Goodbye Marshawn — Best Beast Mode Moments

Thanks For The Memories Marshawn

All good things must come to an end.  I’m just glad that in the case of Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, that it’s on his terms, and with his health intact.

Lynch finished his career as a member of the Seahawks and I have no doubt he’ll always be remember as a Seahawk even though he did start his career with the Buffalo Bills.  Lynch finishes his career with over 9000 yards and 74 touchdowns along with countless memorable moments and plays.  Here are my top five favorite Marshawn memories in his illustrious career.

I think I'll miss the stiff-arms the most. Defenders might think otherwise.

I think I’ll miss the stiff-arms the most. Defenders might think otherwise.

#5 The 2013 NFC Divisional Playoffs Vs. Saints

It was Saturday, June 11, 2014 when beast mode ripped off a nasty 31 yard touchdown run.  Halfway through the play Saints corner Keenan Lewis had a chance to make a play on Lynch to prevent the score but clearly made a “business decision”.

I certainly don’t blame Lewis at all.  Tackling Lynch when he has the kind of head of steam is a little bit like trying to catch a city bus with your bare hands after the brakes have failed.  It’s definitely a play that has always stuck out in my mind.

#4  Week 9 2007 Bengals at Bills

I didn’t say all of my favorite plays were when Lynch was a member of the Seahawks as is the case with the run Lynch made on November 4, 2007, his rookie year with the Bills.

Lynch took the handoff deep in the backfield and was immediately met by three Bengals defenders.  He somehow managed to make one of them miss and run through the other two.  By the time the play was over Lynch had scampered 56 yards for a touchdown.

Even though I had no clue that the Seahawks would one day wind up with Lynch on their team, I knew the day I saw that play that we were watching a very special player starting to blossom in his still very young career.

#3  Week 4 2013 Seahawks at Texans

This game is always remembered by the great 4th quarter heroics that Russell Wilson was able to accomplish leading the Seahawks back to win on the road over the Texans after trailing for three quarters.  Lynch had been pretty well shutdown in the game but did have one most impressive run.

The Seahawks had their heels backed up to their own goal line.  Lynch was given the ball on a power run to the left side.  He broke at least seven tackles on the run.  Only JJ Watt saved the touchdown but not before Lynch had trampled the Texans defense for 43 yards.

And he's gone.

I’m about that action.

#2  Week 16 2014 Seahawks at Cardinals

This run has always been known as Beast Quake 2.0.  It was December 21, 2014 and both the Seahawks and Cardinals were still trying to decide which team was going to be the NFC West champion that year.  With roughly 10 minutes left in the game, the Seahawks were looking for the nail in the coffin as they led at that point by a pair of scores.

Lynch gave them that nail.  Facing a first and 15 from their own 21 yard line the Seahawks gave Lynch the ball.  Lynch broke a tackle at the line and sprung free up the middle and then down the right side.  Peterson made another one of those “business decisions” to try to strip the ball rather than get Lynch down near midfield.

It didn’t work.

No one could stop him until he went 79 yards and scored the nail in the coffin touchdown.  The win put the Seahawks into a first place tie at 11-4 with the Cardinals with one game left in the regular season.

#1  2010 NFC Wild Card Game Saints at Seahawks

Of course my favorite Lynch memory needs no introduction.  It is the one, only, and original Beast Quake run against the Saints on January 8, 2011.  It was game that many felt the Seahawks should not be hosting or maybe even playing in.

At 7-9 the Seahawks had somehow won their division along with the right to host a playoff game.  Their reward was a visit from the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints which was game in which no one gave the Seahawks any prayer of winning.

Clearly, Lynch had other ideas. 

The Seahawks had been trading scores with the Saints all night and had squeaked out a four point lead.  The defense got a stop which gave the Seahawks the ball near their 30 yard line with just less than four minutes to go in the game.  The Seahawks needed a score to ice the game.  Making it a two score game would be something the Saints could likely not overcome at that point.

It's not only the most memorable run of Lynch's career. It might be the best run in Seahawks franchise history.

It’s not only the most memorable run of Lynch’s career. It might be the best run in Seahawks franchise history.

Hasselbeck handed the ball to Lynch on 2nd and 10.  It was a simple power play that Lynch cut back up the middle.  In reality that play is designed to get 4-5 yards on average.  As we all know, however, Lynch is not average.

Lynch ripped through six Saints tacklers.  He then put Saints corner Tracy Porter on his back with the most violet stiff arm in NFL history.  Lynch broke through two more tackles before crossing the goal line to the thunderous applause of the Seahawks home crowd.  The noise was so loud during the run that it actually registered on seismographs at the University of Washington.

The touchdown gave the Seahawks a late two score lead over the Saints from which they could not recover.  From that day forward, the run would be known simply as Beast Quake.

Thanks For The Memories

Congratulations on your great career Marshawn Lynch.  Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. While we’ll never enjoy seeing you play again, you’ll never be forgotten and you’ll always be a Seahawk.

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