Five 2012 Seahawks who will not be on the 2013 team

Who will leave?

Roster change is imminent. It is for every team in the NFL. In fact, it is a major part of professional sports in general.

Some of the players that we are used to cheering for may be playing against us next season.  We already know the Seahawks will welcome back former defensive coordinator Gus Bradley when he brings his Jacksonville Jaguars to Seattle.

A few days after Bradley was hired as the new head coach of Jacksonville,  John Idzik (Vice President of Football Administration) was hired by the Jets to be their new general manager.

The offseason hasn’t even officially begun, yet the Seahawks have already suffered losses in the coaching staff as well as the front office.  There is no doubt they will be making changes to the roster during over the next eight months.

Who will be this year’s Roy Lewis? Who will be this years David Hawthorne?

Leroy Hill could be gone before the 2013 season. (Photo: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Leroy Hill could be gone before the 2013 season. (Photo: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

I have a list of five possibilities and I will explain why I chose them.

Leroy Hill

Leroy Hill‘s lack of ability in pass coverage makes him a major liability at weakside linebacker (Will).  The Will’s top priorities are pass coverage and tracking down the ball carrier from behind.

Leroy has the running game down, but unfortunately, he is behind the curve when it comes to pass defense.

I think this is finally the year that the Seahawks are able to upgrade their Will and move on from this Super Bowl team member.

Editor’s Note

The nail in the coffin.

Ben Obomanu

To be honest, I didn’t think he would be kept on the team last season.  Ben Obomanu makes far too much money for a player with his ability and injury history.  Nothing against Ben, as it is his contract that makes releasing him the wise move.

As I have stated before, Obomanu had the worst season for any receiver who made roughly the same amount of money as him.

Between Obomanu’s $2.3 million dollar cap number, which I don’t expect he will be willing to re-negotiate, and the emergence of Jermaine Kearse, the offense doesn’t need him.  Even if the Seahawks are unable to add a star receiver, they are better off spending his money on someone else.

Ben has been great on special teams, but Jeremy Lane is a young special-team stud who will make almost $2 million less next year.

Marcus Trufant

I have followed Marcus Trufant‘s career since his days at WSU.  I remember driving down to Martin Stadium from Spokane to watch him dominate college football as a Cougar.

Like all of us, age has caught up with him.

Thirty-two is not terribly old for a cornerback in the NFL; however, his degenerative lumbar disk condition has slowed him down and limited his effectiveness.

Marcus, who made the switch from the outside to nickelback this year, is a free agent in 2013, and I expect the Seahawks to go with Jeremy Lane as their nickelback. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Seahawks draft a younger Trufant, but that is a subject for a different piece.

Matt Flynn

I was happy when the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn last offseason.  I really thought that he was going to be the Seahawks quarterback of the future.  Then came the draft.

As we all know, the Seahawks selected Russell Wilson with the 75th pick and the rest is history.

Matt has handled the situation like a true professional.  He has been a team player throughout the season.  I expect the team to reward him during the offseason by trading him.

Matt Flynn is a legitimate candidate to be moved this summer.

Matt Flynn is a legitimate candidate to be moved this summer.

Ideally, the Seahawks would be able to keep him as their backup.  I don’t think that is what the player wants.  It is time for him to get a chance to start for a team.  This year’s quarterback draft class is lacking top-tier talent, which should help the Seahawks move Flynn.

If I were a general manager needing to find a quarterback who can start for my team Flynn would be the target after Alex Smith.

Charly Martin

Charly, Charly Charly. . .

I was excited to see the Seahawks keep Charly Martin after his performance during the preseason last year. When the Seahawks gave him a chance during the preseason, he made plays.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the Walla Walla native was able to do enough during the regular season to warrant keeping him for another year.

Factor in the fact that next year he will be twenty-nine.

That is a bit long in the tooth for a guy who is not quite there yet.  I expect the Seahawks to get a younger guy to fill his roster spot next season.

A lot can happen during the course of an offseason.  As of today, these are the five players I expect to either be in a different uniform or watching the team play from home next season.  Come training camp I may have a completely different list.

If I am correct about Leroy Hill and Marcus Trufant, there will be no players left on the roster from the Super Bowl team.

Of course, after the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl next year, we are going to have to refer to that team as the first Seahawks Super Bowl team.

Go Seahawks!


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  • It’s going to be sad to see Tru go, but it’s time. He needs to retire. It’s getting to the point where his lifetime mobility is at risk.

  • Great job Brett I agree with everything you said. It will be tough if Tru is gone but it’s about time.

  • NWSportsBeat

    Tru and Leroy have been great soldiers. I’ll personally miss them both. They MUST always be remembered as guys that gave their all to the club. No harm done. Great draft picks IMO.

    • I will not miss Hill’s off the field issues. That said, he was a big reason why the Seahawks made the Super Bowl in 2005. Both picks were nicely made.

  • I would love to see Larry in Seattle but I don’t think there is a chance they send him here.

  • No kidding!

  • Good piece Brett, not only is your reasoning sound, I do in fact agree with all of your choices and the bonus for me is that I won’t terribly miss any of these players. I wish them all well non the less, but time and/or talent catches up with all of us if our team is heading in the right direction.

  • Allen

    Trufant to ring of honor?

    • I’m on team Tru. I really am. But last I checked 1 Pro Bowl doesn’t cut it. NO All-Pro selections…so sadly I doubt it.

  • Hawkman54

    Agree all. Just hope Flynn goes somewhere we don’t have to play him constantly- for he is better than most give him credit for. Hill is gone but I say Both OLB were lacking in Pass D not just Leroy. Tru , what can you say other than he has been done for a couple of years now and I am and was shocked he was on this team last year!

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