Does Russell Wilson Even Want To Be A Seattle Seahawk?

Could John Schneider Be Moving On from Wilson?

Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks golden boy quarterback.  He’s the toast of Seattle.  He does and says everything correctly when he’s anywhere near a camera or microphone.  He even spends his off hours and seasons doing highly visible charitable work for kids throughout the greater Seattle community instead of posting pictures of his new hats and shoes on twitter.

No hat pics on twitter for Russell.

No hat pics on twitter for Russell.

One could not possibly question Wilson’s desire to stay with the Seahawks, could they? 

After all, we are talking about a quarterback who’s popularity is greater than any that has ever put on Hawk blue and green over the years.  With all due respect to Matt Hasselbeck, Jim Zorn and Dave Krieg, none of them were half the athletes Wilson is and none of them ever had the popularity that Wilson has amassed.

Politicians are thrilled with a 51% approval rating.  Wilson has one that’s darn near 99.9% so why on earth would he even entertain the idea of leaving the Emerald City?  Doubts are growing in the minds of many fans and writers and it seems to be boiling down to two simple questions:

Does Russell Wilson want to continue to play in Seattle?

If you are thinking it’s about money, you could be at least partially correct but let’s take money out of the equation for a second because I do think he’s going to get paid, big time, one way or another, so is there some other reason the Seahawks could no longer fit into Wilson’s plans?

The answer I give you  is– the Seattle Offense. 

Pete Carroll and John Schneider have built this team based on its defense first.  A close second is the Seahawks running game.  Could it be that Wilson wants out of the shadow of guys like Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch?

Lynch casts a big shadow in Seattle.  Does Wilson feel like he's in it?

Lynch casts a big shadow in Seattle. Does Wilson feel like he’s in it?

I think it could be.  Look at Wilson’s career.  He’s spent his entire athletic career s trying and successfully proving to people that he could be more than what other’s thought of him.

Despite his successes, especially outside of Seattle, many people talk about how Wilson wouldn’t have the wins, championships or level success he enjoys right now without the Seahawks #1 defense and a guy named Lynch.  They also point out his passing numbers which clearly show that he does not throw as often, for as many TDs or as many yards as guys who are entrusted to “be the offense” for their team like a Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning.

We know from Wilson’s history that he uses that kind of talk to motivate himself and then, until now, goes out and proves the doubters wrong.  The only reason he hasn’t done that yet in his NFL career is that, he can’t in the Seahawks system.

The Seahawks are, and will continue to be, a defense first, and run first team.  That is not going to change under Carroll and Schneider no matter what Wilson says or does.  Could it be that he’d leave because of a lack of opportunity to throw for 50 TDs or 5000 yards in a season?

Does John Schneider Believe He Can Live Without Wilson?

The Seahawks GM, John Schneider, is one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL.  He and Carroll built this team their way and have built a culture their way and found success on their terms doing it their way.  I have no doubt that the Seahawks have zero thoughts on changing the team to satisfy the preferred playing style of any one player, even Wilson.

Is Wilson more QB than Schneider thinks he needs to win?

Is Wilson more QB than Schneider thinks he needs to win?

I firmly believe that Schneider would never consider any player indispensable, even Wilson.

There is no question to me that Wilson brings more to the table than most guys out there playing quarterback in the NFL but I also believe that Schneider thinks he doesn’t necessarily need all of those extra things.

Could Tarvaris Jackson have QB’d either of the last two Seahawk teams to the Superbowl?  I think it’s possible.  How well would have Matt Flynn have done behind the Seahawks #1 defense instead of Wilson in 2012?

Schneider and Carroll put together one of the top defenses ever seen in the NFL and they did it largely with guys that were middle to low picks and undrafted free agents.  Clearly, they found Wilson the same way and clearly they believe they can find another QB to plug in if they must.

So, he’s leaving then?

Actually no, I don’t think he is.  I’ve said many times that I don’t think the Seahawks and Wilson are headed for a divorce.  Wilson may have a baseball agent, but this is still the NFL.

QB’s, especially good ones, get paid in the NFL by their current team.  The Seahawks will follow that trend and pay Wilson handsomely.

All this stuff is just an example of what starts racing around in the minds of fans when a player with the popularity like Wilson’s has not yet signed a new contract.  Wilson will sign, and I’d be stunned if it didn’t happen before training camp begins later this summer.

You can breathe now, Seattle.

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