Seahawks Beat: Cheering For Your Team To Lose? Cmon!

How Far Is Too Far?

Recently, social media and water cooler talk has been plagued with people talking about this “Suck For Luck” campaign going around in which they hope for their team to finish dead last in order to get the #1 pick in next year’s NFL draft.

Fans hoping their team loses just to get the top pick in the draft, most likely Stanford QB Andrew Luck, is atrocious and appalling.  If you’re a fan, you’re supposed to root and cheer for your team through thick and thin.

We Seahawks fans should know that best with all the terrible seasons we sat through in order to watch them finally succeed.

Yes, our QB situation is not the best.  I also agree that our next starting QB will come out of next year’s NFL draft.  But to hope to be the worst team in the NFL just to get a certain player is over the line.

How many times have we prided ourselves in teasing perennial losers like the Raiders and Lions for always having the top pick each year or having long strings of picks in the top 5?

Do Seahawks fans really want to be seen in that light?   I, for one, don’t!  

Next year's NFL draft will have a slew of QB talent besides Andrew Luck.

Next year’s NFL draft will have a slew of QB talent besides Andrew Luck.  My favorite is the thought of USC QB Matt Barkley becoming a Seahawk.  His pocket presence and strong arm will no doubt make him a solid NFL player when he enters the league.

Then there’s Boise State QB Kellen Moore.  He has poise, confidence and has come up clutch for the Broncos throughout his college career.  There’s Landry Jones from Oklahoma that media outlets are high on, but I’m not sold on just yet.  And there’s plenty more: Arizona’s Nick Foles, Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden, Houston’s Case Keenum, and Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib, just to name a few.

Chances are, if history repeats itself, some of these guys will flop.  Some won’t even be drafted.  But they are all big names in college and have potential to make it to the next level.

Besides all that, the Seahawks have to finish last and it is highly unlikely they will.  With the Chiefs losing Safety Eric Berry, TE Tony Moeaki, and RB Jamaal Charles all for the remainder of the season, they are possible contenders for the top pick.

Since Peyton Manning is out until December at the earliest, the Colts have a good shot at the first choice as well.  Miami is in contention with an 0-2 start and not able to close out games or stay in them.  And the Vikings are a possibility seeing how McNabb may have nobody healthy to throw to by mid-season with the Vikes’ star wide receivers always out with injuries.

The end of the season and the NFL draft are a long ways away and lots has to happen first, but if the Seahawks happen to be the worst team in football when the dust settles, then so be it.

We get Andrew Luck.  But to wish for that to happen is bad form as a sports fan.

Being a fan means rooting for and sticking with your team each and every week.  It means not leaving games early when losing and not turning off the tv when things get ugly.

It means sticking it out and hoping for the best…not the worst.


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