I love the Marcus Trufant signing by the Seattle Seahawks

Tru back in the fold

The reasons I love the re-signing of Marcus Trufant.

On March 7th the Seahawks released Marcus Trufant in a move that I expected to end his tenure in Seattle. I thought some team would offer the former pro-bowler a decent contract with a starting opportunity but it appears that was not the case.

Yesterday the Seahawks re-signed Marcus to a 1-year contract to apparently compete for the nickle back position (as of now).

The health of Walter Thurmond remains in question and Danny O’Neil stated on twitter that Thurmond is likely to start the season on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list, which means for the first 6 games of the regular season Walter would be unavailable leaving Marcus Trufant to battle Roy Lewis, and Byron Maxwell for the nickle back position.

Walter Thurmond

Does Thurmond have durability issues?

That is a battle Trufant should be able to win hands down if he can stay healthy enough. One would assume that at this point the team has run him through the full gauntlet of tests and his back is ready to go, but lets see how he holds up through camp.

I still stand tru  to my statement that “I will not be surprised if he retires before the start of the regular season”.

The Health Factor

If he can stay healthy he provides something the secondary is currently missing, veteran leadership. The only player with multiple seasons as a starter is 3rd year starter Earl Thomas, he is the leader but still very young.

Marcus Trufant has seen it all, there is nothing an opposing offense can put the defense through that he doesn’t know how to adjust to as a player.

That type of experience is very valuable and could be the difference between a win and a loss.

The Seahawks have a great coaching staff  and they do an excellent job of making adjustments, but its different when a player whom has been there before can go out there and teach the others from the field.

The Seahawks have done a great job finding young talent at the cornerback position deep in the draft (Richard Sherman 5th round) and in unexpected places (Brandon Browner CFL).

I had a conversation with some fellow bloggers last week about the possibility of the Seahawks trading Browner, whom will turn 28 in September, and then drafting a younger player to fill that role.

Brandon Browner is coming off a pro-bowl season and his trade value is likely to be as high as it ever will be. Should the Seahawks decide to move in that direction Marcus Trufant will give the team the flexibility to make such a move.

Picture this scenario

Draft day, the Seahawks trade Brandon Browner for a third round pick they use to draft Chris Polk out of the University of Washington. Then use a 4th or 5th round pick to draft a young corner to eventually replace him.

Marcus Trufant

the only player on the current roster who played in Super Bowl XL

With the signing of Marcus Trufant they can plug him in opposite of Richard Sherman. In my opinion that is a lot better then the thought of starting Roy Lewis or Byron Maxwell.

Marcus is a fan favorite, he is the only player on the current roster who played in Super Bowl XL. I know none of us want to think about that game but that is the Seahawks team that accomplished the most in franchise history and gave us a lot of great memories.

We all know Marcus played for the better team that day and he should have the big ring.

Seeing 23 out there in any capacity will be a boost to the cheering 12th man every Sunday.

A native son

Marcus Trufant is also a native of the area, growing up in Tacoma Washington, about 30-45 minutes south of Seattle, depending on how fast you drive and the amount of traffic.

Come on Seattle! You know it is always nice to have homegrown kids playing on the team they grew up loving.

As a Washington State fan I remember watching him play for the Cougars and dominating at the college level.

I would like to see one more big interception in his career for a team I love. One more game where he makes the difference. One more season where I get to watch him and cheer him on from the stands.

Let’s hope his body is willing to give him one more year…


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  • Jbess3

    I would like to start off by saying I love getting Trufant
    back. But I love getting him back for all the reasons that actually MAKE sense
    and WILL happen. Marcus will add veteran leadership to a very young Secondary, Defense,
    and Team. He will be able to help teach the younger guys and come in as a
    situational corner. You will see him in the Nickel, Dime, or 3rd and
    long situations or any other passing situation. His body and productivity are
    not good enough to become a starter anymore. Playing him part time will not
    only help keep him healthy but will make him way more valuable to the “team.”


    Now I’ll move onto the part of your article that I flat out
    call idiotic and just plane dumb.

    The Trade Browner for a 3rd Round pick part.

    You’re saying we should trade a “Pro Bowl” player for a backup running
    back? A guy that will be in 100% of the defensive snaps for a guy that will
    play 20% of the offensive snaps. You also said that you’ll stick “Tru” to your statement
    that Trufant will still retire before the start of the regular season. So now
    your saying we should trade Browner, Trufant retires, we draft a younger guy in
    quote “4th or 5th round (by the way, we don’t have a 5th
    rd pick) and we start Roy Lewis or Byron Maxwell who quote “With
    the signing of Marcus Trufant they can plug him in opposite of
    Richard Sherman. In my opinion that is a
    lot better then the thought of starting Roy Lewis or Byron Maxwell. Now lets look at how the
    productivity of Trufant has dropped compared to Browners one year.



    2007 (Pro Bowl year)

    16 Gp, 85 tackles, 7 INT, 15 passes defended.


    16 GP, 64 tackles, 1 INT, 13 passes defended


    10 GP, 49 Tackles, 2 INT, 6 passes defended


    16 GP, 80 tackles, 1 INT, 8 passes defended


    4 GP, 23 tackles, 1 INT, 3 passes defended.


    Browner 2011 stats

    16 GP, 54 tackles, 6 INT, 23 passes defended.


    Just saying, What makes more sense? Use Trufant in the Nickel for his
    leadership and experience, Draft LB, DE and O-Line or trade a pro bowl player
    for a backup?????

  • nxtm

    Couldn’t have said it any better Jbess. Lynch, Forsett, Washington and now Lumpkin in the backfield already, do we need to trade a quality corner for a middle rounder?

  • Sieraromero

    trading Browner for a 3rd round pick is insane. Trading him for a 2nd round pick would be stupid. Trading him for A 1st round pick would not be smart to try to upgrade his position. Was exstatic to see Trufant come back!

  • Soggyblogger

    What I love is that we got a great CB in last years fifth round. Trufant? I can take or leave it. Trade Browner? Sure. Everyone is always for trade. Unless their contract forbids it. But only for the value it represents. We gave a third round pick for a backup quarterback (Whitehurst). We gave a fourth rounder for a RB with who had stagnated on his team (Lynch). Cornerbacks are highly rated position-wise. More so than RB’s, but less than QB’s. After QB’s, CB’s get drafted as high as the other premium positions: Offensive LEFT tackles. Awesome DL’s and WR’s. A PROVEN quality CB is worth at least a first round pick. Possibly a mid first or higher. Any player drafted has risk they will be a bust for one reason or another. Much more risk than a player who has a full season of performing at a high level. I cannot say I would cheer if we traded browner for the 15th pick in this years draft. All the players projected to go around that spot have risks associated with them. Not until you get to the top 6 picks do I feel we would benefit from such a trade.

  • SEAbeliever

    Steel sharpens steel. Having Tru back will only serve to galvanize our already potent secondary, as well as the fact that seeing less playing time will only help his back stay healthy. Just an all around great player that you can use for another year while you develop the young guys. Total bonus! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  • Richardfg7

    In my world Browner stays. He’s a serious Bad-Ass on the field. Receivers are afraid him. And should be. Knowing Browner and Kam-bam are on patrol really affects their concentration I’m quite sure. He might cost us a few 15 yarders but more than makes up for it. He went to the pro-bowl for a reason. 

  • Jj5

    This post shows you don’t know too much about football. Read Jbess3’s comment because I don’t want to type it all.

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