THE Recap: Seattle Seahawks at the 2012 Pro Bowl

They were everywhere

If you didn’t watch the Pro Bowl like many people I know, I don’t blame you one bit. The game has turned into a softer version of the NBA All-Star game which is really an atrocity of an All-Star game.

The lineman didn’t rush, but instead played patty cake. The defense played 2 hand touch, at best, and let offensive players walk into the endzone.

This year, though, I had extra motivation to watch the Pro Bowl, like many of you should have. The Seattle Seahawks were represented in a big way, with 5 players earning Pro Bowl honors before all was said and done.

FB Michael Robinson, RB Marshawn Lynch, CB Brandon Browner, and Safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor all donned the NFC blue and white unis.

On almost every single play, Thomas was in on it some way. Many other times, Chancellor and Browner were also in the vicinity of the play.

If you DID watch the game, you probably saw Seahawks helmets on almost every single defensive play, which was a breath of fresh air for us fans.

The Seahawks were more represented on the tv broadcast than any other team.

I’m going to quickly break down each player’s performance.

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson or Mike Rob was in on the good majority of offensive plays. Although the NFC ran no-RB formations A LOT, they still had Robinson in there, blocking or getting just past the line to grab a dump pass. He did block for every single Lynch run, which was a nice sight to see the battery of Seahawks in the backfield.

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch was the leading rusher for the NFC team, rushing for 43 yards on 8 carries. He didn’t find the endzone, but he had a fumble.

He was also one of the players who got the biggest laugh due to his hijinx. He was rushing down the left sideline and was bumped out of bounds by a Ryan Clark of the Steelers.

Here is the play.

When the player bumped Lynch out of bounds, he jumped in the air and fell over like he was viciously tackled. He got up and everyone had a good laugh.

NFC representative for the 2012 Pro Bowl

Can you spot the 5 Seahawks in this Pro Bowl team photo?

Brandon Browner

Brandon Browner was one of the rookie victims who didn’t really know how he was supposed to play this game. When he started following others’ lead, he would try for the ball and when he couldn’t get to it, he let the receiver go past him casually.

He was mentioned a few times by the announcers in the game and his story of his rise to the NFL was shared with the masses.

Browner was credited with 3 tackles in the game.

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas was in the game A LOT. He wasn’t credited with a single tackle, though, despite being in on most of the defensive plays for the NFC.

There was one play where he had a beat on the ball, jumped to intercept it, and Charles Tillman from the Bears ran into him mid-jump, also trying for the interception.

The play resulted in one of the greatest catches ever in the NFL, not just the Pro Bowl.

Here is the play.

Kam Chancellor

Kam Chancellor like Thomas, Chancellor was near a lot of plays, but didn’t make a huge impact. No freak plays, no big plays, just always near the play, like we saw him do all season long.

He was credited with a lonely tackle in the game.


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