Five Seahawks not expected to make the 2012 Seattle roster

The unlucky ones

There is a slight problem. Most NFL teams currently have 90 players on their rosters, and by Week 3 of the preseason there can be only 75. And by the time the regular season starts, only 53 players will be on a team.

So who stays and who goes in Seattle?

Here are five players that will need to find another home come Week 1 of this season for the Seahawks:

Roy Lewis, CB

Roy Lewis has not looked very promising on the football field. The four-year veteran has only started one game in his career, and has yet to come up with his first big league interception.

More often than not, Lewis is too slow to stick with even the most average receivers.

With the return of Marcus Trufant and the addition of Jeremy Lane, Roy Lewis should expect to be packing his bags. There is very little time remaining in the off-season for him to make a difference, and no one has seen anything special yet.

Lewis will be cut early to give him time to hook on with another team. What sucks is it could be the Rams or the Cardinals who want him.

Anthony McCoy, TE

McCoy played in all 16 games last season only to tally up a mere 13 catches with no TDs. He had many dropped passes that hurt the team in key situations.

Even his blocking skills are below bar, as opposing defenses got by him more often than not. It is often wondered if McCoy stayed on the team because he was a former star at USC.

TE Zach Miller and newly-acquired TE Kellen Winslow will be the two players to watch out for next season.

For now, we’ll just call McCoy “Hands of Stone”.

Josh Portis could be the odd man out. (photo

Charly Martin WR

Ever heard of Charly Martin?

Most haven’t.

Originally signed by the San Diego Chargers in 2009, he caught seven passes for 88 yards in the preseason before he was cut from the team.

His next stop was in Carolina, where he was signed to the practice squad before getting his chance to play seven games in 2009. He finished with one catch for six.

After another brief practice squad stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Charly Martin was sent to the Seattle Seahawks.

And he sure won’t stay.

Tyrell Sutton, RB

With the addition of RB Robert Turbin through the 2012 NFL Draft, Tyrell Sutton’s future is almost set in stone.

Marshawn Lynch just signed a new contract and Leon Washington remains on the team. Seattle stays strong in the running back department and Sutton is not longer needed.

He signed a future/reserve contract with the Seahawks on January 4th 2012, and that was only necessary if Seattle failed to pick up a promising prospect in the draft that could prove a reliable backup to Marshawn Lynch.

Josh Portis, QB

Josh Portis is a wonderful player with a ton of potential.

However, Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn have joined the team. This would presumably put Portis in the fourth QB slot, which most teams don’t use.

There is absolutely no reason to keep Portis on the team anymore, but his career should not be over yet. Expect teams to be interested in grabbing the second-year veteran once he is available.

Also expect to hear his name again in the future. Just not in Seattle.


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