Five Moments in Seattle Seahawks History We’re NOT Thankful For…

Thanks For The Memories…NOT

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. This is the day where we find a reason to be gluttonous, stuffing ourselves with turkey and potatoes and stuffing and pie then we sit around and watch football until we pass out in a food coma, or a Seahawks Turkey Bowl.


We also feel more thankful today than most other days and give our list of things we’re thankful for.

This year, we’re turning it around at NWSB.

The Seahawks have had so many memorable moments in their history, good and bad. We’ve done the good lists in Seattle history, so now it’s time to focus on the flip side.

Here are the 5 things in Seahawks history we are NOT thankful for.

5. 2004-2009 First Round Draft Picks

After drafting Marcus Trufant with their first pick in 2003, the Seahawks don’t have a single first round pick from 2004-2009 on the roster right now.

I’m not saying all were bad players, it’s just a damn shame the Seahawks blew first round picks on players that didn’t last long with the franchise.

This was a frequent Jennings occurance while with the Seahawks.

Players and Years they were drafted in the first (and second in 2007 due to no first round pick) by the Seahawks: 2004 – Marcus Tubbs #23 overall, 2005 – Chris Spencer #26 overall, 2006 – Kelly Jennings #31 overall, 2007 – Josh Wilson #55 overall, 2008 – Lawrence Jackson #28 overall, 2009 – Aaron Curry #4 overall.

4. No playoff wins in 20 years

This was an ugly period for the Seahawks and their fans. It literally made the team one of the biggest laughing stocks in the NFL.

Even though they made the playoffs 5 times in this 20 year span, they could not pull off a win.

From 1985-2004, the Seahawks failed to win a playoff game despite making the playoffs in 1987, 1988, 1999, 2003, and 2004.

That definitely made it hard to be a Seahawks fan.

3. Super Bowl XL

We always harp on this and hell yes we’re bitter.

Getting to the Super Bowl was an amazing achievement and we will forever remember that magical season. But the game itself is forgettable as the Seahawks were literally robbed by Bill Leavy and his sad excuse of an officiating crew of a well-deserved win.

The Seahawks outplayed the Steelers in each aspect of the game and still lost.

How is that even possible?

No wonder why they call refs blind. They may have walked out of that game with fatter pockets than Shaun Alexander after he got his huge contract the next season.

2. Brian Bosworth

I know we always pick on the guy in all of our negative lists, but this guy really was an asshat.

Not only did the Seahawks waste a top draft pick on the guy, but then they had to deal with the negative attention he brought along with his crappy play.

He may have been entertaining, but wasting a roster spot on a clown is not usually a preferred method to putting together a winning football team.

Ken Behring

Ken Behring - The 2nd most hated ownership figure in Seattle sports history.

Seeing him on every person’s top draft flops in history lists is just demoralizing as a fan and then having to see Bo Jackson turn him into a doormat just rubs salt in that wound named The Boz.

1. Ken Behring

When he and his investing partner Ken Hoffman bought the Seahawks, they made it pretty clear their intentions to the move the team.

They used every excuse they could to attempt to move the Seahawks and basically ran the team into the ground in their tenure as owners.

The ugliest part of their ownership was moving the homebase of football operations to Anaheim, California and almost moving the Seahawks overnight to the same location.

Seems pretty close to another ugly moment in NFL history, huh?

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