Seattle Seahawks vs. Cowboys Blog: Love em & Hate em

Our Run D is Awesome!

After the first half the game was tied at 6, in large part due to Cowboy miscues. In the second half they started making the plays they weren’t in the first half and pulled away from the Seahawks winning the game by a score of 23-13.


Love em

I loved the fact that Tarvaris Jackson was able to start.

After the way that Charlie Whitehurst played in the previous two games it is clear that the team is better off with Jackson behind center.

Unfortunately after the game was over Jackson had thrown 3 interceptions and only completed 56% of his passes.

I loved the Defense keeping the Cowboys out of the end zone in the first half.

The Cowboys had the ball first and goal, once from the 1-yard line, and twice they ended up being held to field goal attempts.

After a big catch by Dez Bryant he was hit by Richard Sherman near the goal line and fumbled the ball which was recovered by Seahawks corner back Roy Lewis.

I loved turning Lewis’ fumble recovery into points.

After a big play turnover by the defense it is nice to see the offense respond with a 13-play 81-yard drive that ended with a field goal by Steven Hauschka.

I love the fact that Marshawn Lynch got more than 20 carries in the game.

Marshawn is the type of back that needs to carry the ball 20+ times in a game to build a rhythm and wear a defense out.

On Sunday Lynch carried the ball 23 times for 135 yards (his first 100-yard regular season game as a Seahawk) while averaging 5.9 yards per carry.

I love the fact that Seattle led in time of possession.

It has been a struggle for the Seahawks offense to consistently move the ball well enough to keep their defense off the field.

In Dallas the Seahawks offense had the ball for 30:33. That isn’t exactly dominating time of possession but it is a start.

Hate em

I hate when the offense gets itself in third down and long.

Too often the team is faced with a third down and long whether it is because team was unable to move the ball on first and second down or because someone commits a penalty.

Play calling could help fix some of the problem but the team needs to become more disciplined and avoid those stupid penalties. I expect some of those penalties to happen from the young guys by when Sidney Rice flinches and gets called for a false start or Robert Gallery gets called for holding it makes my blood boil.

Tarvaris Jackson

Jackson has his share of head scratching moments vs. the Cowboys

I expect more from the veterans.

I hate the Seahawks defense giving up big plays 

The Cowboy receivers had a field day making big plays. Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Miles Austin all had receptions of over 30 yards and rookie running back DeMarco Murray had runs of 12, 13, 14, 22 and 32 yards.

The league leading (3.2 yard per carry) Seahawks run defense was gashed for 163 yards on 29 attempts, a 5.6 yard per carry average.

I hated Tarvaris Jackson‘s Performance

Where do I start?

T-Jack needs to keep the ball in bounds to allow his receivers a chance to compete for the ball.

He needs to stop missing wide open receivers that are in his line of site. I can forgive him missing a receiver who’s open on the opposite side of the field but on a play like the one where he missed a wide open Mike Williams to throw the ball to Sidney Rice who was being double covered.

They were both in the same area and even if Jackson didn’t look at Williams he should have known he was open because that is the only way Rice would have a second defender on him.

Matt Hasselbeck had the “twirly bird” where he would spin around and throw the ball up and it would lead to fans scratching their heads. Today Jackson has his share of head scratching moments.

The one that left me wondering what he was thinking the most was his first interception when he was trying to get rid of the ball by throwing it into the line like he was trying to throw a screen. To properly perform this he must throw the ball into the ground by the feet of the players.

Instead he through the ball at the line about chest high and Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher made him pay (the offense would turn the turn over into a touchdown).      

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