Can the Seattle Seahawks ride their #1 ranked defense to a Lombardi Trophy

A Championship awaits Seattle if the D can hold on

It’s extremely tough to argue against the Seattle Seahawks having the best defense in the NFL right now. They’re No. 1 in all of the following categories:

  • Points allowed per game at 14.4
  • Total yards allowed per game at 273.6
  • Passing yards allowed per game at 172
  • Interceptions with 28
  • +20 turnover margin

It’s worth noting that the Seahawks, while not No. 1 statistically against the run, are very solid as of late against rushers.  In the last game of the regular season, St. Louis rusher Zac Stacy had 15 yards on 15 carries.  As a team, the Rams had just 13 yards on 18 carries.

The Seattle D shut down Zac Stacy. (Photo: Kiichiro Sato/AP)

The Seattle D shut down Zac Stacy. (Photo: Kiichiro Sato/AP)

It’s not like the Rams or Stacy were incapable of running the ball or had thrown the towel in on their season either.  Stacy needed just 43 yards in that game for a 1,000-yard season.  That’s something I’m certain he wanted and the Rams wanted for him.

The Seahawks run defense just slammed the door on him, all day long.

Defense and Super Bowls

Defense can and does win Super Bowls.  Look at the history of the game.  You don’t have to look much further than the Baltimore Ravens, who won it all just last year.  They have brought a Lombardi Trophy home twice and both times it was because of a suffocating defense.

The Chicago Bears of the mid 80s won their title because of some new crazy defense dreamed up by Buddy Ryan, father of current NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan.  The 46 defense, as it was called, is nothing more than putting seven, sometimes even eight guys up in the box, daring teams to beat you with the pass.

The Seahawks have come up with a very similar type of look the past couple of years with their single-high defense with Earl Thomas deep and press coverage at the corners.  Everyone else is lined up tight in the box to stuff the run.

The Potential Matchups

With all due respect to Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton, I think the two games most likely to be held at Century Link Field in January are the Seahawks vs. the New Orleans Saints followed by the Seahawks vs. the 49ers.

New Orleans has beaten Philly to advance to Seattle.  San Francisco will beat Green Bay and move on to beat Carolina before coming to Seattle.

With the New Orleans game, we already know what the Seattle defense can do to this team at Century Link.   In the Monday Night Football matchup earlier in the year, the Saints, a formidable offensive team, were absolutely throttled by the Seattle defense.

Rarely could Saints receivers get open, and when they did, it was for a very short gain.  New Orleans was only able to generate 188 yards of offense in total and 144 of that was all that Brees could manage to throw for.  That’s just over six yards per completion.  That’s hardly Drew Brees type of numbers.

I honestly had never seen Drew Brees looking that rattled before… EVER.

In the second playoff matchup, the Seahawks will see the 49ers (barring a loss from SF in Round 1) for the third time in the 2013 season.

The Hawks lost at Candlestick thanks to a last-second field goal in a low-scoring contest.  The previous two games the Seahawks outscored the 49ers 71-16 at Century Link.

Think about that for a minute.  The 49ers have scored an average of eight points per game the last two times they have been at Century Link.  You don’t think Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson and Golden Tate can come up with 9 points at home one last time?  I haven’t even mentioned that Percy Harvin could very easily be playing too.

Russell Wilson outshined Drew Brees once, he can do it agagin. (Photo:

Russell Wilson outshined Drew Brees once, he can do it agagin. (Photo:

The Seahawks underrated run defense will likely stifle Frank Gore again.  Colin Kaepernick, who is an amazing athlete, just doesn’t have the maturity to play in Century Link yet and maybe never will.  He is clearly affected by the rambunctious atmosphere that is provided to all visitors of the C’Link courtesy of the 12th man.

The Super Bowl Matchup

Denver would be my pick as to who will face Seattle in the Super Bowl.  I don’t think there is an AFC team that has a defense that can stop Peyton Manning before he reaches New York, but once he get’s there, he’s going to have a problem.

I really hate to use preseason games to illustrate dominance, but it’s really the only time Seattle has played Denver in recent memory. During the 2013 preseason schedule, the Seahawks hosted the Broncos.  The starters from both sides only played the first half of the game, so I’m only going to entertain the first half stats to make a few points.

  • The Seahawks scored 33 points in the first half against the Denver starting defense.
  • Peyton Manning threw  for 163 yards and just 1 touchdown to account for the entire Broncos scoring output for the half.
  • The Broncos only managed 76 yards of rushing in the entire game and most of it was in the 2nd half.
  • The Seattle defense forced 3 fumbles by the Broncos starters in the first half including one returned for 106 yards and a Touchdown.

Get the confetti ready and parade staged.  Oh and when passing out rings, give the Seattle D theirs first.

They’ve earned it.


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