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The 2012 NFL Draft is in the bag and the Seattle Seahawks came away with a handful of goodies. As usual, Pete Carroll and John Schneider had some Aces up their sleeves.

After making a couple of trades to gather extra picks, they compiled an impressive draft that met the needs of the team all the way through.

Here’s how the Seahawks 12th pick panned out in a few mocks around the web:

  • Todd McShay – Chandler Jones – DE – Syracuse
  • Mel Kiper Jr. – Melvin Ingram – DE/LB – South Carolina
  • Mike Sando – Chandler Jones – DE – Syracuse
  • Peter Shrager – Melvin Ingram – DE/LB South Carolina

And of course, our picks.

The Seahawks ended up with 10 picks in this year’s draft.

Seahawks 2012 Draft Class


Here are first glances at each of these draft choices.

First Round: 15th No. 15 overall

Bruce Irvin, Seattle Seahawks

#15th overall to Seattle: Bruce Irvin DE/LB - West Virginia (Photo Courtesy Dale Starks)

Bruce Irvin – DE/OLB – West Virginia

Video #1 | Video #2 | Video #3

My take: Not the shocker it first was, this pick is brilliant by the Seahawks. He’s got explosive first step and is extremely agile. He is everything the Seahawks were lacking at DE packaged in 1 guy. This guy says he likes to eat quarterbacks. You can’t go wrong with a guy who wants to go after it.

Mayock’s take: “This might be the most natural pass rusher in the entire draft. He’s only 245 pounds, he’s got an explosive get-off, and he’s an explosive player, but there are red flags off the field. Pete Carroll has never been afraid of taking on a problem child.”

Second round: 15th, 47th overall (from Jets)

Bobby Wagner – LB – Utah State

Video #1 | Video #2 | Video #3

My take: I was taken a back at first when they announced this pick. But looking at his size, speed and technique, this guy could be a stud. He is strong, fast when he needs to be and has extremely quick closing speed. With the linebacker core in Seattle decimated by free agency, the Seahawks may have found their new starting LB.

Mayock’s take: “This is Pete Carroll’s kind of linebacker. He’s been a fast riser. He tested extremely well, and he’s a big linebacker. This guy is also a four-team special teams player, so you get that production from him, too. He can be explosive for them.”

Third round: 12th, 75th overall

Russell Wilson – QB – Wisconsin

Video #1 | Video #2 | Video #3 | Gruden’s QB Camp

My take: I like this pick a lot. I even had him being drafted by Seattle in one of my mock drafts. The only question is…when is he EVER going to get to play? With all  the hype about the Flynn signing, and having essentially 2 starters on the roster already, it makes me wonder if his potential will be flushed down the toilet. I hope not, because Wilson is a gifted athlete.

Mayock’s take: “I can’t tell you how much I like this kid. … Not only can he be a competent backup and change-of-pace quarterback, but I think someday he can be a starting-quality player.”

Fourth round: 11th, 106th overall

Robert Turbin – RB – Utah State

Video #1 | Video #2 | Video #3

My take: This guy is essentially what the Seahawks were looking for to back up Marshawn Lynch. The only thing he seems to be lacking is great speed, but when you’re knocking out defenders as you run downfield, you don’t always need speed. Especially when the defense is writhing in pain on the ground after Turbin runs through the lane.

Bucky Brooks’ take: Tubin is a big, physical running back capable of spelling Marshawn Lynch in short-yardage situations. He will compete for playing time as a four-minute running back.

Fourth round: 19th, 114th overall (from Eagles)

Jaye Howard – DT – Florida

Video #1 | Video #2 | Video #3

My take: This guy likes to get physical which is a great trait in any lineman. He’s got deceptive speed and can make cuts on the line easily and push his way through the offensive line. His size allows him to bully players around combined with his bursts of speed.

Bucky Brooks’ take: Howard is an active interior defender with size and sneaky athleticism. He is at his best when used on the move and could develop into a disruptive three-technique.

Fifth round: 19th, 154th overall (from Jets)

Korey Toomer – LB – Idaho

Video #1

My take: Depth never hurts, I guess. He has the size and speed that Pete and John like in their players. But with the earlier pick of Wagner and the guys already at LB on the roster…he may be a special teams guy.

Bucky Brooks’ take: Toomer will fight for playing time as a backup linebacker for the Seahawks. He possesses the speed and athleticism Pete Carroll covets in his second-level defenders, which gives him a chance to make the team as a special teams contributor.

Sixth round: 2nd 172nd overall (from Colts via Eagles)

Jeremy Lane – CB – Northwestern State

Video #1

My take: Another possible special teams guy, he is tall and has some size and speed to him, but our CB collection is already top notch. He likes to hit which is never a bad thing. We’ll see how this one plays out.

Bucky Brooks’ take:Lane is another rangy athlete with length and athleticism to challenge receivers on the perimeter. He also brings special teams value as a possible gunner on punt teams.

Robert Turbin, Seattle Seahawks

Beast Mode, welcome the Incredible Hulk

Sixth round: 11th, 181nd overall

Winston Guy – SS – Kentucky

Video #1

My take: This pick didn’t wow or excite me one bit. He doesn’t seem too fast. He is a physical player, though, and will make the hit any way he can. If he can catch up to the play, that is.

Bucky Brooks’ take: Guy lacks elite speed and quickness, but he is a tough, physical defender with outstanding instincts. He will contribute as a special teams player as a rookie.

Seventh round: 18th, 225th overall

J R Sweezy – DE – N.C. State

Video #1 | Video #2

My take: I initially thought this was a wasted pick, but after learning he would most likely be turned into an offensive lineman, it’s anybody’s game now. With the versatility and depth the Seahawks like to have on the O-Line, he may just stick around.

Bucky Brooks’ take: Sweezy will join the Seahawks’ competitive situation at DE. He brings length and toughness to the table.

Seventh round: 25th, 232nd overall (from Jets via Broncos)

Greg Scruggs – DE – Louisville

Video #1 | Video #2

My take: Not a fan. After drafting Irvin first as your pass rushing DE, after signing Jason Jones, this just doesn’t make sense. He’s a strong, tough guy, but I’m not sold on him making the roster for any purpose.

Bucky Brooks’ take: Scruggs is a competitive defensive end with toughness. He will battle for a backup spot on the roster.

Overall Draft Grade

With a draft like this, I would normally reserve judgement until at least the first month of the season. Seeing how I have a gun to my head in this instance…I would give this draft a B-.

The first 4 picks are pretty solid, but the team continued to go defense in positions that were already stacked. I know PCJS value special teams players, but you need to draft for starters, not special teams players.

There were no sexy picks in this draft class, but the Seahawks fulfilled their biggest need with the Irvin pick (who might be the steal of the draft in all honesty).

They added the depth they needed at RB with Robert Turbin and rounded out their starting LB group with Bobby Wagner.

Who knows, though, I could be way off. That’s why I would normally reserve judgement.

Here is how draft “experts” graded the Seahawks draft. Nicely put together by SBNation’s Scott Enyeart:

NFL Draft Grades: How Did The Seattle Seahawks Do? What Are Experts Saying?


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