Seahawks who impressed against the Lions on Sunday

Defensive let down

Seattle Seahawks 24, Detroit Lions 28
When: 10:00 AM PST, Sunday, October 28, 2012
Where: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

The Seahawks offense had their best game all season, unfortunately the Seattle defense laid an egg.

It’s frustrating to watch an opposing offense pick apart the Seahawks defense the way that Detroit did on Sunday.

In fact, for the last 6 quarters the Seahawks defense has been Swiss cheese.

Russell Wilson #3

Earlier in the year, I stated that the ideal game for a quarterback under Pete Carroll would be about 225-yards and a couple touchdowns.

On Sunday, Russell Wilson went 25/35 for 236-yards with a pair of touchdowns.

He wasn’t perfect, but I don’t expect him to be at this point in his career.

Jeremy Lane #20

Russell Wilson had his best game of his young career in Detroit on Sunday. (Yahoo! Sports)

Jeremy Lane was not a name that I would have expected to put on this list.

Going into the game, I was concerned about the punt coverage unit because gunner Byron Maxwell was out for the second straight week.

The team struggled last week in Byron’s absence.  This week the Seahawks used Jeremy as a gunner. Lane did an outstanding job filling the role.

With about 4 minutes left in the first half, Lane caught a punt over his shoulder. Jeremy caught the punt at the 4-yard line.

On that play, Jeremy made a great stutter-step fake to the inside allowing him to get a clean release of the line. From that point on it was a 40-yard sprint to the ball, a sprint that Lane won by 5-yards.

Earl Thomas #29

There is one sure-fire way to make this list as a defender. Simply get the ball away from the opposition while they are in scoring position.

Earl Thomas jumped up and intercepted a ball at the 3-yard line in the 3rd quarter.

That play allowed the Seahawks to maintain their 17-14 lead.

Unfortunately it was the only time the Seattle Seahawks stopped the Detroit Lions during the second half.

Golden Tate #81

Honestly, this was a tough one for me. I struggled deciding if I should put Golden Tate or Sidney Rice in this spot.

Sidney had more impact plays during the game than Golden did, including a touchdown. However, Sidney made a couple mistakes that impacted the game in a negative fashion.

The first mistake was a deep pass, over the middle, where Rice short-armed the ball and it bounced off of his finger tips.

The pass could have been a tiny bit more accurate but a receiver who is making $7 million this year should make that catch.

The second mistake, and some people will disagree with me on this one, was on Russell Wilson‘s interception.

Yes, Sidney Rice was tracking the ball and not the defender, but I expect a veteran like Sidney to recognize the coverage and that the ball was thrown late and not dropped between the levels of the coverage.

Once he recognized the situation, he should have switched his mentality from making the catch to making sure the safety didn’t end up with the ball.

In contrast, Golden Tate lead the team with 7 receptions, the most in his NFL career.

Tate caught a 4th down pass, on a quick slant, for a first down. Two plays later, the Seahawks retook the lead (24-21) with roughly five and a half minutes left in the game.

Zach Miller #86

Hopefully this is a sight we see a lot more of (Yahoo! Sports)

Zach Miller caught that go-ahead touchdown. It wasn’t just an ordinary reception.

The play was a 20-yard post route. The Lions were in man coverage and had back-up linebacker Ashlee Palmer on the coverage.

Wilson’s first read, Sidney Rice, was well covered.

Wilson looked across the field, to the left, and immediately recognized that Marshawn Lynch‘s route, to the flat, would cause Lions’ middle linebacker to rub Palmer enough for Miller to get separation.

Wilson threw the pass before the contact between Tulloch and Palmer occurred, but he placed the ball far enough outside that Zach would be the only one who could make a play on the ball either way.

The pass was thrown a bit too far outside, but Miller made an excellent play on the ball.

While diving, Zach was able to tip the ball to himself with his right hand.


It was Zach Miller‘s first touchdown as a Seahawk.

As a 12, we all know how difficult it is for the Seahawks to get national media attention.  I would credit that as a big part of the reason that Seattle sports in general are the best blog covered franchises in their respective sports.

When the national media starts taking notice, in a positive light, it really means something.  

Today, I noticed that was giving Russell Wilson props and “NFL Live” had the Miller touchdown listed as the third best play of the week.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.


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