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Looking for Seahawks NFC West title odds, NFC Conference Odds, and Over/Under season win total odds & futures? Look no further.

Football is awesome. The contact, the grit, and the physicality of the sport all play a crucial role in making it one of the best sporting seasons year-in and year-out.

Now there is not many ways that you can improve football, but one way that you are able to is by gambling. Sure, there’s a lot of risk in putting a bunch of money down on an underdog, but just think about your potential winnings should your pick win!

Your day could go from a dreary Thursday/Sunday/Monday to being a day that sees you pull in a huge profit, prompting you to open up your wallet at the bar later that evening.

(DISCLAIMER: Gambling can lead to serious issues. Do it wisely and for fun. Drinking can also be harmful. Here’s a glass to hoping you do both in moderation).

Obviously there are some teams that you will feel safer betting on than other teams. And with us being northwesterners (or at least most of us) as well as you clicking on an article that is about the Seattle Seahawks, I’m going to safely assume you, at times, feel quite confident about the bets you put on Seattle.

Russell Wilson

I’ll put my money on THIS guy.

So now that we’ve ironed out the details, thrown in a nice (and reasonable) disclaimer about drinking and gambling, let’s break down some odds that were recently released for the Seahawks‘ 2013 campaign.

All odds were taken off bovada.

Odds to Win Super Bowl XLVIII – 17/2

The Seahawks have 17/2 odds to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Seeing as they are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and have some of the best talent, that’s not a bad place to put them at all.

Only the New England Patriots (8/1), Denver Broncos (13/2) and San Francisco 49ers (6/1) have better odds of winning the Super Bowl than Seattle does. The only issue I have there is really the 49ers having the top odds of winning the Super Bowl, and it’s not just because they are the rivals of the Seahawks.

So, if I were to take my own advice and instinct, I’d put some money on San Francisco not coming out of Super Bowl XLVIII with a win.

And why is that, you ask?

Well, for one, I’ve got Seattle in the Super Bowl, and for good reason. Secondly, I believe the 49ers are in for a rather disappointing season after these past two years. (Breaking news today has them losing Crabtree for the season now. That doesn’t help. The Legion of Boom is surely smiling.)

It just feels like a good season for Harbaugh to have a terrible meltdown.

Odds to Win the NFC – 9/2

The Seahawks have 9/2 odds to win the NFC this year, with the 49ers once again leading the way with 15/4 odds. Green Bay sits behind Seattle with 13/2 odds while the Atlanta Falcons have 15/2 odds of winning the NFC.

No big surprises here, although I’ll still put my bets against San Francisco.

Odds to Win the NFC West – +140

Seattle sits right now at +140 to win the NFC West, once again finding themselves behind San Francisco who sits at -140.

Golden Tate

Bet on the Seahawks and you will be doing this too.

I’m not too surprised by this and wouldn’t be surprised if this is the way the West actually pans out, though I would love to see Seattle grab that divisional crown while taking home-field in the process (and yes, that is me saying that home field in the NFC will be played at an NFC West stadium, either in Seattle or San Francisco).

Over/Under on Seattle’s 2013 Record – 10.5 WINS (over -110/under -110)

Seattle was on fire at the end of last year. They lit up any opponent that was in their way until the Atlanta Falcons, and were 30 seconds away from beating them too (here’s a shot to our secondary that disappeared for that final half-minute).

The Seahawks were also undefeated at home last year, an astounding feat that really pays homage to how crazy Seahawks Stadium (errr Century Link) can get.

While I would hope for them to repeat that feat this year, they’ve got two-three tough games (49ers, Vikings, Saints) that will really test them and could see them surrender a loss on their home turf. I’ll have them at 7-1 at home.

The road will once again prove to be the deciding factor in how successful the Hawks are in 2013, as they have some BIG road tests against the likes of the Texans and Colts.

I see them continuing their impressive play on the road from the final portions of last year and coming away with six wins and two losses.

That puts their total record at 13-3, obviously over what the current line is at. 

Seattle should be a great team in 2013. That being said, we can’t just hype them up right now without seeing any product on the field. Though there will still be some time before we actually get to see them in game form, let’s just say this could be a very special season for the Seahawks.

Ready to bet? It’s time to get down.

Check out BOVADA. (It’s legal to bet online you know)

Go Hawks.


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