Three Match-Ups that are sure to impact the Hawks vs. Skins game

Do Or Die at FedEx Field

Key head-to-head match ups will likely determine the outcome of Sunday’s tilt between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins.

Both teams are riding high of late and trying to turn their late season surges into post season W’s.

Everyone knows the playoffs are a whole different beast compared to the regular 16 games each team has toughed out so far this season.

Everything is amplified, the intensity, the hitting, the crowd noise and especially, the pressure. Pressure is an interesting subject when dealing with two teams boasting rookie QBs at their helm.

Battle of rookie QBs:

Robert Griffin III was obviously the biggest hyped player behind Andrew Luck entering this season.

And deserving of the praise, RG3 has delivered an amazing season to a franchise in need of saving.

He landed the Skins their first division title in 13 years and has rejuvenated a city that loves its football.

But many people paid little or no attention to a slightly undersized, third round draft pick by the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson slipped under the radar on draft day, a blessing for Seattle.

Since being named the started over Matt Flynn, Wilson has electrified in a less flashy, but more effective way than any other rookie this season.

It’s hard to compare these two quarterbacks head to head, since they play a very different style of game, but if you were to let the numbers do the talking Wilson wins that battle.

Wilson finished the year with 26 TD passes, tying Peyton Manning’s rookie record, and added four rushing scores.

Griffin threw for 20 TDs and ran in another seven. The young man who comes out of this head to head battle with the best performance will likely be on the winning sideline Sunday.

Skins WRs VS. Seattle DBs:

It’s already becoming a circus show off the field with all the trash talking the Skins are doing.

The famous Kedric Golston “cheater” quote started a media frenzy, and players like Pierre Garcon are just adding to the fire.

Garcon claims to ‘not even know Brandon Browners first name’.

I highly doubt that seeing that Browner is a former Pro Bowler and has been all over the media this season due to his substance policy suspension.

Russell Wilson

RGIII vs. Russell Wilson is finally here!!!

Browner is finally back on the field Sunday, and surely will be fired up and ready to play.

As for the other DBs, well, just watch Richard Sherman.

He sets the pace for this Seattle D, and I have a feeling he will be beyond motivated when he takes the field in Washington.

If RG3 doesn’t play a very accurate game, the Hawks defenders will certainly make him pay with turnovers and potentially points.

Coaching Battle:

Head coaches in the NFL are as important and highly regarded as any star player on their team.

Watch any TV telecast of a game, and you’re sure to see the camera pan down the sidelines watching the every move of the man in charge.

I would never say coaching is less important in other sports, but in football it really does make all the difference in the world.

These two clubs happen to have two of the best in the business at their helm.

Pete Carroll is a hide-nothing, emotional man. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he lets the whole league know how he feels.

His players love him for that, and they go to work for him every minute of every practice and game.

Mike Shanahan has a very different style. Shanahan is quiet and collected, rarely causing uproar or showing emotion on the sidelines.

This has worked for him for years and he is highly regarded as one of the best coaches the league has seen.

Sunday will not be a battle of personality or coaching style, but strategy and motivation will be key.

Both coaches are great motivators, and both teams have clearly responded positively this season.

This game could get chippy early, so whoever keeps his troops calm and collected during after whistle activities will come out on top.

Go Hawks!


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