: 90


Dominate: “To rule; govern; control”…

That one word sums up the Seahawks-Chiefs game on Friday.  There was not one instance, not one aspect, of the game when the team that controlled the game was at question.  In every aspect of the game, the Seattle Seahawks DOMINATED the Kansas City Chiefs.

It has been difficult to select the five guys to write about in these posts each week, this week was no exception.  Like every week, those chosen are ordered by jersey number.

Russell Wilson #3

What a day to be Russell Wilson!  You wake up in the morning knowing you are the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.  You travel to the stadium, and find out Matt Flynn is not going to be able to play due to a sore elbow.  That means you will be getting all the first unit reps in the game. Today, most of the pressure on you is self generated.

Then you lineup behind Max Unger, when everything just clicks for you.

Wilson was cool, calm and collected on the field friday night.  He did everything Pete Carroll had hoped he would and then much more.  If I were Matt Flynn, I would not sleep very well tonight.

13/19, 185 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.  Tack on another 58 yards gained by his feet.

The Seahawks did not punt until Russell Wilson was removed, and Tarvaris Jackson was put in the game.

Charly Martin #14

It’s no secret that I really enjoy watching Charly Martin play.  He goes out on the field every play and gives it everything he has.  The numbers would imply that Charly is probably going to get cut during the teams final cut down, but I am not so sure.

A coach has to find a way to keep a player on his team that make plays every-time the players number is called .

Tonight Charly showed awareness of the sticks to run his route just deep enough to pick up a first down on a third down play.  Late in the game Charly caught a touchdown over the middle, where he had to go up and out played the defender to come down with the ball.

For the second time this preseason the Seahawks have had a nice punt return.  A Martin block has sprung the return man free in both plays.

Browner, Sherman, Baldwin

Richard Sherman was and always is IMPRESSIVE. I had him down for 3 pass defenses during the game.

Robert Turbin #22

Okay, confession time…, After the game I was a bit amped up, heck I still am, and I had a fantasy football draft to go to.  Late in the draft, I pulled a Pete Carroll and took a flyer on the rookie running back out of Utah State.

The reason why I chose the rookie was because, with Marshawn Lynch‘s running style, Lynch is bound to get banged up a bit.

If  Lynch needs to sit out a game or two, I think Robert Turbin can step in and have an excellent game.  After watching Turbin run all over a pretty good Kansas City run defense I can see potential.

Richard Sherman #25

I had him down for 3 pass defenses during the game, he got called for a bogus penalty on at least two more.  It is hard to pass in this league when you are playing a giant cornerback who has the ball skills Richard Sherman does.

If you ask me, Richard looks like he feels a little spurned from being the only starting member of the Seahawks secondary to miss the Pro Bowl.

Earl Thomas #29

After Matt Cassel threw the pass that Earl Thomas took 75 yards to the house, the Chiefs’ quarterback had a look on his face like “I never want to play this defense again”

That wasn’t the only play Earl made in the game, it felt like more of a nail in Cassel’s coffin.  Earlier in the game, Thomas leveled a receiver and jarred the ball loose.

He is a free safety that hits like a strong safety, and I can’t blame any receiver for hearing footsteps when he’s on the prowl.

I hope we (12th man) have many more games like this during the 2012 NFL campaign. They say it’s only preseason.

Just remember, it is for the Seahawks too!  “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


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  • Eagleputt

    Good comments, although Turbin played for Utah St.

    • Thank you, you are absolutely correct. Thank you for catching that.

  • The mistake has been corrected, thanks again Eagleputt.

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