Jeffri Chadiha is just completely wrong about Russell Wilson

Don’t think so Jeffi boy

With the expectations of a Super Bowl trip for the Seahawks this year comes a boat load of outsiders putting in their two cents.

The latest comes from what some call “the world wide leader in sports” in the form of one of their writers; Jeffri Chadiha.

On a recent interview with Brock and Danny, on 710 ESPN Seattle, Chadiha said that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is what some would call a game manager, and will never become an elite QB in the league.

To each his own I guess, but we all know the East Coast Bias that comes along with the job when you sign on with the Devil, err, I mean ESPN.

I’m sure in Chadiha’s eyes Mark Sanchez has developed the big game compatibility that the other ESPN darlings Tom Brady and Peyton Manning possess.

But enough about my hatred for ESPN, let’s get on to the top reasons why Chadiha is just plain wrong about Wilson.

#5: Not as good as the other youngsters?

Chadiha states that Wilson has a lot more to prove before he can be compared to the likes of his other fellow 1st timers; Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick.

Let’s review the past year for you Jeffri.

Russell Wilson started all 16 regular season games, plus two playoff games when he led all rookies in TD passes (League rookie record) with 26.

Led his team to 11 wins on the year, good enough for a Wild Card berth and, won more games than the other players Chadiha spoke of earlier. Remember, Kaepernick didn’t start the whole season in SF.

Not only that, but he went toe to toe with RG III (24-14), and Kaepernick (42-13) and beat them both. All the while coming in second in the Offensive Rookie of the Year award (thanks to Danny O).

#4: Did he not see the Buffalo game?


Does this guy look like a “game manager?” (Photo: Google)

As if those accomplishments weren’t enough, let’s go back to Toronto to the site of yet another record breaking performance from our rookie QB.

The first, did you read that Jeffri, the first QB in the history of the NFL to rush for three TDs, and pass for one in the first half of the game en route to a 50-17 win.

This kid ain’t your daddy’s Seahawk QB, he can run, he can throw, he can break records, and, he can win on the road.

Who really needs to wear their arm out by throwing for 400 yards a game when you have a player who actually can manage a game by running, throwing and handing off to a beast like Marshawn Lynch to win football games.

#3: Speaking of 400 yard games

Okay, this really has nothing to do with the Seahawks at all, but gives you an inside on the thinking of this man.

He mentions the “elite” QB’s that can go for 400 yards at any given moment, but yet fails to mention the greatest of the 400 yard QBs of our generation; Drew Brees.

In the place of Brees he inserts Phillip Rivers. Phillip Rivers. I will let that sink in for a bit.

#2: Game manager not quite a bad thing


Just another day at the office for Wilson. (Photo:

I could give the game manager moniker to Wilson for the first half of the season, but we all know he was a completely different QB in the second half.

Is that really a bad thing to call this kid, game manager?

He managed to keep us in every game of the year, playoffs included. The margin of loss for the Hawks last season was a touchdown, not too bad for a rookie.

While he may not have had the media dangling around his pinkie for the whole season, he did by the end, especially after the momentous comeback performance against the Skins in the playoffs.

That speaks a lot to his character to go out and win when the game was getting out of hand. Same thing in Atlanta, but that was a different story.

#1: Just because you are Jeffri, that’s all

This is like the equivalent of Joe Torre going into a Boston radio station and saying that Terry Francona was just lucky in Boston. Not good at what he does, not bad, but just lucky.

Do you think Red Sox Nation would stand for something like that?

I sure don’t, and I don’t think we should stand for that around here either.

But I guess the best way to get the point across to Mr. Chadiha is for us to win the division, the conference and then the Super Bowl.

And with Wilson winning the MVP.

But I’m sure Jeffri said the same thing about Joe Flacco too before he won last year.


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  • Chris

    that dude was such a joke…said Wilson has a top 5 rushing attack and top 5 defense. The same top 5 defense that blew 4 games last year when we had the lead! Would have been 5 if it weren’t for our “Game Manager” in Chicago…stupid east coast bias!

    • clinton

      I hope those last second losses are what is going to fuel the team this season. The game in Atlanta especially is just unacceptable when we are supposed to be a team with some clout in this league.

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