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Some people feel lucky to be drafted once, Golden Tate has been drafted three times.  Twice in baseball (2007 by the Arizona Diamondbacks and in 2010 by the San Francisco Giants), and of course, he was selected 60th overall by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 NFL draft.

While attending Notre Dame, Golden Tate had a very good college football career.  In 2009, Tate was selected to be a unanimous All-American and won the Biletnikoff Award.

The Biletnikoff has been awarded to the Nations top college wide receiver since 1994.  Former Seahawks wide out Bobby Engram won it in 1994, current Seahawk Braylon Edwards won it in 2004.

The list of winners is pretty impressive and includes names like; Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson.

During the 18 years the Biletnikoff Award has been handed out, only 4 players who earned it were drafted lower then Tate.

The reason?

Golden Hands

In College, Golden Tateused his superior athleticism to make plays.  He never worried about mundane things such as route running or film study.  In the NFL it doesn’t matter how athletic or how fast you are, everyone is fast and athletic.

Golden Tate

When Tate arrived in Seattle he waisted no time making a name for himself.

It is the players who put in the time, and effort, to work on their craft that become successful.  Tate’s big rub, could he do the things that are necessary to be successful at the next level.

That question is what separated Tate from a first round pick.

Top Pot

When Tate arrived in Seattle he waisted no time making a name for himself.

The problem is, he was know for off the field antics, not on the field accomplishment.   Before his rookie training camp ever began, Tate made the headlines by stealing doughnuts from Top Pot Doughnuts in Bellevue, Washington.

Golden apologized for the mistake, he knew it was dumb.  Brilliantly, the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle based doughnut shop turned it into a marketing “Golden” egg.  The Seahawks quarterback, at the time, Matt Hasselbeck weighed-in on twitter:

“Must be some good Maple Bars!”

During his young career, Golden Tate has averaged 2.1 receptions, 22.6 yards and 0.1 touchdowns per game.  Though he has only played one game so far, he is on his way to having his best season yet.

Year 3

Another Biletnikoff recipient, Bobby Engram also broke out in his third year.  That year, 1998, Bobby had one of the best seasons of his 14-year career.

Personally, I would be thrilled if Golden Tate could have the type of career that Engram had.

There is still more then enough time for Golden to develop, heck Michael Irvin didn’t break out until his 4th season.  As we all know,  after that, Irving pretty much dominated defenses for the next decade.

Golden Tate

What really impresses is his willingness to block on simple plays…

It is not only the growth in the passing game this year that has me excited, he has also grown as a blocker.

The Hit vs. the Cowboys

It is easy to look at the bone crushing shot (link to video) he gave to Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee, and say, “Wow”.

After the game Golden tweeted:

“I hope Sean Lee is ok. I never have intentions on injuring another player. It’s football which means its physical. . .”

However, I’m not talking about one block.  Yes, that was an amazing block, despite the fact that he was fined $21,000 dollars for it.  In my opinion that was a terrible fine, I hope he appeals it.

After the fine he tweeted a fan offering to chip in a dollar to pay the fine…

What really impresses me is his willingness to block on the simple running plays.  Anyone can get a good shot it, but being a professional is all about consistency.

From what I see, Golden Tate is becoming a professional before our eyes.

Will he become another Michael Irvin? No, probably not.

Could he become another Terry Glenn? I think so, but hopefully without the injuries and arrests.


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