Quick as a Hawk – 10 Fastest Seattle Seahawks Players Ever

These guys could flat out fly

When making an all-time list of any sort, it’s hard to sort out your favorite players from those who should actually be on the list. You also have other factors to consider like tenure with the team, what they did for the team, were they liked or hated and so on.


This list throws all that out. Blazing speed is a raw ability to have, no matter how you utilize it and we Seahawks fans have seen some of the fastest guys in the league come through the Emerald City.

I would like to say this is in no particular order, but I did my best to try and make it in order although I know there will be disagreements on this one.

After much consideration and deliberation, I bring to you the 10 fastest Seahawks players in franchise history.

10. Earl Thomas

Thomas is still early in his career, but has already shown his speed in several occasions. Show me a guy who can cover both sides of the field if needed and can run down anybody from about anywhere on the field. Earl is that guy and he is showing it this season.

Broussard: Good luck catching this guy!

9. Shawn Springs

Another guy with no Seahawks records to show for his speed, but no doubt in anybody’s mind he was fast. He could run down almost anyone in coverage and do it with ease.

8. Leon Washington

The Seahawks signed Washington BRECAUSE he was fast and set records while with the Jets. He already has the Seahawks record for Kick Returns and Kick Return Yards (253 & 4,253) along with his 3 Kick Return TD’s last season.

7. Nate Burleson

Although a lot of Seahawks fans have a bitter taste in their mouth after the coming and going of Burleson, there is no doubt the guy was fast. Although he holds no team records for his receiving or returning abilities, please tell me he doesn’t deserve to be on this list.

Turner: This guy burned a lot of kickoff coverages.

6. Steve Broussard

Kick and punt returners are always pretty fast, but Broussard made people miss due to his flat out speed. He currently holds the Seahawks records for Highest Kick Return Avg (26.93), Highest Rushing Avg Gain (5.51), and Most Kickoff Return Yds Gained (3,900).

5. Joey Galloway

We all know Joey was fast. So fast, in fact, this his stock was high enough to trade him to Dallas for 2 first round picks. I won’t post Seahawk records, because they don’t accurately describe the guy’s abilities. If you saw him play, you remember him beating out almost every secondary he played against…whether they could throw him the ball or not.

4. Bobby Joe Edmonds

Although not often remembered, Bobby Joe Edmonds made people think twice about kicking his direction. His Seahawks records: Punt Return Yds Season & By a Rookie (419) and Career Punt Return Yards (1,010).

Bates: Bronze medal winner in a Seahawks uniform? Yikes!

3. Daryl “Burner” Turner

Any guy with the nickname “Burner” definitely gets on this list. His Seahawks records: Most Receiving TD’s (13), Receiving TD’s – Rookie (10), Avg Yds per Reception (18.53). It was known that if he made the catch that it was a foot race almost every time.

2. Charles Rogers

When I polled several people about this list, Rogers was one of the names who came up the most, if not first. Rogers currently holds the following Seahawks records: Kickoff Return Avg (23.99), Punt Return Avg (12.67), Combined Net Yds Gained in a Season (1,992), Kickoff Returns & Yds in a Season (60 & 1,629), Punt Return Avg – Rookie (14.45).

1. Michael Bates

How could this guy not be #1 on the list? He was drafted by the Seahawks in the 6th round of the 1992 NFL Draft. He didn’t sign until March the next year, because he was a pretty busy guy. Busy winning the Bronze medal in the 200m event (20.38 seconds) at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona…

Honorable Mention: Goes to Seneca Wallace. We just didn’t see him enough for my money to have him make this list.

There you have it, folks. Keep in mind I am in my mid-to-late 20’s and I did poll numerous people, including our wonderful NWSB staff.

I may have been too young to witness these things live, but a true fan does their research and re-lives the glory and the defeats of the past to get caught up with the franchise.

Did I do a good job? Am I missing anybody? How do YOU rank these guys differently?

Comment below and chime in!

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  • Gvtran

    You are right on the money on Earl Thomas’ speed and his plays.  I noticed his speed since last year and I like watching him every time defense on the field.  His speed is amazingly fast.  He reminds me Bobby Joe Edmonds with punt/kick returns.  I am not sure whethe or not he joins Leon Washington for kick/punt returns.

    Kick/Punt returns and long “bomb” from QB to Rcvr/RB are the most exciting moments of the game.

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