Five BIG Reasons New Uniforms For The Seahawks Will Be A Good Thing

Nike taking over

With the before mentioned reports of the Seahawks changing to a new uniform for next season finally coming to fruition, I will take a look at five reasons why it will be a good thing for the city of Seattle, and its fans.

Are you excited Seattle? The NFL, and our Seattle Seahawks will unveil a new look next season.

5. A New Look Always Brings Momentum

Just think back to the early days of Qwest field, a new stadium brought with it a new look for the Seahawks, and also a new winning attitude to Seattle.

Gone were the days of the Kingdome, and also gone were the out of date silver and blue “nice” Seahawk look.

The bird that replaced the old one looked like it had eaten it for dinner!

And with the departure of the old uniforms, the losing tradition went with it. A new division, stadium, and look, all came together at once for the Hawks, and their dominance of the NFC West soon followed.

4. Revenue Is Good For Business

With a new look, also comes the fans wanting to sport the new look. The team shop will be busy trying to keep new items in stock all throughout the year. In a slumping economy, this will be a nice boost for the businesses of Seattle.

I, for one, will need to high-tail it to the nearest tattoo shop to get my Seahawks tattoo updated to the new logo, as well as decking out my man cave with the new Seahawks look.

I have heard rumors of some feathers being added to the new look as well, let’s hope they’re not as gaudy as the feather look the Oregon Ducks display on their uniforms. But the ever changing look of the Ducks has brought overwhelming success in the national media.

3. National Exposure

With a new look, the national media will be all over the Seahawks as well. With the rumored “darker” helmets, the Seahawks may just end up on a couple more prime-time nationally televised games next year.

Seahawks Nike concept uniforms

Will these be the next Seahawks uniforms? One of many speculative designs... (Photo Credit - Uni-Watch)

ESPN loves to get in on the action whenever a team changes its logo, so why not us? National television adds prime-time fans, and adds extra revenue to the team, and the city too.

2. New Direction

Normally a new look signifies a changing of the guard, so to speak. Maybe, just maybe, coach Pete Carroll has something up his sleeve and is going to make a move for a new franchise quarter back on draft day.

It’s a streatch, I know, but given how his Charlie Whitehurst debacle fell out through the bottom on him, he owes it to the fans of Seattle to go big, or go home!

1. Who Needs Tradition

We’re not the Yankees for God’s sake, so why not change up our look every ten years or so.

There are sublte changes to the uniform every season anyways, I think that a full overhaul will be a great thing for the Seahawks.

We made it to the Super Bowl in the last uniform, let’s hope this new look brings home a championship to the city of Seattle!


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  • Seahawksuk

    Even if the seahawks made it to another superbowl, they would be crushed by an actual great franchise like the Steelers!

  • Anonymous

    Another Steelers fan living in the past. How’d 2011/12 work out for ya?

    • Tendortony

      LOL!  Hmmm, better than YOUR season did.  12-4 and another trip to the playoffs.  Then there is that whole three Super Bowl appearances and two rings in the six previous years thing. Think before you talk…moron.

      • NWSportsBeat

        Means nothing in 2012 my friend. 

  • Wow, just the douchebaggery I would expect from a Steelers fan. Your ignorance fuels us all to hate you people even more. When the Steelers fall from grace, I won’t feel one bit sorry for you assholes.

    • Tendortony

       Bitter much? GET OVER IT ALREADY!!

  • Mat8976

    ” We’re not the Yankees for God’s sake, so why not change up our look every ten years or so. ” Don’t agree with this, nor do I agree with revenue/cash grab being a valid reason for change.

    I do however 100% hate the current uniforms and hope the Seahawks go old school in terms of color, much like the Canucks did.

  • Hendo

    Love It , Silve Helmets awesome!!

  • Hawksfan123

    How about a black uniform like U of W uses. Might make a cool home alternate choice. Black with silver numbers and the neon green pinstripe down the side of the pants

  • i love the idea of the Silver helmets. They were supposed to be introduced a couple years ago, but they held it back. And as for all black, that sounds pretty damn cool, actually. it doesnt match the team color scheme, but a once or twice a season occurance would be SICK!!

    • Clinton

      And they would look a hell of a lot better than the green ones they wore last year!

  • Steven LaFayette

    I would LOVE IT if they went back to the old colors! Royal blue with silver helmets, now thats what a seahawk should look like. Now, about that REAL grass field……………

  • paul

    White Helmts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seachicken

    Seahawks fans shouldn’t even be allowed to argue with Steelers fans… 

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