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If you have read my fellow NWSB writer Jonas Hyde’s article on his win-loss predictions for the Seattle Seahawks in 2013, you likely found yourself a little furious at the end.

“How could he say that about Seattle?!?” shouted some of you at your screens. “Did he even watch them play last year??” screamed others.

Like you, I found myself somewhat scratching my head after reading his article, trying to think of how Seattle could go 7-9 next year. But after a few minutes of thought about this team, I realized that he could easily be right with his prediction.

As he mentioned at the beginning of his article and towards the end, just about anything but what you were expecting to happen will happen in the NFL (that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders go 16-0 this year…just kidding…they’re awful).

A 7-9 season would not be THAT surprising, but it still would be a little shocking.

That’s why I decided to take a few deep breaths, take the night to think about the Seahawks in 2013, and really think about how I am going to approach this 2013 squad.

With a fresh mind and perspective on Seattle, I’ve decided to take a more in-depth approach to the season, breaking up my analysis and projections into four “quarters” of the season, with four games in each.

Here’s the first block.

at Carolina (September 8, 2013) – 10:00 am – FOX

Brandon Browner Marcus Trufant

Seattle stuffed the Panthers last year. . (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

There’s no denying the fact that Seattle has had struggles on the road in recent years. Especially with games on the East Coast, the Seahawks haven’t been nearly as successful as they have been at home.

With that said, they did manage to snag a win in Carolina last season, walking away with a 16-12 victory that wasn’t exactly pretty to watch.

But despite this win and my want to immediately dispel of the fact that Seattle won’t be affected by a 10:00 am start in their first game of the year, I do have to point out that their game in Carolina last year started at 1:05 pm.

A later game by East Coast standards, this allowed the Seahawks to really play at a time that they were used to playing at, allowing them to perhaps “shake off” the morning blues of being on the road.

This year is a little different, although I’m still wary as to give any credit to a 10:00 am start time affecting Seattle in their first game. I mean, when it’s your first game of the year, you’re going to be jacked up.

Regardless of where they would be playing, every Seahawk on the roster will be more than ready for this contest, as this game could be the start of a historic season.

Personnel wise, Seattle will have a tougher time containing Cam Newton with questions surrounding their defensive line. Still, I don’t think the Panthers’ receivers matchup well with the Legion of Boom and I see Seattle’s offense coming out strong and taking this one.

Prediction: WIN (1-0)

vs. San Francisco 49ers (September 15, 2013) – 5:30 pm – NBC

I bet Vernon Davis still cries at night about this hit (AP Photo)

I bet Vernon Davis still cries at night about this hit (AP Photo)

Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers were so close to winning a Super Bowl last year, and thank the football gods they did not.

They’ll be looking to do the same this year, however, and once again have the talent to make this one of the best seasons in San Francisco history.

But as fueled and pumped as they will be for the 2013 season, Seattle will be priming for a historic run themselves. And, fortunately for the Seahawks, the first contest between these two teams will be Seattle’s first home game of the year on Sunday Night Football.

What happened the last time these two teams met in Centurylink for a Sunday night game? Seattle and Kam Chancellor literally crushed the 49ers by a score of 42-13.

And while the CenturyLink crowd and rowdy atmosphere will be a huge advantage for Seattle, I believe the determining factor in this game is the Seahawks’ secondary and how well they match up against San Francisco’s wide receivers.

Especially since Michael Crabtree will be out, the 49ers will struggle to get anything going in the air.

Seattle’s offense, meanwhile, will give San Francisco’s defense nightmares as the speed of Percy Harvin and how he further opens up the field will be showcased in full force for the first time.

Prediction: WIN (2-0)

vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (September 22, 2013) – 1:25 pm – CBS

There isn’t too much to say about this one other than the fact that it may be one of the easier games on Seattle’s schedule in 2013.

The Jaguars are a mediocre team at best and the Seahawks should have little trouble at home against a team making the trek from the East Coast.

Prediction: WIN (3-0)

at Houston Texans (September 29, 2013) – 10:00 am – FOX

After playing two home games and getting acquainted to the pacific timezone, I believe Seattle will have trouble getting going against the Houston Texans as they make a road trip for an earlier matchup. Aside from this disadvantage, I believe Houston matches up very well with Seattle.

Their defense, while stingy and prone to being vulnerable at times, could match the speed of Seattle and put up a great fight at home in front of what should be a boisterous crowd.

Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, and especially Arian Foster will look to take advantage of a depleted Seattle defensive line while powering their way into the secondary.

I don’t think Seattle’s offense will struggle too much in this one against Houston’s defense, but just think that they make take a quarter or two to really get going, a time span during which the Texans could get on top early and force Seattle to play from behind.

As close as I believe this game will be at the end, I see Seattle walking away with their first loss of the year.

Prediction: LOSS (3-1)


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