The Fab 5 who made the Seahawks Superbowl Champions

Turnovers, Poise, Big Plays and Hard Hits

After watching the Seattle Seahawks from MetLife Stadium trounce the Denver Broncos I find myself speechless… literally.  I have no voice left, yet so much to say about a team that literally shocked the world by pulverizing a potent Denver Bronco team with big play after big play.

Kam Chancellor

You can’t say enough about all of the Legion of Boom members in this game but Kam Chancellor was the standout for the group this time.  

He delivered a huge hit on the Broncos on 2nd down during the Bronco’s 2nd possession.  The series wound up being a 3 and out for the Broncos, something Denver had done sparingly in the playoffs.  The tone was set early on the play by Kam and the big hits continued throughout the game as a result.

In another devastating play Chancellor picked off Peyton Manning which lead to the Seahawks first touchdown of the game; a 1 yard run by Beastmode Marshawn Lynch.   It put Seattle up 15-0.


Ladies and Gents. Your Super Bowl MVP is off to Disneyworld

Cliff Avril

It was free agent signee and defensive end Cliff Avril that set the biggest tone on the very first play of the game.  Peyton Manning had the first snap fly over his head and Avril wound up getting credit for a safety in the end zone as Knowshon Moreno covered up the loose ball.  But Avril would not stop there.

Avril also tipped away a key 4th down Manning pass that sent the ball back to the Seahawks.  Yet he STILL wasn’t done making brilliant plays.

Less we forget it was Avril that got to Manning’s arm as he was throwing late in the first half.  The ball fluttered (duck style) directly to Malcolm Smith, who took off down the left sideline for a 69-yard interception TD.

Malcolm Smith

Yes, credit the errant throw to Avril but Malcolm Smith was the one who plucked it from the heavens and then went streaking down the sidelines 69 yards for a touchdown.   The score put the Seahawks up 22-0 before halftime and it really took the wind out of Manning’s sails.

Smith was just a 7th-round pick in 2011. Now, thanks to his pick 6 he’s the Super Bowl 48 MVP.  His Uncle had just passed away in the weeks before the Superbowl.  He had said beforehand that he wanted to win the game for his Uncle.  Some wishes really do come true.

Percy Harvin

It wasn’t all about the defense tonight.  The offense had a good night and the special teams, lead by Percy Harvin, were absolutely brilliant.

Harvin really helped spread out the Denver defense early in the game.  The Seahawks ran the ball with Harvin on a flanker sweep twice during the first half.  Both times for big gains.

They also faked that play several times which is a perfect example of how Harvin helps everyone by just being on the field.  That’s what being called the X factor is all about.

Harvin’s biggest play came to start the 2nd half however.  With a 22-0 lead and the right to the ball to start the 2nd half, Harvin promptly took a semi-pooch, kick off attempt from the Broncos 87 yards for a touchdown.  The score essentially ended any chance Denver had left to get back in the game.

Russell Wilson

Let’s not forget Wilson is in his 2nd year

Note to NFL, don’t kick it to Percy.

Russell Wilson

Statistically, it might not leap off the page at you like Peyton Manning number’s sometimes do (not tonight though) but Russell Wilson had an amazing night.  His line was 18/25 for 206 yards, 2 TDs and no interceptions.  He also took NO SACKS on the night.

Keep that no sacks stat in mind for second.  The Seattle Seahawks also were amazing on 3rd down in this game.  They converted 7/12 3rd downs.

The no sacks and the high conversion rate on 3rd down was almost exclusively due to Wilson’s ability to buy time, find a receiver, and make an accurate throw.  Time after time he made that play on 3rd down.  His poise was 2nd to no one.

Let’s not forget Wilson is in his 2nd year and he’s now a Superbowl Champion QB.  Everyone thought Griffin or Luck would get there first.  No one thought the 3rd rounder, who is too short, and had a punter drafted ahead of him would ever wind up on this stage.

Northwest Champions!

Thank these 5 guys as they have just handed the Northwest its first major pro sports championship in more than 3 decades.

Heck thank all 53 of them!  It was an amazing year for the Seattle Seahawks. 

Great things will continue to come their way.

They are still so young, and so talented that I firmly believe we saw the birth of a new dynasty Sunday night in New York.

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