Five Quarterbacks the Seahawks Must Consider in the 2012 NFL Draft

Future Studs

On a 2-3 Seahawks team, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has had his moments. After he hurt his pectoral yesterday, even Seattle Seahawks backup QB Charlie Whitehurst stepped in and made some game-winning magic.


But most of us would agree that neither guy is truly Seattle’s quarterback of the future.

Here are five signalcallers that should be on the Seahawks’ radar for the draft next spring; which one they take depends on where they finish.

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford

Projection: Round 1, first overall

There’s almost no doubt that Andrew Luck goes first overall, as most scouts consider him the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning.

It would be great to see him reunited with Doug Baldwin and you just know Coach Carroll would love to stick it to Jim Harbaugh.

However, already at two victories and playing in football’s weakest division, the Seahawks look like they’ll win too many games to land Luck.

Andrew Luck

The Seahawks look like they’ll win too many games to land Luck.

2. Matt Barkley, USC

Projection: early Round 1

I rank Matt Barkley ahead of Landry Jones because I simply think Seattle his more likely to take him. He’s Pete Carroll’s former USC disciple, an efficient pocket passer who’s completed more than 70 per cent of his passes so far this year.

The only knock on Barkley would be that he’s smallish for a quarterback at 6’2”.

3. Landry Jones, Oklahoma

Projection: early Round 1

Playing for what could be a national champion Oklahoma team when all is said and done, Landry Jones might be the second quarterback taken after Luck. Will he still be on the board when Seattle’s pick comes around?

Hard to say, but the junior just keeps improving and posting eye-popping numbers with the Sooners.

4. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

Projection: Round 2

Texas A&M has been up and down this season and so has Tannehill. He’s looked great in some games but has also

made some key mistakes against tough, ranked opponents. As a result, there’s a gap between him and the top three prospects. But maybe that means Seattle could land him without using a first-round pick.

5. Nick Foles, Arizona

Projection: Round 3

Could Nick Foles be a nice value pick for whoever lands him? The Arizona quarterback plays for the worst team of the top prospects and toils in relative obscurity.

The Seahawks could theoretically wait until the third round to get him.


Russell Wilson, Wisconsin: The transfer from N.C. State has made a believer out of me and has made Wisconsin into a national title contender. His stock is skyrocketing.
Kirk Cousins, Michigan State: He needs to be better against top opponents to warrant consideration.
Ryan Lindley, San Diego State: Conservative offense, second-tier team could make him a late-round value pick.

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