Holiday Time In Seattle: Five Gifts For The Seahawks

Xmas Eve At Clink!

Here is the official 2011 Seahawks Christmas Gift List, have all of us been good? If so, the Seahawks should roll the 49ers on Saturday.

1) The Lions to lose out

When was the last time you cared about the Lions? Possibly never, maybe when Barry Sanders was running the ball?

I know the only time I really pay attention is when I’m more worried about turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes while wondering how much I will be able to fit in my ever expanding belly.

Unfortunately the Seattle Seahawks have squandered away a few games. Now Lions must lose out while the Seahawks win out so that (hopefully) Seattle can go into San Francisco and beat the 49ers shocking their loud mouthed fans for the second game in a row.

2) Re-sign Big Red

Red Bryant

Red Bryant must be a top priority - Resign the big man.

There are a couple guys that the Seahawks need to resign but big Red Bryant must be a top priority.

I think Red will want to stay in Seattle, the place that loved his father-in-law (Jacob Green) and now loves him. The Seahawks coaching staff knows how to use him to the best of his abilities and give him the best chance to make a name for himself for years to come.

While they are at it they might as well sign Red and Janelle Bryant’s first born. Despite Coach Carroll’s initial tweet saying the boy was “17.2 pounds” Joseph Bryant was born a very average size.

Not to worry though, between his genes from grandaddy Green and Papa Bryant this kid will be big enough to play in the Seahawks secondary by his freshman year of high school.

3) A quarterback of the future

They had a quarterback of the past (Matt Hasselbeck) they have a quarterback of the hopefully replaced soon (Tarvaris Jackson) now they need a quarterback of the future.

Matt Barkley choosing to stay at USC for his senior year did not help this years draft class. There are still options but it is unlikely they will find the quarterback in the first round of this years draft.

Matt Barkley choosing to stay at USC for his senior year did not help this years draft class.

Matt Barkley choosing to stay at USC for his senior year did not help this years draft class.

We could see the Seahawks go the free agent route once again and sign Matt Flynn who Seahawks General Manager John Schneider is familiar with from his Green Bay days. Another possibility would be for the Seahawks to draft a guy like Kellen Morre who will be available later in the draft but could prove to be a solid starter in the NFL.

4) A pass rushing Defensive End 

Watching Raheem Brock attempt to chase down Bears quarterback Chad Hanie it became very clear that he is running on one flat tire and one of those 50 mile doughnut tires. He may have had 2 sacks in that game but until the NFL approves using walker his career is over.

Chris Clemons needs some help!

5) Resign The Beast

Marshawn Lynch needs to be resigned (4-5 years). He is the Anti Shaun Alexander.

Where Shaun never met a hit he was willing to take on, Marshawn has never met a hit he was willing to fall down from. Perhaps a bag of Skittles would have been enough to motivate 37 between the 20’s?

After the Seahawks resign him they need to thank Justin Forsett for his services and wish him the best while moving on to an actual backup running back.


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