Seattle Seahawks Fans! Are we on the same page?

A fan base divided

This past sunday I had the pleasure of going to the Seattle Seahawks home opener against the Arizona Cardinals.

While at the game it had a different feel to the crowd than usual. Usually at the games everyone is on the same page which is cheering on our home town Seattle Seahawks.

Unfortunately this year the NFL had the Seahawks home opener be the third game of the year which saw the Seahawks enter the game at 0-2 coming off a bad shut out loss.

The fan base had some negative people at the game. That is when I realized I’m witnessing what I saw with the Washington Huskies during the Tyrone Willingham era.

We have a fan base which is divided into two groups.

  • One group of fans are the blind homers who believe the Seahawks will win the division still and still is supportive of Tarvaris Jackson.
  • The other portion of fans want the Seahawks to tank for Andrew Luck and will chant Charlie Whitehurst.

In this following post I’ll reflect how that experience affected my fan experience at the game.

A fan base divided? Cardinals vs. Seahawks

While at the game the person I went to with is a season ticket holder. He was chanting Charlie and being called a bandwagon fan while other fans were agreeing with him. I always wondered why fans think if you get on your team that makes you a “bandwagon” fan. It was strange to see as some fans were very open with their anti “Suck for Luck” opinion going as far as saying they hope we go 6-10 just to shut those suck for luck fans up.

Now I’ll admit I’m in the “Suck for Luck” camp but at the game I feel as if you can’t say such things you need to turn into a blind homer. When your at the game you are there to be positive so the negative fans out there please be negative if we are getting blown out.

No need to be so negative in a game which the Seahawks trailed by seven points at the most.

This is a scary time for the Seahawks franchise as the fan base is divided, all our favorite players from this past decade are no longer part of the franchise. The Seahawks have nobody on their roster besides Earl Thomas who appears to be a franchise player which will leave the fans fighting amongst themselves.

The worst thing this franchise can do is go 6-10 and miss the playoffs while missing out on a franchise quarterback yet again. I do think it’s okay to be negative towards the team in a blowout but you can’t be that negative at the games especially in a close game.

In conclusion, I’ll admit when the Seahawks won I felt weird. I was happy that the Seahawks won the game as their season will matter but I was also conflicted thinking this cost us the chance to land the talented Andrew Luck.

Then I finally let myself loose and this guy started to chant Sea and I was finishing it off with Hawks as we were leaving.

Some fans were jacked up  about the win while others weren’t.

It was weird at the home of the “12th man” how our fan base is so divided.

This is scary times for the Seahawks but hopefully we can all unite together someday in the future. I’m sure in the next month we’ll find out if we should cheer on for the draft or root on for the division title.

Until then expect the fan base to remain divided which should make going to games not as fun as they once were.


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  • joe

    “The other portion of fans want the Seahawks to tank for Andrew Luck and will chant Charlie Whitehurst.” Think you got it all wrong… The fans that want to win and have the hawks play well this year chant for charlie, because he gives us a better chance to win. If u want us to tank then keep Jackson in… which seems to be carrols plan

  • Andrew Jensen

    I’d like to see Charlie get the ball and am most definitely not on the “Suck for Luck” bs bandwagon.  What kind of fan cheers for his team to lose?  Only fairweather fans play that game.

  • The backup QB in any city is always the most popular player on the team! Charlie is that guy. If he comes in and stinks they’ll call for Portis next…

  • The backup QB in any city is always the most popular player on the team! Charlie is that guy. If he comes in and stinks they’ll call for Portis next…

  • Kshell

    Yes Charlie isn’t that tight either. We are choosing between  a turd sandwich and a giant douche.

    I think the fans are divided but in a month that should be cleared up. Beat Atlanta this team is 2-2 and in the NFC West they will be right in the thick of things. Lose to Atlanta well better start thinking of the draft.

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