Five Seahawks who impressed against the Cardinals Sunday

Tough Game. Tough Loss

Seattle 16, Arizona 20
When: 1:25 PST, Sunday, September 9, 2012
Where: University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

The expectations of the 12th man could not have been any higher.  I too expected to see the Seahawks dominate the game.  Unfortunately, most of the game the Cardinals dominated.

Sidney Rice #18

Early in the game Sidney Rice showed what he is capable of when he is healthy.  Russell Wilson threw a pass behind Marshawn Lynch, who tipped it up in the air.  Rice saw the play, and was able to make a diving reception, turning an incompletion into a first down.

In the second quarter he caught a pass for a first down over the middle with a defender draped all over him.

On a 3rd down and 9-yards to go play from the Cardinals 10-yard line Sidney was split out wide left.  His route was a simple drag rout over the middle, but during the play he needed to avoid being caught up in traffic as a Cardinals defender (William Gay) looked to jump Zach Miller‘s route.

To adjust, Rice had to flatten his route a little more shallow, then it was drawn up.  Because the route was shallow Russell Wilson‘s pass was high, but Sidney Rice jumped up and caught the bullet as he fell into the end zone.

Richard Sherman #25

The referees were calling a fairly tight game on the outside, which impacts the game of physical defensive backs like Sherman. Sidney was called for a couple pass interferences, however, they were plays that could have been called either way.

He was able to get a couple pass defenses during the game.  In the third quarter, Richard showed his athleticism when he made an interception along the sideline and was able to get both feet down as the ball led him out of bounds.

Leon Washington #33

These days Leon Washington is more of a return specialist than a running back.  On Sunday he proved that he still possesses the ability to change the momentum of the game with one return.

The Seahawks chances seemed bleak in the 3rd quarter with the Seahawks trailing 13-3, when Leon Washington returned a kick 82 yards to the Cardinals 24-yard line.

That return led to the only touchdown of the game for Seattle.

Leon Washington

Leon Washington proved that he still possesses the ability to change the momentum of the game

Chris Clemons #91

Chris Clemons was the only defensive lineman who was able to get into the backfield during passing plays.  Several times Chris was one step too late for a sack, including a play where he hit John Skelton’s arm as John threw the ball.

Clemons finished the game with 2 official quarterback hits, and was the only Seahawk with a sack.

One of the quarterback hits was on the Richard Sherman interception.

Brandon Mebane #92

Winning the turn over battle is a key element to winning in the NFL.  Early in the game, Brandon recovered a fumble that set up the first score of the game.  It was a 27-yard field goal by Steven Hauschka.

From the replays, I was unable to tell if he was the player who forced the fumble.  Nevertheless, he was the one who emerged from the pile with the ball and without his helmet.

Having the passes batted at the line of scrimmage is very frustrating for opposing quarterbacks.  Brandon Mebane had two in the game, one of which came in the first quarter.  He tipped a pass at the line of scrimmage on 2nd down and goal to go, causing it to fall incomplete, possibly saving a touchdown.

In typical Mebane style, he won almost every battle near the goal line.

For the second regular season in a row, the Arizona Cardinals broke the collect heart of the 12th man.  Luckily, this time, it was only week one.

No one has ever won nor lost a season in week one. In fact, I remember in 2005, the Seahawks looked terrible in Jacksonville.

That year, as we all know, the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl and outplayed the Steelers.

It’s too early to panic, then again, this is the week of overreactions. . .


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  • Great list. I think it’s the same 5 I would come up with, but it is hard to put Sherman on when he committed 2 PIs by being on the same field as the Cards. Terrible calls…sick INT. Quick reminder that he was a WR in college.

    I think it was actually Wagner that forced the fumble-the All-22 showed it but now I’ve forgotten which LB it was. Could have been K.J.

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