My Absolutely Favorite Seattle Seahawks Touchdown of 2011

Beast Mode Back Again

On a Thursday night, on national tv, against an opponent that ESPN, and the NFL Network said the Seattle Seahawks shouldn’t beat, Marshawn Lynch gave a friendly reminder to America that Beast Mode was alive and well in the pacific northwest.

I chose this play, instead of the 40 yarder in the same game, because it shows the determination of Lynch that is rarely seen anymore in today’s running backs.

I remember from day one of football practice my coach saying “always keep your feet moving.” This is just what Lynch does on every carry.

His feet never stop till he is either in the end zone, or he is down on the turf.

A few broken tackles

When Lynch receives the ball from Tarvaris Jackson in the backfield, the Eagles have already plugged the hole where the run was supposed to go. Michael Robinson‘s failed block actually made the hole that much smaller for Lynch.

By the time Lynch reaches the line of scrimmage, he has already been hit by three Eagles defenders.

 Seahawks Lynch

"TD Of The Year!" - Beastmode

This play should have been a run for a loss.

Nine times out of ten it probably would’ve been actually.


After Lynch somehow gets through the first three broken tackles, he is met by a sea of blue. The Seahawks offensive line looks like a cluster of bodies just beyond the line of scrimmage.

You honestly can only see one white jersey in this mob. The pile up gives Lynch a fourth chance at positive yardage at this point.

Like a surfer going through the pipeline, Lynch ducks down, legs churning, and somehow he gets through the mess unscathed.

It looks like one or two more Eagles defenders got a hand on him, but nothing else. Lynch actually disappears from view for a second before re-emerging in the secondary.

The Promised Land

After Lynch finally got through the mess at the line of scrimmage, and the secondary, he is all but clear for the end zone. At this point, it took a key block for the touch down to happen, but Lynch deserves all the credit for this score.

With the end zone approaching, the Eagles had one man left to try and stop him, but a clever little side-step stopped the threat of being tackled at the one.

National television has been good to the Seahawks the past few years, and on this evening Marshawn Lynch made sure that they kept up their reputation of big games in front of the whole country.

Let’s hope the Seahawks re-sign Lynch this off-season, I would hate to see him in a different uniform eating Skittles and tearing up defenses the way he does here in Seattle.

Here’s the YOU TUBE Video.

Here’s a You Tube Seahawks Highlights link featuring Brock Huard braking down that 40 yard play vs. the Eagles in that game as well.

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