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I like to spend a lot of my time reading and writing about the Seattle Seahawks. As a long-time fan of the team, I always want to stay up-to-date on everything that is going on.

Here are eight of my favorite places to go so I can know what is going on and feel like I am part of the action:

NorthWest SportsBeat (

Well, you’re reading this article right now so you must know what NWSB is all about.

We cover a majority of the sports team up in the beautiful Northwest area. From the Seahawks to the Oregon Ducks, we have got you covered on every team.

Check often for updated news and analysis from our talented writers.

The different viewpoints add a ton of insight on every team, and “Seahawks java’s” are an excellent feature to make sure nothing drastic happened to the team while you were sleeping the night before.

NWSB Seahawks HomepageNWSB Seahawks Blog ArchivesNWSB Seahawks Forum

Seahawks Official Website (

What better source of information about a team than the team’s official website? Provides up-to-date news, Videos, press conferences, pictures, and community chat – all about the Seahawks. Don’t forget you can order your  tickets there too.

Learn all about the team with an updated depth chart, injury report, and a transaction record. (710 ESPN Seattle) (

One of my favorite sources for all the Seattle sports teams in general. They are a great source for the Seahawks breaking news and information on the latest top stories as well. Are you a fan of ESPN 710 sports radio?

You’ll love the daily video’s by their sports DJ’s. Brock and Salk. Bob and Groz. Kevin Calabro and The Go 2 Guy Jim Moore, and John Clayton.

Seattle Times Seahawks blog

Two of my favorites from the Seattle Times. (Photo Seattle Times)

Podcasts, blog’s, analysis, opinion, contests and events, and all the Seahawks interviews and press conference coverage you can handle.

The Seattle Times (

Danny O’Neil is a very talented writer and a personal favorite of mine. He has been covering the Seahawks for the past many years. He brings a lot of information and experience to the table, and his writing style is something everyone should learn from.

Jerry Brewer brings a different angle to the Seahawks, but I love his stuff too.

The two also host weekly insider videos during Seahawks season.

He writes for the city of Seattle, and if you are looking for a well respected source for Seahawks news, go check him out.

Seahawks Insider @ The News Tribune (

The Seahawks Insider is another new site that provides the superfan with updated news about the team.

This Seahawks section does tend to be outdated at times, but that is easily made up for with the quality of the articles. I also enjoy how he follows former Seahawks through their NFL careers, like Matt Hasselbeck (Titans) and David Hawthorne (Saints).

There is even a blog section where you can post your opinion about what’s happening with the team.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is a great source for all news, and the Seahawks/NFL section is something to take a look at. Although it is more of an objective newsite, it keeps a fan updated on everything related to the Seahawks.

In a league where there is always news to be found, this website will keep you right on top of everything that is happening.

NFC West Blog @ ESPN (

This is top favorite of mine. Mike Sando is a great writer who knows the NFC West inside and out. It is a great opportunity to learn about the other teams in the division and where the Seahawks are at in comparison.

He also has a daily ‘Around the NFC West’ section, where he takes quotes from other writers and pools them together about certain topics.

The most recent one (June 5) talks about Michael Robinson, Justin Forsett, and more.

Check it out!

12th Man Rising (

Keith Myers does a great job over at 12th Man Rising. The writers there know what they are talking about and keep the site updated constantly. More of an opinion-based website, which offers information from many different viewpoints.

Seahawks coverage on Brock and Salk

You'll love the daily video's by Brock and Salk. (Photo Kiro Radio)

Expect many articles a day so there is always something to read about your team.

Check it out.

Field Gulls (

Field Gulls is an excellent way to stay in touch with others who love the Seahawks.The website has all the information any fan could ask for, including stats, news, and opinion pieces from many different writers.

I really enjoy this one because I can relate to a lot of the different ideas and there is always something new to read about!

The Seahawks Draft Blog (

Rob Staton created his website in 2008 and since then he’s been giving the 12th man some great posts and articles about the future of the team. The guys picked each year in the NFL draft. He breaks down game tape, prospects, mock drafts and scouting reports.

Rob updates the site via twitter, youtube, and with great podcasts as well.

Check out his archives for some great predictions and breakdowns of all the Seahawks that get mentioned by the so-called experts on ESPN, FOX, and CBS. He’s usually ahead of their curve.


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