Five things that worry me about the 2012 Seahawks

Are we good enough to win?

Not all of my unanswered questions have been answered yet, and it puts me in a state of unease as the season is set to begin in a few months.

As a Seahawks fan, I am always worried about one thing or another.

Here are five things that I am worried about for this upcoming season, and hopefully we will answer some of these questions as the season drags along.

Is Bruce Irvin going to live up to the hype of being a 1st round draft pick? (photo

Is Bruce Irvin really the big deal?

Bruce Irvin was drafted with the 15th pick of the draft – leading many to believe that he is exactly what is needed on a defense line with a poor pass rush.

All reports for the OTA’s say that Irvin has met standards and more, and training camp will be the final opportunity to evaluate him before the preseason starts.

It is not often that rookie players shine their first year – but if Irvin can strive at the defensive end position it will create a lot of opportunities for big plays that could change the outcome of a game.

That sounds like a big “if” to me.

Inconsistency at linebacker

I give praise to the Seahawks defense, especially the secondary.

The defensive line has acquired some key additions to improve, but what about the linebackers?

This is definitely the most inconsistent area on the defensive unit.

Last year they failed to make tackles and cover receivers. The zone defense was poor and everything looked like a mess.

Luckily the rest of the defense picked up the slack and Seattle finished the season with one of the top ranked units in the league.

If the linebacker corps can produce this year they’ll be even better, but just how likely is that to happen?

Marshawn Lynch meeting expectations and his importance

Last year was a great season for Lynch – he exceeded expectations and proved everyone wrong that he didn’t have the consistency to be a top running back in the league.

As the next season gets closer (56 days!), we need to think about how important his role will be for the team and if he will continue his high marks from last season.

It is already known that the Seahawks favor the run and rely on it to keep them in the close games, and Marshawn Lynch did just that last year.

If he can’t produce, will the passing game come through?

With new contract in hand, will Lynch continue to be the big game playmaker for the Seahawks?

Tough division rivals

The 49ers were tough last season, but there not the ones I’m all worried about.

The up and coming Arizona Cardinals have restocked their lineup through the draft and revamped a team with a lot of potential. The one-two punch of Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd is threatening, along with their skillful secondary.

If the St. Louis Rams can also stay healthy then they will be fierce competitors as well.

With a young roster and a talented quarterback in Sam Bradford, they don’t have what it takes to win the division just yet but Coach Jeff Fisher will get this team on the right track.

The quarterback situation

It’s really up in the air about who is going to start behind center for the Seahawks come Week 1.

Matt Flynn’s contract almost confirmed him as the number one guy, but recent reports state that he has yet to prove that he has what it takes to be an NFL starter.

In comes Tarvaris Jackson, the returner who I should feel more comfortable about. But even if Jackson starts, is his mediocrity enough to bring the ‘Hawks to the playoffs?

Will the inexperienced Matt Flynn be any better?


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