Bye Week Blues – Seahawks Edition

Seahawks Look Ahead

The bye week came at a much needed time for the Seahawks.  The extra week will give injured Seahawks time to heal and coaches extra time to prepare for the road ahead.


Playing Cleveland and Cincinnati the next couple weeks might look like a cakewalk the way the Seahawks have been playing lately, but Seattle cannot afford to look past any opponent at this point.  In a season where the cliche “any given Sunday” is actually true for a change (unless you’re Green Bay), the Seahawks defense will be tested in different ways in each game.

Next week, the Seahawks head to Cleveland to take on the Browns.  The no-huddle offense has become potent for the Seahawks and they really should not have a tough time moving the ball whether Tarvaris Jackson or Charlie Whitehurst is starting.

It’s the defense that needs to watch itself.

Although their run defense has been stellar, the Seahawks must be careful of Browns RB Peyton Hillis.  If he’s healthy, the guy is a manchild and has ravaged plenty of first-class defensive lines.

Browns QB Colt McCoy has weapons in Josh Cribbs and Muhammad Massequoi, but I believe McCoy to be garbage and a non-factor.  Nonetheless, if the Seattle offense gets out to an early lead, Cleveland will most likely be passing the rest of the game.  Those 2 receivers can out jump a lot of defenders, so Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor must be ready to go up and get it, or to stick em hard when they land and knock that ball loose.

Seahawks Jackson + Lynch

The Seahawks must be careful of the Browns in Week 7

The week after, Cincinnati comes to town and will present another problem for the Seattle defense.  They have a strong run game with Cedric Benson plowing through the line, but they also have a newly sparked passing game with rookie QB Andy Dalton and rookie WR AJ Green.

Benson and Green are the two most potent offensive weapons the Bengals have and if the defense can stop them, it will make the game very winnable for Seattle.

After that, Seattle heads to Dallas.  This game can really go either way, but the offense will absolutely have to play hard and perform or they will be done in.

The Seattle defense will have to worry more about the Dallas pass game than anything as they have weapons in WR Dez Bryant and TE Jason Witten.  Those 2 present the biggest problem, although there are other offensive players who can sting Seattle.

With Tony Romo playing as unstable as ever this year, if Chris Clemons can keep contant pressure on Romo, it will give the Seattle defense the upper hand in the battle.

That’s just a small peek into the next few weeks for the Seahawks.

The one thing I keep saying is going to be the biggest key for Seattle in each game, and that is defense.

The secondary has been playing very well, but the linebackers need to stop giving away the middle of the field.

With Aaron Curry shipped to Oakland, I have confidence that the middle will have more coverage and those big pass plays will be prevented more often.

The saying “defense wins games” is not often accurate anymore, but in the coming weeks, that is the truest statement the Seahawks can make.

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